On Shu Mountain, There Was a Little Fox – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Ambushed

Cancan decided to show everyone that she wasn't a silly fox, she could definitely learn. Although Cancan wasn't very talented, Hua Yun could tell after a while. He made a mocking remark and then turned away from Cancan.

On the other hand, Hua Qing kept his eyes on Cancan with an encouraging smile. However, the smile that Cancan thought was encouraging was actually just her own interpretation, as Hua Qing didn't show much expression.

He stood up and said, "I'll go check outside, you all be careful."

Cancan immediately stopped what she was doing and said, "I'll go with you."

Hua Qing shook his head, "No, you stay here and practice your spells. You don't need to come, just remember to take care of yourself."

Cancan frowned, then nodded seriously, "I will learn it by the time you come back."

Hua Yun smirked, Cancan growled at him and then felt that growling at him in human form didn't have much impact, so she transformed back into her original form and growled fiercely.

Hua Yun ignored her and also stood up, "I'll go with you."

Hua Qing refused, "No, you stay." Hua Qing looked at Cancan, who was practicing seriously but looking confused, with a meaningful look, "You protect them."

Hua Yun wanted to say something, but Hua Qing said, "Cancan attacked Mo Yuan before, and now she looks like Xian Yue. Knowing Mo Yuan's vengeful nature, he won't let Cancan off. You stay to prevent any trouble."

Hua Yun didn't want to stay to protect a little fairy, but since his senior brother said so, he had to stay. And... if Mo Yuan came, it would be good to have a big fight and show him how powerful he was.

"Okay!" Hua Yun sat cross-legged, closed his eyes.

Hua Qing left, Hua Yun meditated, Big Green bored, moved closer to Cancan, saying, "Let me see."

Cancan frowned, "It's a bit difficult!"

Big Green boasted, "Difficult? Nonsense, nothing is too difficult for me, Big Green, the top wolf in the wilderness. Do you know what 'top' means? It means exceptionally strong. Let me tell you... uh, what's written here?"

Cancan chuckled, looked at Big Green sideways, "The top wolf in the wilderness? Exceptionally strong wolf? Haha, haha!"

Big Green looked embarrassed, "It's not my fault, who knows what the Immortal Realm stuff is written here."

Cancan got some advice from Hua Qing before, so she was a bit stronger than Big Green. She suddenly felt smarter and proudly said, "I am better than you! I used to think I was dumb, but it turns out the whole fairy world is just a bit silly! I am one of the... yes, the best!"

Cancan was learning as she went along, leaving Big Green speechless. He just moved away, not wanting to talk to Cancan at all.

Cancan didn't notice, laughing and rolling around, "I'm not dumb after all. When Hua Qing comes back, I will tell him."

Meanwhile, Hua Qing was carefully checking Shadowless City. The rain outside had not stopped, the whole city was dark and gloomy, with visible plants looking unusually withered, giving off a sense of death. It didn't seem like Shadowless City anymore, but more like the Demon Realm.

Hua Qing frowned, threw the Guide Bell again. It swung in the air, but there was no response. Even without colorful crystals here, there was something strange and he couldn't just ignore it. He sat cross-legged, scribbled on a talisman, finished quickly, and with a wave of his hand, the talisman dissipated with crackling sounds. Hua Qing frowned, stood up and hurried back.

At that moment, Hua Yun opened his eyes, grabbed his sword immediately and felt a demonic presence in the air before a gust of dark wind blew. An invisible hand grabbed Hua Yun's neck and threw him away forcefully. Hua Yun couldn't resist at all. Cancan saw a faint face in the black mist, clearly the former demon lord Mo Yuan.

She immediately scolded, "Demon Lord, hand over the Snowflake Glass."

Mo Yuan gradually transformed into a human form, mesmerized by her beauty, "Xian Yue, come back with me."

Cancan scoffed, saying, "Are you out of your mind? I am not Xian Yue."

At this moment, Mo Yuan seemed calm again. He coldly and arrogantly laughed, then stared fiercely at Cancan, saying, "If you're not Xian Yue, you'll die."

