The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Senior Sister Bai

–At the square.

Bai Lian said, "Junior Brother Jiang."

The onlookers stood on tiptoes and raised their ears for fear of missing Bai Lian's words.

Jiang Ning was nervous.

Will she agree to my request?

At the thought that Martial Sister Bai Lian might refuse his unreasonable request, his hand trembled involuntarily.


Jiang Ning now felt regret.

There were so many people watching him. He couldn't run away now.

He just hoped Martial Sister Bai Lian would take the fight lightly, otherwise, if he lost very badly, he would be too embarrassed to see anyone for a long time.

Bai Lian continued, "I'm going to accompany my younger martial sister to the Cultivation Method Pavilion to choose a suitable cultivation method. I may not be able to leave for a while. Besides–"

Jiang Ning nodded secretly. He thought that it was a euphemistic refusal.

Before Bai Lian finished speaking, Xiao Jinse, who had been with her, chimed in.

She gently pulled Bai Lian's sleeve, her eyes full of remorse, "Elder Martial Sister, I think this Elder Martial Brother sincerely wishes to challenge you. How can I let you deny him this opportunity because of me? Elder Martial Sister, you…"

Xiao Jinse's voice was getting lower and lower, because she found that Bai Lian turned around and was looking her up and down with ambiguous eyes.

Xiao Jinse, who was still somewhat timid and self-abased, immediately stopped talking.

“Are you trying to rebel?”, Bai Lian shouted in her heart.

Obviously, she was her closest elder martial sister. Why did she help Jiang Ning, an outsider?

What a sin!


Blame this trash system.

If she had a Protagonist Developing System, instead of this garbage Task System, Bai Lian would teach this disobedient second martial sister well.

You don't even listen to your elder martial sister's words? So bold. Be conscious and prepare your behinds!


Bai Lian decided to forgive Xiao Jinse for the time being. She didn’t intend to refuse Jiang Ning's challenge.

"Younger Martial Brother Jiang Ning, I think your disposition is somewhat unstable. Let's fight when you are at your best."

[The task has been accomplished. Refining Energy Pill has been delivered.]


Jiang Ning was stunned.

That's what Martial Sister Bai Lian meant!

After all, it was Martial Sister Bai Lian, who saw through his cowardice at a glance. This clearly gave him a chance to backtrack.

Jiang Ning felt warm.

Only, he knew that if he didn't dare to fight this time, he would also not have the courage to fight with Martial Sister Bai Lian next time.

It was said that Martial Sister Bai Lian had reached the Nascent Soul Stage. He estimated that was fake news, but Martial Sister Bai Lian must have reached the Golden Core Stage!

The Golden Core Stage vs. the Foundation Establishment Stage?

Jiang Ning knew that the fight was hopeless, but he didn't come here to defeat Martial Sister Bai Lian. He just wanted to defeat his past self!

"Thank you for your kindness, Martial Sister Bai Lian."

Jiang Ning held his sword and bowed.

When he straightened his back, his scabbard moved!


Bai Lian curled her mouth.

Jiang Ning is really as stubborn as the system indicated. Fortunately, she has been fully prepared.

Bai Lian put a hand on her sword and turned slightly to also address everyone at the Yunluo Peak.

"In that case, let's do it like this. You and I, we are a martial brother and sister after all. We should stop where we should."

Jiang Ning nodded, but he didn't really understand what Bai Lian meant.

Bai Lian continued, "In this competition, I won't use any spiritual energy, I will only use this Dirt Free Sword in my hand!"


"Let's end it in one move!"


Bai Lian turned around, and a rare smile appeared on her face. "What do you think of this proposal, Younger Martial Brother Jiang?"

Jiang Ning was agitated.

He looked at Bai Lian's smile, which was as warm as the spring breeze.

In order to save face for him and prevent him from losing too badly, Martial Sister Bai Lian formulated new competition rules and gave up almost all her advantages!

What else can he say?

Martial Sister Bai Lian's kindness, he can’t possibly reject it !

"As Martial Sister Bai Lian suggested, I won't use any spiritual energy or spells, but only use this jade sword." Jiang Ning's voice was hoarse.

The smart people in the crowd suddenly "understood" Bai Lian's idea.

"First class idol!"

"I would like to choose Martial Sister Bai Lian as the next sect leader of the Duxian Sect!"

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is so kind!"

Tong Yao looked at Bai Lian with admiration. "She is the perfect Martial Sister Bai Lian whom I admire most!"


Bai Lian put on a straight face.

Good. That's what she wants.

Everyone thought that she had handicapped herself, giving up on using her strengths. In fact, this competition was just playing to her strengths.

Her speed was not slow even at the start. After swallowing the Red Flame Grass, her Light Skill reached 126 points. With the additional 35 points of Light Skill provided by the Cloud Boots, she was likely to be the fastest woman in the Foundation Establishment Stage!

If she couldn't even defeat Jiang Ning in this situation, she'd rather die.

I'm really a genius!

"Younger Martial Brother Jiang, come with me!"

Bai Lian took Xiao Jinse by the hand and flew them on her sword to the foot of the Yunluo Mountain.

