The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 1

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Chapter 0: The Eldest Martial Sister Was Speechless




In the East Divine Land, melodious bells rang throughout the mountains.

The triennial Immortality Promotion Meeting was held again, and countless men, women, and children who dreamed of immortality embarked on the journey to seek it.

– By the bamboo road.

Bai Lian, who had received her master's order, took flight from Qiongming peak. At this time, a cacophony of voices could be heard below her.

"Junior sister, the road to immortality is cold and unforgiving. Why don't we hug each other for warmth?"

"My son, Huang Teng, has the potential to become an Immortal Emperor. He will definitely obtain the Immortal's favor this time!

"There are 80,000 words in the world, but the word 'love' is the most lethal. If I pass the immortal gate today, I shall sever ties with the mortal world and master the way of forgetting love."

"I want to find ten lovers!"

Hearing these familiar lines, Bai Lian felt like she was about to go crazy. They proved once again that the recently recovered memories of her previous life were not mistaken.

"This is not a world that normal people should live in!"

Bai Lian's lips turned pale.

In her previous life, she was just an average, unremarkable otaku that loved reading novels and playing games. Having just recently graduated university, she had yet to experience the hardships of working and the temptations of the world.

That was Bai Lian. After staying up all night playing games and deciding to buy some food, she was hit by a speeding truck in front of a fruit stall.

She was confused.

Because it seemed that she had transmigrated into another world.

Without any cheats!

As Bai Lian was deep in thought, a "young girl" wearing a white cloud pattern robe with elegant eyebrows and eyes, with a gentle look as bright as spring walked leisurely along the street.


After she passed Bai Lian, she stopped.

Her snowy skin was flushed with excessive surprise.

The girl looked at Bai Lian. Her mouth was slightly open. Bai Lian wondered if it was just wide-enough to put a quail egg in it.

The "young girl" had never seen a person's face marked with so many words of "Death" before. She was quite literally the goddess of death!


After whispering that, the girl raised her head and said with a smile, "I am An Lan, the martial master of the Qiongming Peak of the Duxian Sect. Would you like to be my first disciple and practice the art of immortality with me?"

Bai Lian, who thought that this was her "golden finger", bowed down.

After that, Bai Lian also asked An Lan why she was accepted. After all, An Lan was famous for her laziness among the entire Duxian Sect. The fact that she had now taken a disciple had even shocked the sect leader.

"Have you gone mad?" asked the sect leader.

"Hahaha," An Lan laughed (at the question).

In the face of Bai Lian's questions, An Lan didn't answer in detail.

"I just wanted to do it."

After calming down, Bai Lian considered carefully, the answer was obvious.

She must have the protagonist's aura which brought her great fortune.


This must be a lie. How careless could she have been to instantly accept the offer? Bai Lian, who originally had no memories of this world, gradually came to understand everything after a period of time.

How careless!

Bai Lian gradually understood why An Lan had accepted her.

The reason why An Lan accepted her as a disciple was purely out of her own curiosity. She wanted to see how Bai Lian, who was covered by an aura of "Death" around her body, would die.

The reason is that the world Bai Lian currently lives in is an R18 gal game called "The Battle of the Gods".

The game was beautifully designed, with numerous well-developed characters and voice acting that were just right for flirting. It was no wonder it became a best-selling game!

In the game the players play, a "b*tch" named Bai Lian often "bullies" her younger martial sisters. In some routes, she even controlled her master An Lan and did all kinds of things to the player!


The story didn't end well for her.

The problem lies in the game concept.

This was an “abstinence aid” rather than an R-18 gal game.

The protagonist, Bai Lian, had as many as 108 routes of death, which is even worse than Itou Makoto.

The most painful thing was that the death screen couldn't be skipped. One second, the player was still savoring the eye-catching illustrations, and the next second, the protagonist's head may have already been chopped off.

[Bring out the heretics!]

Not long after the game came out, some players shouted abuse in the forum.

"Motherf*cker! I was almost scared to death. I curse the producer to always forget to bring toilet paper, whenever he goes to the bathroom!"

The Battle of the Gods was considered to be a horror game by some players.

Bai Lian was also tricked into playing the game by that death screen post and then she found out that this was not a horror game, but an R18 gal game instead.

Bai Lian immediately got excited.

Although the protagonist was female, this didn't affect the wonderful "battle" processes.

In her eagerness, she pressed the CTRL key to skip most scenes…

And now…

Bai Lian was now very regretful. Because she didn't read the plot, all she knew about was limited to a few words spread on the forum.

However, the game was just a game after all. Most of the time, the plot focused on Bai Lian. Even if she knew the general direction of the plot, she might not be able to survive.

After all, this is a cultivation world!

Even though she was the "protagonist", she was not immortal. It meant that even if she meditated in the yard, her body and soul might be destroyed by a random sword flying down from the sky.

This was by no means an idle worry.

She had experienced many death endings, some of which happened when the protagonist was walking on the road, and then she was—

[Killed by a flying shadow]

[Imprisoned by a white shadow]

[Kidnapped by a passing green shadow]

There was also a "Happy Ending" in which she was beaten to death by people in the middle of the night because she was too arrogant in a contest.

