Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Leader One's Story

Blue Star, in the year 1812, in Potsdam City, at Sanssouci Palace.

The King of Prussia, Frederick III, and Queen Louise gave birth to their tenth child, who was different from the beginning. He didn't cry or fuss, and the palace doctors initially thought he was stillborn.

With the help of skilled palace doctors, the child finally started crying loudly and healthily.

The King and Queen, being elderly, were delighted by the smooth birth of their youngest son, and specially invited the Archbishop of Cologne to give him a name.

Frederick Redel Fritz von Hohenzollern.

However, the King and Queen quickly lost interest and almost forgot about their youngest son, not visiting or mentioning him for the next few years.

Prince Frederick Redel spent his infancy under the care of four servants and a nursemaid.

The young prince was no different from other children, curious about everything in the world, loved to run and play around. Everyone at Sanssouci Palace was deeply impressed by this playful prince.

But soon, things took a strange turn.

A palace teacher responsible for teaching the prince languages found the king.

"Your Majesty, Prince Redel he.."

King, "??"

"Prince Redel's German accent is very strange, and somehow he suddenly learned English and a peculiar language, like an Asian language."

Four years later, the king finally visited his little son and was surprised to find that the four-year-old boy had already learned English and Mandarin, but was not fluent in German.

The king brought a missionary who had been to the Great Ming Empire to see Prince Redel, who was also very surprised and remarked, "Your Highness, your Mandarin is spoken so well, although the accent is not quite authentic, the people there will certainly understand."

Four-year-old Redel's amazing language talent and self-learning abilities caught the king's attention, and he received a childhood palace education equivalent to that of a crown prince.

The person responsible for teaching Redel painting was Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.

The person responsible for teaching Redel music was Ludwig van Beethoven.

The person in charge of teaching Redel poetry and writing is John Wolfgang von Goethe.

Three powerful beings took turns serving him alone, could this fortune be any smaller?

Redel quickly showed his amazing learning ability in the arts, and transformed himself into a refined gentleman prince following the royal etiquette of England and France.

In his childhood, Redel was greatly loved by his five brothers and four sisters, especially by his eldest brother, the crown prince, and his second brother, Wilhelm. They both believed that Redel would become a perfect figurehead for the Kingdom of Prussia, a face of the kingdom, and even become an amazing diplomatic envoy in the future.

Strange things started happening again, the entire Prussian royal family exclaimed, "Strange, too strange."

At the age of 9, Prince Redel suddenly proposed to learn martial arts, and effortlessly awakened his magic energy. Among the king's ten children, only the second son, Wilhelm, and the youngest son, Redel, successfully awakened their powers.

The king thought his youngest son only had talent in the arts, but he unexpectedly excelled in both literary and martial skills. Suddenly, the king didn't know how to nurture him or plan his future path...

Before the king could decide, the crown prince used his connections to find a knight as a teacher for his younger brother.

General Gneisenau, a former invincible Magic Energy Knight in the Prussian army, now a great military leader, outstanding strategist, and one of the founders of the Prussian General Staff Department.

At this point Gneisenau was an old man, his magic energy declining as he aged, but he was more than capable of teaching others as a teacher.

Prince Redel started learning with General Gneisenau, showcasing strong natural talent in everything from personal combat skills and etiquette of a knight, to tactical strategies and military thinking.

From that moment on, the joyful times of childhood were gone forever.

Redel struggled through the strict training schedule of General Gneisenau, and was forced to get involved in palace intrigue.

The older brother, as the king's first son, was naturally made the heir to the throne, but he couldn't awaken his magic energy and lacked any military talent.

The second brother, Wilhelm, awakened his magic energy, excelled in military service and it seemed like the army might fall into his hands.

The heir to the throne felt that his younger brother was very cunning, thinking he wanted to usurp the throne. Therefore, he did everything to support Redel, who had magic energy and military talent to rival Wilhelm.

Wilhelm felt that his older brother wanted to kill him, despite not desiring the throne. To prevent being killed, he too began to win over Redel, dismantling the powerful figures around his brother.

As for Redel...he never showed his own stance, appearing indecisive or adaptable. He didn't want to get involved in palace intrigue, trying to steer clear of the chaos.

As time passed, Prince Redel turned sixteen. By then, he had become an incredible Magic Energy Knight. With his exceptional skills, he defeated ten knights from the royal guard and earned the title of commander of the Prussian Royal Guards.

However, Redel decided to step back from power. He refused all tasks given by the king, as well as the benefits offered by his older brother and second brother. He left Sanssouci Palace and disappeared from the world of royal power and nobility.

The royal family's harmony was disrupted when second brother Wilhelm married a wicked woman. Redel chose to stay away from the family's toxic dynamics.

Despite Redel's departure from the royal center, his older brother and second brother remained persistent.

They often visited Berlin, where Redel had received the Estate of Brandenburg Prince-elector as a gift from his father, previously owned by Frederick the Great. This made them envious for a long time.

However, at the Estate of Brandenburg Prince-elector, they could not find their brother as he deliberately avoided them.

Redel left his guards and servants behind to travel the world while writing novels. He explored Europe for years, even visiting the distant Great Ming Empire in the Far East, and published a successful sci-fi novel called "1914 AD."

Prince Redel completely vanished from the world of power and nobility, and people only remembered the young sci-fi writer, Leader One.

At the age of 20, Leader One returned to Berlin and lived modestly in a run-down apartment near the market. He continued his simple life and published a sequel called "1936 AD."

In Prussia, the military law says that men aged 20 to 40 have to join the army for two years, but lawyers and university professors can be exempt.

Leader One passed an exam to get into Berlin University Law School, where he studied under the famous law master Savigny to become a lawyer.

Do you know why Professor Savigny is often angry? It's because most of his students in class were there to avoid military service, not because they were genuinely interested in studying law.

The following year, a new student named Anna joined the class. She was known throughout Prussia's education system as a troublemaker, making Professor Savigny rely on medication to cope with the stress she caused.