On Shu Mountain, There Was a Little Fox – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Closer to Being Enchanted

Big Green covered Yu Xiu's mouth, preventing her from speaking. Yu Xiu was in unbearable pain. Hua Qing watched the situation at the door through a crystal ball, with a faint smile. A slight "huh" was the only sound left.

He turned to Cancan, gently stroking her cheek. "No one can separate us." His eyes emitted a reddish glow, making him unusually charming. Touching Cancan's cheek, Hua Qing said, "Even if I fall into darkness, I will still marry you."

Hua Qing wasn't sure if he truly loved Cancan or if it was an unquenchable obsession inside him. However, at that moment, he decided to follow his heart. He was determined to marry Cancan, and no one could stop him. No one could make him give up the Snowflake Glass either.

With these thoughts in mind, Hua Qing's eyes grew redder, like blood. He gently pressed Cancan's forehead. Cancan slowly woke up, looking at Hua Qing sitting beside her. She asked, "Hua Qing, what's wrong?" Rubbing her eyes, she questioned, "Why am I lying here?"

Hua Qing softly said, "You slipped into darkness while practicing earlier. I adjusted your energy flow for you."

Cancan fished out a book from her embrace, muttering, "This, this is quite difficult to learn!" She sneakily glanced at Hua Qing, seemingly unwilling to study. Pouting, she said, "Why is this so hard?"

Seeing her antics, Hua Qing chuckled lightly and looked at the book. "If you want to hunt demons with me, and seek the Snowflake Glass together, you need to practice your magic well, or else leave."

Cancan's memories suddenly went back before finding Snowflake Glass.

Cancan pouted and said, "So difficult, why is it so difficult?" Looking pitifully, with her dark eyes rolling, she suddenly smiled and said, "How about we let Yu Xiu learn? If Yu Xiu learns, we can go find Snowflake Glass together, fight evil together, and then you won't have to worry about me holding you down."

Clever fox! Great!

Hua Qing's eyes shifted, and before Cancan noticed anything unusual, he went back to normal, smiling lightly and saying, "Yu Xiu won't be coming with us. She will stay at Shu Mountain to learn from Martial Uncle, and Big Green will also stay. It will be just us leaving. What do you think?"

Cancan tilted her head for a moment, then said with a drawn-out tone, "Nobody's going, okay?"

Hua Qing looked down at her, "Yes, just you and me. When we find Snowflake Glass, we can get married when we come back. How does that sound to you?"

Cancan blushed instantly, looked quickly at Hua Qing, who remained calm. She took a step back and stuttered, "Ma-ma-ma-ma-marry...marry me?"

Hua Qing nodded, his dark eyes unfathomable.

Just when Hua Qing thought Cancan was going to refuse, she suddenly jumped up, hugged Hua Qing's neck, and exclaimed, "Then you can't regret it!"

Hua Qing looked surprised.

"Once you've said it, you can't regret it, you can't regret it."

Hua Qing slowly smiled, he gently touched Cancan's head, and said softly, "No regrets."

Cancan let go of Hua Qing, dancing happily on the bed, "Great, great, great!" She couldn't contain her happiness.

Cancan's smile made Hua Qing smile too, his smile getting bigger, "Of course, no regrets."

Cancan jumped off the bed, saying, "Let's go now. Let's find Snowflake Glass, fight demons with Xian Yue, find them, then we'll get married."

Hua Qing and Cancan quickly decided their journey, leaving Shu Mountain with well wishes from the people there, even though they looked worried. Only Cancan was unaware, happily reassuring everyone, "We will find Xian Yue and Snowflake Glass. Don't worry."

Their sincerity was evident.

Mu Bai, noticing Cancan's demeanor and a cloud hovering over her head as Hua Qing's spell, felt uneasy. He said seriously, "Be safe on your journey. When you return, I will preside over your wedding."

Cancan was surprised, she grabbed Hua Qing's hand and bowed together, "We will work hard."

Then, they walked down the mountain proudly, Hua Qing let her lead without drawing his sword or using magic, just following her.

Watching Hua Qing and Cancan, everyone at Shu Mountain looked worriedly at Mu Bai and said, "This is concerning..."

Mu Bai lowered his head, "Hua Qing is starting to become enchanted." While others couldn't tell, he could see that Hua Qing's transformation was speeding up. After a long silence, he said, "Immediately contact the other immortal mountains, I need to reform the Immortal Slaying Magical Array."


