Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The Confusing Path Ahead

Estate of Brandenburg Prince-elector, a royal garden, a former palace of Frederick the Great...

A nice place.. a nice place.

Walking out of the palace filled with Rococo art atmosphere, you can see fountains, reliefs, bronze statues, and the marble ground soft and beautiful after the rain, making it hard to look away.

All these sights make you marvel at the delicate beauty, perfectly matching people's imagination of a royal garden.

Frederick the Great spent a lot of money building these, leaving behind a place of beauty with a French charm for future generations.

He also left behind many things: agricultural reforms, education reforms, legal reforms, establishment of efficient and clean institutions, vigorous promotion of education, establishment of independent national defense industries, and his expertise in internal affairs to expand and develop the territory...

Frederick the Great was a great politician and military strategist in Prussian history. He did so much, but it seems like he did not do much at the same time.

Leader One looked into the distance and saw a barren land through the oak forest, a muddy road that turned into a mess with a little rain, and many oppressed farmers.

It was truly magical. The royal gardens where he stood were exquisite and beautiful, but just beyond, everything was in ruins.

The Estate of Brandenburg Prince-elector was simply a palace of Frederick the Great, located in Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam City, which was the permanent residence of Frederick the Great and the Hohenzollern family - more grand and glorious.

Potsdam City was in worse condition than Berlin and its suburbs. Despite being under direct royal rule, it was not well developed, with muddy roads everywhere.

Leader One did not intend to criticize Frederick the Great, as palace renovations were common among kings, and Frederick was relatively restrained.

However, while the palaces were well maintained, the roads leading to them were neglected, which was quite ironic.

Alright, let's not criticize Frederick the Great. By blood relation, they were distant relatives; Leader One's grandfather was Frederick the Great's nephew.

Frederick the Great had passed away many years ago, and this palace, which he had built, had changed hands several times, now belonging to Leader One.

Leader One never stayed here. As soon as he acquired the property, he established the Prussian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering, providing young people who could change the world a place to live and turning it into research labs for them.

The sky started to drizzle again, pitter-patter, on the marble tiles.

Leader One went back to the palace to get an umbrella, then borrowed a pair of tall boots from Keluobo, whose shoe size matched his perfectly.

He had to walk alone in the rain for over an hour to get back to Berlin city center, all thanks to the muddy road.

Let's improve the infrastructure, it's really worrying.

Walking step by step on the difficult road, Leader One's mind drifted far away.

In the 19th century, a turbulent time as feudal society transitioned towards modern society, the first wave of the industrial revolution emerged, rapidly advancing productivity, groundbreaking leaps in science and technology, and the awakening of people's freedom of thought...

21-year-old Leader One had already done a lot, but it wasn't enough.

Writing some science fiction could inspire people, support craftsmen, inventors, and scientists, and speed up the progress of technological advancement.

Besides that, Prussia remained the same, resolute on its way even in the darkest times.

Leader One wanted to change the country, Europe, and even the world. He was prepared to make real big changes for Prussia and Germany, surpassing Frederick the Great by many folds. However, Leader One felt his power was too small, and he needed help.

The two classmates at Berlin University, Anna and Karl, were crucial. They both possessed endless energy.

Leader One could only choose one, not both, because Anna and Karl represented two completely different paths.

After a long journey, he returned to his old, rundown apartment. It was dark outside, and he had a simple meal of stewed potatoes before going to bed.

He tossed and turned in bed, struggling to fall asleep until late at night. Leader One still hadn't made up his mind.

In the classroom the next day, Professor Savigny found it very strange that the three students in the corner all had dark circles under their eyes.

Karl, Leader One, and Anna had all had a restless night.

Karl was fighting for his ideal career, Leader One was deciding on his future direction, and Anna... Anna stayed up late reading a novel last night.

Anna had previously bought a "1936 AD" and had read it several times.

But when Anna arrived at Berlin University, she found that the library's version of "1936 AD" had an extra ninety thousand words compared to the version sold in stores. The one in stores was actually a shortened version, so she stayed up late reading and thinking about it all night.

After Professor Savigny's morning class ended, Karl said he was going home to catch up on sleep, and Leader One waved goodbye to him.

Right after that, Anna started talking to him.

"The character Adolf in your novel is quite interesting. Can you tell me more about his detailed background and related plots?" Anna asked eagerly.

Leader One: ???

Hey hey hey! Wake up, you are the Iron Chancellor. Why are you suddenly interested in Adolf Hitler?

Anna said the Adolf described in the novel had great diplomatic skills, and the constant strategic games were fascinating.

Leader One said, "I will release a sequel called '1941 AD' soon, where the latter part of Adolf's life story will be told."

Anna nodded silently, then moved a chair next to Leader One's desk, lowered her head to flip through a book, not sure what she was looking for.

Leader One wanted to say something, but he suddenly forgot his words when he saw Anna sitting nearby, her beauty captivating his eyes completely.

Anna has a stern and icy demeanor, but upon closer inspection of her facial features, one can see a delicate and charming type. The contrast between her face and demeanor makes her even more attractive, and Leader One really wants to see her gentle side.

She looked different from the common beautiful girls of the 21st century, leaving a deep impression. Just one glance up close, and Leader One would not forget it for a long time.

Leader One remembered the stray cat in the market. When unfamiliar, he could only see its fierce and snarling face, but once he got to know it, it became incredibly cute and docile.

"Why have you been staring at me?" Anna asked, furrowing her brows.

Leader One, "Um, I wanted to ask you about your dreams."

This question seemed to stump Anna suddenly, a look of confusion on her face. At 20 years old, Anna von Bismarck really didn't know what she wanted to do in the future.

Leader One also started feeling confused. He knew his dreams, knew how to achieve them, and had two ways to do so, but he didn't know which one to choose.

The students in the classroom had all left, leaving only Leader One and Anna in the corner.

Time passed slowly, the dark clouds in the sky dispersed, the sunlight poured into the classroom, shining only on Leader One, while Anna remained lost in the shadows.