How terrible!

Thinking of this, Bai Lian trembled all over. Her hands and feet became ice-cold, even in the daytime. The world was full of malice and oppression against Bai Lian. When can Bai Lian stand up?!

Of course.

Bai Lian also knew the reason why the protagonist in the game ended up like this.

Because the female characters she bullied in the game were too strong!

Especially the group of women from Qiongming Peak.

Master An Lan, the leader of the Qiongming Peak, was actually the reincarnation of the Immortal Heavenly Lord. It was said that she once had the strength to both carry heaven and be immortal in reincarnation.

Her four younger martial sisters were also not ordinary people.

Her second martial sister, the future Holy Spirit Goddess ✔

Her third martial sister, the rebirth of the Rebellious Shura ✔

Her fourth younger martial sister, the future Dragon God of War ✔

Her fifth martial sister, the future God of Martial Arts ✔

In addition to them, there were also the descendant of the Taixuan Divine Needle, the descendant of the Dragon King, and the Lord of the Hades hall in the Duxian Sect…

Compared to them, Bai Lian was just an ordinary person.

Is that all?

Bai Lian was speechless.

There's no chance of winning!

She could do whatever she wanted while the younger martial sisters were not strong enough, slapping The Holy Spirit Goddess, and kicking the descendant of The Dragon King. But after they grow up, not only would she be suppressed like hell, but all her ancestors would have to be dug out and spat on.

Even if her younger martial sisters didn't kill her, the will of the world would probably strike her down with divine thunder.

"How dare you provoke The Holy Spirit Goddess/ The Rebellious Shura / The Dragon God of War/ … ?"

"There's no place for you in this whole world!"


The original protagonist was really an ignorant woman without fear!

Bai Lian heard that there was a hidden ending in which the protagonist didn't die, but no one could find a way to experience it. She didn't think that she could do it with only one try at life.

"I must not take this lightly!"

Bai Lian wanted to save herself.

She decided to never provoke anyone, but that didn't mean that she would be able to live safely. There were several major events in the game that affected the whole Duxian Sect. She must become strong in order to survive them.


Bai Lian sighed.

Speaking of which, her master An Lan asked her to go find her second younger martial sister this time.

The plot begins.

Bai Lian began to worry.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out in her ear.

[Plot start point detected. System activated.]


I am saved!

Bai Lian was overjoyed.

Chapter 1: I Want to Stop Cultivating!

It's coming, it's coming!

Bai Lian was moved after hearing the cold prompt.

She thought that after losing her special identity as a player, she would become a passerby-like figure in this world.

Unexpectedly, the "thing" that threw her into the world still had some conscience. It sent a golden finger to her soon after she recovered her memory.

"This kind of thing should be standard these days!"

Bai Lian, who jumped down from the flying sword, murmured.

The times have changed!

Bai Lian thought of the novels she had read before transmigrating.

Some protagonists have to float over the mainland for more than 100,000 years after transmigrating.

Some protagonists wake up after they become memorial tablets.

Some protagonists simply obtained the NTR system.

"Hey -"

Everyone has a hard life.

With this in mind, Bai Lian opened the system she had just acquired.

The name of it is a little perfunctory and a little lackluster.

[Task System]

Well, the name is just exactly what it is.


As long as there is a system, there is hope.

The first thing that appeared in Bai Lian's eyes was her personal information, which was no different from the interface when she played the Battle of the Gods.

[Name: Bai Lian]

Gender: Female

Age: Eighteen

Spiritual Root: Water-type Heavenly Spiritual Root

Cultivation Level: Late Foundation Establishment

Basic skills →

Moves →

Techniques →

[Morality: none]


Even if I have no morality, why do you have to emphasize it?

Bai Lian was furious.

She looked through the system interface several times and had to admit that she was a person without morals. Even if it was low, it was better than nothing!

There is a bug in this stupid system!

[There are no bugs in this system. Please rest assured!]


Seeing the words emerging from the system, Bai Lian was worried.

Something's wrong with you!

She angrily expanded the items with an → .

As she imagined, this system basically transplanted the game panel of the Battle of the Gods.

Basic skills are the martial arts she learned before cultivating. The four basic properties are Hard Skill, Soft Skill, Light Skill, and Focus.

They could be understood as Strength/Endurance, Agility, Energy, and Focus.

Anyone who has played "Ho Tu Lo Shu: The Books of Dragon" knows it.

The current basic stats of Bai Lian were as follows——

[Hard skill: 87]

[Soft skill: 90]

[Light Skill: 83]

[Focus: 95]

If she remembered correctly, the upper limit of these skills should be 100 points, but it was not indicated by the system.

"It doesn't matter."

Bai Lian shook her head.

She was already a cultivator. Basic skills were currently of no use to her. She continued to read.

In the moves column, the most conspicuous move was [Water Dragon Dance].

It could control the power of water, using water to attack and defend. It could also suppress the opponent's cultivation base. This was Bai Lian's main magic skill.

It sounded powerful, but in reality, this skill was just spraying water. The more water you sprayed, the greater its power would be.

It was said that this was a spell inspired by The Dragon King.