Afterwards, Cancan felt a gust of black wind swirling around her, bringing her quickly to Mo Yuan's side. She wanted to bite him, but couldn't get close. Big Green saw Cancan being swept up and quickly used its magic, but it was no match for Mo Yuan who easily knocked it down. Cancan had a feeling that this big bad guy's power was even stronger than before.

Mo Yuan grabbed Cancan's throat, almost twisting it as he said, "Xian Yue, you're Xian Yue, right? If I kill this little fox possessing you, you'll come back, won't you?" He tightened his grip, making it hard for Cancan to breathe.

At that moment, Cancan thought only one thing: Mo Yuan, the big bad guy, was delusional and gone mad. She struggled to breathe and finally used a spell. Her hand slashed across Mo Yuan's arm, causing him pain. Cancan was pushed away and hit the wall, spitting out blood. Seeing Hua Yun and Big Green both unconscious, she knew she was on her own. She transformed into her true form, howled like Big Green, and charged at Mo Yuan.

Cancan bravely charged forward, using her magic to leap into the air. She resembled a white lightning bolt trying to bite Mo Yuan, but he slapped her away again, causing Cancan to crash into a stone wall, in excruciating pain.

Mo Yuan approached her, smiling arrogantly. "Don't be afraid, I'll take you back. We'll return to the Demon Realm, and I'll take good care of you."

Cancan stood her ground, saying, "No way am I going with you. Don't be delusional. I'm not Xian Yue. Even if you take me, I'll escape."

Cancan howled and transformed into a ring of light, charging directly at Mo Yuan. She collided with him, biting his hand firmly. She refused to let go, showing how tough she was!

Cancan's special skill was biting. Mo Yuan tried to hit her as she clung onto him tightly.

Just in time, Hua Qing arrived and swiftly attacked with his sword. Mo Yuan narrowly dodged the attack and Cancan relaxed, hopping over to Hua Qing's side. The two of them stared at him.

Mo Yuan sneered, "Hua Qing, you're too late."

Without a word, Hua Qing immediately engaged in a fight with Mo Yuan. At that moment, Cancan felt that Mo Yuan wasn't as strong as it seemed.

But no matter how strong someone is, it's wrong to bully others. Cancan rushed forward and bit Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan was caught between Hua Qing and Cancan, finally jumping away. He floated in the air and said coldly, "Hua Qing, it seems you need a fox to help you now. If Xian Yue were alive, she would probably laugh."

Before Hua Qing could say anything, Cancan shouted, "Even if Xian Yue were alive, she wouldn't like you!"

A sword pierced Mo Yuan's heart, causing him to contort in pain. He stared at Cancan and asked, "What did you say?"

Cancan replied, "Even if Xian Yue was under a spell, she wouldn't like you. She never liked a big villain like you."

"I'll kill you!" Mo Yuan attacked, but Hua Qing blocked his spell. Hua Qing released symbols from his hands, creating a net-like barrier in the air. Seeing this, Mo Yuan sliced his hand, letting blood spill onto the symbols, creating a loud noise. Cancan got scared and hid behind Hua Qing.

After the noise, a dark mist dispersed, revealing that Mo Yuan had disappeared.

Cancan was wide-eyed and tongue-tied, "Did he sneak away with his tail between his legs?"

Hua Qing smiled, "He left, but not with his tail between his legs. Has anyone ever spoken of Demon Lord Mo Yuan this way before?"

Cancan scoffed, "He disappeared without a word, that's sneaking away."

Hua Qing had fought with Mo Yuan for hundreds of years and knew him well. It made no sense for him to sneak away like that. Something unexpected must have happened. But what that was, they didn't know.

Looking at the blood on Cancan's mouth, Hua Qing knew she was hurt badly. Feeling sorry, he asked, "Let me see your wounds. Does it hurt?"

Hearing this, Cancan winced in pain and said pitifully, "Yes, it hurts a lot. He threw me against the wall, I thought I was going to die. He's so cruel. How could he treat animals like this? And he's so stubborn, he insists that I'm Xian Yue and doesn't let me deny it. Do you think he's gone crazy?" Cancan pouted, feeling more and more wronged.

Hua Qing caressed her soft fur and comforted her, "It's okay, I will protect you, always."

Cancan looked up at Hua Qing and asked, "Forever and ever?"

Hua Qing nodded, "Forever."