Shu Mountain has always been very beautiful, with a lot of fairy energy, the sound of birds, and the fragrance of flowers. Cancan walked ahead happily, picked up a piece of dog tail grass, shaking it, and said cheerfully, "Hua Qing, isn't it strange? I seem to have forgotten why we came back to Shu Mountain? Such a weird feeling."

Hua Qing followed behind her and asked coldly, "Is it very important? Perhaps the impact on you was too great at that time?"

Cancan nodded and asked again, "Then where should we go next? Your Demon-sealing Bell hasn't rung yet, has it?"

Hua Qing calmly said, "In heaven and earth, among the five realms, we can always find a way."

Cancan looked a bit worried but smiled and nodded, saying, "Yes, yes! As long as we work hard, we can find it."

When the two of them went out together this time, it felt completely different. Cancan was a bit shy, not walking side by side with Hua Qing. She walked a little ahead, sometimes charmingly looking back, and sometimes exchanging a few words with Hua Qing, looking innocent and lovely. Hua Qing was always there by her side, not disagreeing with whatever she said.

They walked all the way and soon descended the mountain. Cancan asked Hua Qing, "Shall we steal something?"

Hua Qing squinted slightly.

Cancan clasped her hands together and said, "No, no! I don't need to eat by myself, I don't even know what good food tastes like anymore." Pouting with her small face, she mumbled, "I'm hungry."

After muttering to herself, she said, "Let me tell you, last time when I went to steal a chicken, I didn't just randomly choose a house. I had heard about it. The owner of that house is really mean, his name is Zhou Ba Pi, he's very cruel. So my friends and I went to his place to steal chickens. We have our own reasons. We are not villains!"

Hua Qing chuckled and rubbed Cancan's head. Cancan, feeling embarrassed, said, "Don't always treat me like this, it feels like you see me as a little dog. I am your... " Pausing for a moment, she proudly stood up straight and said, "I am your future wife, la la la!"

Hua Qing smiled and said, "Let's go again, I'll take you to eat chicken."

Cancan widened her eyes in disbelief, "What?"

Hua Qing took a step forward and held Cancan's hand, whispering in her ear, "Let's go steal some chickens, I'll help make your wish come true."

Cancan's face froze, ( ̄△ ̄;)

Hua Qing smiled, "I will help make all your wishes come true."

Cancan looked at Hua Qing in surprise, then her face broke into a big smile, almost unable to close her mouth. "But you must not lie."

Hua Qing shook his head, looking at Cancan seriously, "I won't lie to you, let's go."

Hua Qing quickly took Cancan to the town. It was her first time seeing the town in daylight. Even though there weren't many people, it was somewhat lively due to the market.

Cancan said mysteriously, "We can't steal chickens now, we have to wait until night. You seem inexperienced, let me tell you..." Before she could finish, Hua Qing grabbed her and they suddenly appeared in Zhou Ba Pi's yard.

Cancan immediately used a handkerchief to cover her face, "You really are inexperienced, when stealing things, you must cover your face. Otherwise, if someone sees your face, what will happen in the future!" She glanced at Hua Qing, as if he were a fool.

Hua Qing didn't look at Cancan, but raised his hand, suddenly the sky and earth seemed to change colors. The handkerchief in Cancan's hand fell and she froze.

A strong wind blew, Cancan saw Hua Qing with a sword covered in bodies of Zhou Ba Pi, workers, and animals.

Cancan was shocked, she never expected such a thing. She pointed at the bodies on the ground, her finger trembling.

Hua Qing calmly said, "They were not good people." That was his explanation.

Cancan looked at the workers, then at Hua Qing, biting her lip, "But..."

Hua Qing's tone softened and he said, "They were not good people. You know I don't harm good people. You wanted to have chicken, right? Look, there are so many chickens here now. Are you happy, Cancan?"

Cancan felt confused. She wanted to say she was happy, but she was lost in chaos, unable to find a way out. She couldn't even say the word 'happy'.

"Cancan, tell me, are you happy?"

Cancan struggled to speak.

"Cancan, look, these are the chickens you never forget! They are all for you." Hua Qing became even gentler.

"Wow..." Cancan suddenly vomited, hysterically. Looking at the bodies everywhere, human, animal... Cancan thought, she will never eat chicken again in her life. No, not chicken, she doesn't want to eat any meat anymore.