She turned to her second younger Martial Sister, who was standing by the river and said, "Younger Martial Sister, you just stay here. Don't walk about, I'll be right back."


Xiao Jinse hung her head in shame.

She was so stupid. She just cut in and nearly warped Martial Sister Bai Lian's original intention.

Even so, Martial Sister Bai Lian hasn’t punished or scolded her at all. Xiao Jinse felt very sorry and wanted to apologize.

Currently, above the stream, one person stood on each side of the cliff.

On the left was Jiang Ning. The future Jade Sword Hero was leaning on the sword with his eyes closed, feeling the breeze and quickly adjusting his mind.

On the right was Bai Lian. The fake Natural Saint gently touched the blade of her Dirt Free Sword. From a distance, she seemed to be joined with the long sword.

No one knew that Bai Lian was considering running away, but she finally gave up her disgraceful plan.

Many of the Duxian Sect disciples were scattered below the cliff. Victory or defeat would be determined in a moment. They stared at Bai Lian and Jiang Ning for fear that they would miss the details of the battle.

"Speaking of, Martial Sister Bai Lian hasn't performed anything in public for more than a year."


"I just hate that I can't draw Martial Sister Bai Lian's heroic appearance!"

Suddenly, the stream below spewed out a column of water more than ten feet high.

Jiang Ning immediately opened his eyes. According to the match rules, this was the signal for the start of the competition.

Drops of water fell on his face. He quickly drew his sword from its scabbard. In a flash of motion, streaks of cold light and turbulent air cut the column of water to pieces.


Jiang Ning was stunned for a moment.

When he reached for his sword, he could see Martial Sister Bai Lian standing on the opposite side of the cliff, but by the time he unsheathed his weapon she had already disappeared.

How was she so fast?

Jiang Ning is very confident in his speed. He has practiced this simple move for ten years.

But today…


Jiang Ning gritted his teeth and looked up, but what fell into his eyes was the round sun dimmed by fog.

There was something.

Jiang Ning finally reacted, but he knew that it was too late.

A sword light came into view, followed by Martial Sister Bai Lian, who fell from the sky like a descending dragon.

Jiang Ning only had time to cross his sword in front of him.

He couldn't see anything clearly. When he caught up, the cold tip of Bai Lian's sword was already withdrawn from his neck.

He smiled bitterly.

He thought of a particular poem, "Arrive like a thunderclap, stop like the light of waves on the sea."

Bang, Dang.

Jiang Ning's sword fell to the ground.

"I lost."

Cheers came from below. Everyone celebrated Bai Lian's victory, but Jiang Ning didn't feel bitter. He was proudest of his swordsmanship, however, in this too he was defeated by Martial Sister Bai Lian. What's there to complain about?

Jiang Ning raised his head and was surprised to find a white hand handing over a sword.

Bai Lian said lightly, "Here, it's your sword!"

Jiang Ning took it quickly.

Then Bai Lian said, "How can a swordsman willingly drop his sword?"

Jiang Ning swallowed his saliva.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian taught me a lesson!"

Seeing that Bai Lian turned and walked away, he quickly asked, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, why is your sword so fast and so unpredictable?"


I cheated!

Bai Lian naturally didn't dare to answer that. For a moment, she couldn't think of any good excuse. Until Yasuo's line in League of Legends flashed in her mind, she casually copied it.

"Follow the wind!"

Follow the wind?

Follow the wind.

Follow the wind!

As he thought over this sentence over and over again, Jiang Ning's eyes suddenly lit up.

All things in heaven and earth have spirits.

He saw the tracks and rhythms left by the blowing wind, left on the path walked by Bai Lian.

Jiang Ning could not help sighing, "I've just realized. Martial Sister Bai Lian has already reached the realm of 'One with the Sword'!"


The onlookers gasped in unison.

Then they exhaled again. Oh, it is Martial Sister Bai Lian. It's OK.

Jiang Ning was like a different person. His temperament had completely changed. He stood straight and said loudly, "Thank you, Martial Sister Bai Lian. I have a hunch that I will break through to the Golden Core Stage within three months!"

Then he bowed deeply to show his gratitude.

The future "Yasuo" is going to rise with the wind!

"???", Bai Lian, who jumped from the cliff, had question marks all over her mind.

Her feet slipped and if she hadn't regained her balance in time, she might have fallen directly into the stream and get wet.

The Golden Core Stage?

Wait. I'm still far from reaching the Golden Core Stage. How did Jiang Ning suddenly find a way to break through?

Beast, what did you realize?

Bai Lian only wanted to hammer the table.

But she couldn't. She had to bear it. While listening to those compliments, she pulled Xiao Jinse to the Cultivation Method Pavilion.

The most frightening thing was that she clearly heard many people say that they should summon up the courage to challenge her.

"I have been stuck on the tenth level of the Qi Refining Stage for a long time."

"I also want to break through to the Golden Core Stage."

Tong Yao said with envy, "Should I go to challenge Martial Sister Bai Lian too?"


I can no longer stay at this place!