Guidelines for Being Raised by Zerg Tribe – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

It wasn't until they reached the Pet Warehouse with the slime-covered door that Arnold set Fu Yue down.

Then, he opened the door that Fu Yue had been asking for a long time, but hadn't been able to open.

Watching Arnold carrying her all the way to unlock Pet Warehouse, Fu Yue was a bit confused by his sudden actions. After begging for a long time, Pet Warehouse finally opened, and she was very happy.

But that didn't make up for it, one thing led to another, and she was still a woman with demands. However, seeing the bouncing slime inside, Fu Yue still wanted to go in and take a look.

Just as she was about to step inside, Arnold grabbed her hand again. "There might be danger, let's try experimenting at the entrance first," he said.

Even though she didn't think the slime would be dangerous, Fu Yue obediently crouched down, ready to touch the slime on the ground.

Strangely enough, the lively slime in its red state remained oblivious to the fact that the hatchway was now open, still crawling around inside the little world of the warehouse.

Being a colleague who had been inside for a long time, their mental state was indeed different... Fu Yue quietly extended her hand into the doorway without any hindrance.

Then she saw the slime inside expand rapidly as if undergoing a chemical reaction, then excitedly pouncing towards Fu Yue. Taken aback by its sudden attack, Fu Yue instinctively pulled her hand back.

Feeling a bit scared... "It's okay," Arnold glanced at the slime, "It can't come out."

Just as if to confirm what Arnold said, even with the door open now, the slime seemed to hit some invisible barrier, sticking to it without making any attempt to escape.

It found that Fu Yue's hand suddenly disappeared, looking as if it sadly slipped down the wall.

A bit pitiful, isn't it?

So Fu Yue tentatively reached her hand in again. This time, it was joyfully grabbed by the slime.

"Wow, it's really not dangerous at all!" Fu Yue looked at the slime and said with a smile.

It was only after she put her hand in that Fu Yue realized this slime actually had no physical form!

Right now, even though Fu Yue's hand was surrounded by slime, she only felt warm and soft air wrapping around her hand, and her fingers could move freely within the slime.

This sensation was truly unique. If she were to describe it, she felt like she was touching a soft, fluffy cloud.

Additionally, she also felt... a bit sweet and gentle warmth. But it wasn't coming from her fingertips, rather it seemed to be felt from within her heart.

Just as she was about to ask Arnold, he spoke up from behind her.

"If there's no danger now, you can go inside... and take a look inside."

For some reason, his voice sounded a bit different from what she had heard before. It felt like there was a hint of temptation in it.

Fu Yue chuckled at her own thoughts, Arnold, temptation? These two words didn't seem like they belonged together.

She glanced back at Arnold, who had a calm expression on his face now.

Well, case closed, she had definitely overthought it.

Fu Yue stood up and said, "I'll go in and take a look."


The moment Fu Yue stepped into Pet Warehouse, she found herself completely surrounded by slime. Luckily, the slime didn't have a definite shape, or else she would have been knocked to the ground.

But she quickly lost the energy to think about such things.

What Fu Yue felt with just one hand before, this time spread throughout her whole body.

It made her blush all of a sudden, and she felt very lost.

She felt a very strong liking and affection coming from the slime, as if all the feelings were pouring onto her all at once.

These feelings came through the slime's soft and warm skin, directly reaching her body and soul.

Fu Yue couldn't resist it.

"Arnold... what is this...?"

Fu Yue found herself engulfed in such sudden emotions, feeling a mix of shame and liking as if being absorbed by the slime, wrapping herself around Fu Yue in a very persistent and joyful manner.

But at this moment, Arnold didn't respond to Fu Yue, instead, there was an electronic sound from 1086.

"[I need to correct Fu Yue's perception. First of all, this is not a living creature, and this is not the Pet Warehouse. This is the only display room in this white house.] Seeing Fu Yue now overwhelmed by intense emotions, 1086 had to continue explaining on its own.

This is Arnold's emotion display device. It connects directly to his feelings and he can sense others' emotions through it. So, when facing strangers or people he hasn't fully accepted, the display shows a strong sign of rejection.

