Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Turning Point


Leader One was enjoying the post-dinner digestion time, the happiness of having eaten a full meal was truly delightful.

Karl, with a swollen face, held the plate of pickled cabbage stewed pork that had just been served. He was still irritated, cheeks puffed up. Feeling that the dish was slightly cool, he tentatively put the fork in his mouth, but accidentally touched the wound, making a grimacing expression.

Earlier, while Leader One was having dinner, Karl and Anna were dueling in the school library.

It can't be called a duel, it was more like Karl getting a one-sided beating. Karl, covered in wounds, arrived at the restaurant only to see Leader One had finished eating.

"Why did you eat first? Didn't you wait for me?" Karl asked as he arrived at the restaurant.

Leader One, "I thought you guys were going to have a prolonged battle, thinking it would take a long time to determine the winner. That's why I ate first, but I didn't expect you to get beaten up in just twenty minutes."

Karl got angrier and then the scene began, he sulked alone and didn't talk to Leader One.

Leader One still had a big smile on his face.

Anna wasn't a Magic Energy Knight, she didn't have any magic energy, but her healthy body suggested that she must have had professional martial arts training.

Women in this era were either pale and sickly thin, or overweight and unhealthy, especially commoner and peasant women with sunken cheeks.

Anna had a very healthy body, looked to be about 1.75 meters tall, weighing around 130 pounds, giving off a perfectly balanced feeling, hugging her would feel very satisfying.

Her forearms showed typical warrior muscles, only achievable through long-term practice of swordsmanship with the right techniques.

Anna was basically a Magic Energy Knight without magic energy, a knight... without any super power? Well, she could definitely beat up ordinary people easily.

Karl, in one word: a big show-off.

He liked to duel with people, but he was terrible at it, only able to participate in fights with rich and clueless young men, and he often lost even in those fights.

It's normal to not beat Anna in a fight, Karl felt upset but calmed down after a while.

Leader One didn't take this morning's incident too seriously, thinking that a fight between two people would settle things.

After lunch, the students went back to the classroom, waiting for Professor Savigny to return and start the afternoon class. Everyone seemed relaxed and lazy, chatting comfortably while leaning on the desks and chairs.

Anna and Karl started arguing again, this time about the Red League issue described in Leader One's book, engaging in a debate on the ideological and political system depicted in the book.

Anna sat in front of Leader One while Karl sat behind him, arguing across him.

Karl tried to explain the feasibility of the new ideology portrayed in the books "1914 AD" and "1936 AD."

Anna kept arguing, denying Karl's ideas from the books one by one, accusing him of being idealistic.

Leader One was caught in the middle and remained silent throughout, even though both were urging him to express his views. Leader One had no intention of getting involved in the debate.

Anna is a conservative who supports feudal rule, monarchy, and has a strong sense of defense and honor for the Junker class she represents.

Karl is a progressive, he opposes everything that Anna supports.

These two people always argue when they meet, they cannot get along at all.

Debate is a battlefield without smoke, thoughts are weapons.

Anna has an old bronze sword that is falling apart with time, every joint creaks as if it could collapse at any moment. It is a mature weapon, even though it is outdated.

Karl has a brand new steel knife, but its craftsmanship is not mature yet, the material is not strong enough. It is indeed very advanced, but immature and fragile. 20-year-old Karl doesn't know how steel is made, he is still learning.

The result of the debate is in Anna's favor, she completely rejects the Red League described in Leader One's book, because Anna can cite examples, she has a complete feudal system to argue with.

"History is just nobles singing their own praises on stage, royal power is unshakable. When one king falls, there will be another to stand up. As for the commoners, they can only go with the flow. Without a king, they are nothing."

"Please tell me, when was history written by commoners? You say we don't need nobles, you say commoners can achieve great things on their own, then please give me an example."

"Every change of dynasty is driven by nobles, I have countless examples of this. I stand tall on the shoulders of giants, while you have nothing. You can't even give me an example, you can only rely on fantasies."

Anna's voice echoed in the hallway.

Karl looked calm and composed as he said, "I will prove to you that times have changed, and free thinking is beginning to stir. The decaying ideals you defend are bound to perish. Let's wait and see, Anna."

Leader One witnessed this historic moment in the classroom of Berlin University Law School, where a debate triggered a significant transformation in Karl.

The former Karl was a typical playboy, squandering time in the confusion of youth. Although he started studying diligently at Berlin University, he still had uncertainties about the future path.

After a heated debate with Anna, he realized what he should do. Karl needed to refine an idea in his heart, turning a spark into a flame. If Karl couldn't stand on the shoulders of giants, he would become one himself.

Leader One's books greatly inspired him. The two science fiction novels "1914 AD" and "1936 AD" depicted a very novel country, the Red League, unlike anything before.

What captivated Karl the most was the ideology of the Red League; it was something entirely new.

However, the description in the books was too scarce, only outlining a vague outline.

The author was right in front of him. Karl turned to Leader One for help, "Can you provide more detailed novel settings? Perhaps we can work together to turn the novel into reality, which would be truly great."

Leader One shook his head.

"Although I wrote about the Red League in the book and some related things, I actually don't understand much. I want to help you, but I'm afraid my wrong interpretation might lead you astray. So, please continue your thoughts and career on your own."

Karl asked in surprise, "But you are the author of these two science fiction novels, you are the creator of all this, how can you not understand what you have created? If you understand what you have created, how can there be talk of misunderstanding?"

Leader One said, "I really can't do much. Although I was the first to propose these ideas in this world, I only vaguely outlined them. If I have inspired you a little, I am honored. "

He earnestly told Karl, "If you are willing to refine the idea in your heart, please work hard to find a like-minded assistant, but I cannot be your assistant."

Karl said to Leader One, "I can be your assistant, and we can work together without any distinction."

Leader One replied, "That's not what I meant... Oh, I really can't. Anyway, if you want to do it, go ahead and do it on your own. If you succeed in the future, it will all be your own achievement. Please don't involve me; I haven't helped you with anything."

Karl paused, then said, "Okay."