Bai Lian knew that this rumor was true.

There is a descendant of The Dragon King in the Duxian Sect. Bai Lian fought with her in the game. The descendant of The Dragon King could summon a water spray more than ten miles high, submerging plains.

Its power was enough to destroy a small kingdom!

Bai Lian looked at the column of Techniques again. It included music theory, chess, medicine, painting, calligraphy, cooking, tea ceremony, Taoism, and so on.

If she quit the cultivation world, she could live very well in the mortal world with these skills.

Only idiots would practice these skills!

"I want to cultivate, I want to fly through the Immortal World, and I want to find 100 lovers!"

Bai Lian smiled.

The question now was how she could use this system to improve her strength. Since its name was [Task System], she figured that she needed to do tasks to get rewards.

"Come out and explain!"

[The system will release tasks in due time to help my dear master improve her strength!]

After reading the instructions, Bai Lian nodded.

She roughly understood.

At this moment, excited voices rang out in her ears.

"Ah, it's Martial Sister Bai Lian, The Goddess of Qiongming Peak!"

"Martial Sister Bai Lian really is like what the rumors said. Her charm and demeanor, ah, I'm dead."

"She really deserves to be Master An Lan's first disciple!"

"Martial Sister Bai Lian looked at me, Martial Sister Bai Lian looked at me!"

Bai Lian smiled and nodded to her fellow disciples. Soon her figure disappeared on the Qiongming Peak.

Although she was gone, the aftertaste was still there.

Some younger martial brother reached out and grabbed the air, as if to keep the fragrance in his palm.

On the day An Lan accepted Bai Lian as her disciple, even the sect leader was shocked. Therefore, all the people in the Duxian Sect thought that Bai Lian was the favored one with great prospects to rise to the Immortal World.

That is why, with this identity, Bai Lian could do whatever she wanted in the many routes of the game.

Passerby A: Martial Sister Bai Lian bullied you?

Passerby B: I think you are just jealous of Martial Sister Bai Lian and are deliberately framing her!

Passerby C: Apologize to Martial Sister Bai Lian on your knees!

There were too many such instances.

– On the top of the Qiongming Peak.

A lazy voice said, "My dear disciple, you came."

Bai Lian raised her head and saw a young girl in a thin water-blue dress, a quiet smile on her beautiful face. Her dark blue eyes were as deep as the sea, and a pair of yin-yang fish at the corner of her eyes were also quite eye-catching.

An Lan!

In her previous life, she was the Immortal Heaven Lord, the famous Queen of the Immortal World!

In the background story, her favorite lines were: "Hmph!", "XXX? He is garbage!", "This queen cannot be disgraced.", "Then come and have a try. Even if I hold XXX in one hand and carry XXX on my back, I, An Lan, am still invincible!"

Then, the two supreme masters fought at the edge of the universe, until the star river was broken, and the will of tao was obliterated!

In the end, An Lan was defeated and became what she looks like now.

Lying on her side on the bluestone, the wind blew on her face. In front of An Lan was a big watermelon that had just been cut open.


"The will of tao? Can it be eaten?"

It was clear that she was a homebody.

An Lan picked up a piece of watermelon and said idly, "I'll give you a task."

Bai Lian asked modestly, "Master, what is the task?"

It's hard for her not to think of the scene in which An Lan shouted those famous lines when she was "fighting" with An Lan in the game.

Bai Lian quickly shook her head and threw away the strange images.

An Lan said while eating, "I saw a good young girl when I was out a while ago. I plan to take her as an apprentice. Go and fetch her back for me."

Sure enough.

This was the main storyline of the game.

Bai Lian felt a headache. She didn't want to go, so she forced herself to ask, "Master, why don't you bring her back in person?"

"Inconvenient." An Lan threw the watermelon rind down from the mountain. "Besides, I didn't want to take her as an apprentice at that time. Go ahead. Anyway, you haven't done anything lately."

As soon as her voice fell, Bai Lian immediately saw three options in front of her eyes.

[Task 1: Hug An Lan from the back and say: Master, aren't you satisfied with me? (Reward: your cultivation base will breakthrough to the Golden Core Stage)]

[Task 2: Cross your hands in front of your chest, glare at An Lan, and say: You may be my master… but I refuse! (Reward: Washing Bone Elixir)]

[Task 3: Agree to An Lan. (Reward: Soft Skill +1)]

"Ah, this…"

Bai Lian looked stupidly at the three options.

How can the task options in the game actually appear in reality?

Although Task 1 and Task 2 are rich in rewards, I don't have the guts to do them! She clearly remembered that in the game, the outcome of Task 1 was being kicked off the Qiongming peak by An Lan and then getting eaten by a passing flying beast. The system was like this. The richer the task reward was, the greater the potential risk. You choose a task with exaggerated rewards, and then you are killed.

Bai Lian understood.

The [Task System] was clearly a "Villain's Task System"!

As long as I bully my peers according to the system, being a scheming bitch, I will grow stronger.

What the hell!

Bai Lian felt deep malice from the world.

Cold sweat dripped from her forehead.

There is no way. I want to live!

This world doesn't deserve my effort, I just won’t continue cultivating!