But those accepted by the display can directly feel the emotions it conveys. At the same time, the display can pick up your emotions through skin contact and feed them back to the main system. Fu Yue, "!!!"

She forgave that there are no words to describe her current feelings.

So, is she now surrounded by Arnold's love... love so embarrassingly strong?!

Feeling the overwhelming love and possessiveness in the display, Fu Yue fully understood and dared not turn to look at Arnold.

Fu Yue crouched down, warning herself in her heart not to think about Arnold.

The more she tried not to think about it, the more she couldn't help it. So, thoughts about being with Arnold involuntarily popped up in her mind.

But the words of 1086 were not finished yet.

The display device can visually represent General Arnold's feelings with colors. For example, red represents happiness and excitement, purple indicates a calm state, white represents sadness or anger, yellow shows jealousy, and so on. With this explanation, Fu Yue immediately recalled many things from before.

When Arnold was by Fu Yue's side, he was happy. He remembered a time when she shouted at him loudly, he ran to the Pet Warehouse for shelter, and the slime in the warehouse seemed happy and red at that time.

Oh... She remembered how every time he left her, like for a meeting, her mood immediately turned into a dull purple. Was he really so unhappy to leave her at that time?

Fu Yue smiled.

And then, during the last mermaid incident... She foolishly asked Arnold why it was yellow and even educated him about slime. Oh no... This time she covered her face with her hands again.

Going back to when she first arrived, actually Arnold seemed to be happy and red in mood at first, as long as he was in the white house.

How much he likes being with her... The more she thinks about it, the redder Fu Yue's face becomes.

Finally, she gave up and formed herself into a ball in the slime on the warehouse floor, hoping that this way, she could hide her mood.

On Arnold's part, he wasn't doing much better than Fu Yue.

Ever since a part of Fu Yue's soul was visibly wrapped around him, he felt a huge sense of satisfaction from the soul. On one hand, he wanted to forever let the visible wrapper hold Fu Yue, and on the other hand, he wanted to confine her in his arms.

But immediately, the shyness and confusion coming from Fu Yue were directly felt in his heart.

And then, the layer of red, visibly became even brighter and more lively. So lively that he didn't hear what Fu Yue said next.

Then, the sound of 1086 explaining to Fu Yue was heard.

With this explanation, he felt every inch of Fu Yue's skin genuinely expressing affection towards him. This affection grew stronger and more intense with 1086's deeper explanation, making him feel like his whole soul was enveloped by the love of a small pet.


He now desperately wanted to touch Fu Yue!

After quickly shutting off the external display in his mind, Fu Yue's body finally appeared on the ground.

Her body was so small and soft, yet the feelings she had for him were so strong and deep.

Arnold walked over and gently picked her up, turning her over softly. Normally there would be a slight cute resistance, but it was completely gone now.

Watching Fu Yue nervously cover her face, then boldly peek through her fingers with shining eyes, looking at him.

Seeing this, Arnold simply sat down on the ground and placed Fu Yue on his lap. Slowly releasing Fu Yue's hands, he leaned in and softly said, "I want to kiss you."

Before Fu Yue could react, Arnold's lips pressed against hers.

Although he was inexperienced in kissing, just having their lips together sent Fu Yue to cloud nine.

Confused, Fu Yue licked the other person's lips.

Mmm... tastes good, Fu Yue mumbled in a daze.

Being a quick learner, Arnold immediately understood the importance of kissing and started a new round of kissing with Fu Yue, starting gently and then becoming more passionate.

After kissing for a long time, Arnold reluctantly paused for a moment.

Both of them stayed silent, with only Fu Yue, who was inexperienced and out of breath from her first kiss, trying to catch her breath.

After things calmed down a bit, Arnold gently kissed Fu Yue again and said, "You... are not a pet that can be easily abandoned."

The recent heart-to-heart connection not only conveyed fondness, but also a hint of Fu Yue's sadness and anxiety. Even though it was just a small part, it made Arnold's heart ache as if it was being twisted. This was the first time he experienced these negative emotions, and if possible, he hoped Fu Yue wouldn't be visited by such emotions again.

"I will take care of it," he promised.

"Yeah, I'll wait for you," Fu Yue said as she hugged Arnold.