Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Young Ones

The professor giving a lecture on stage, Professor Savigny, was later known as the greatest legal scholar in German history. Even though it was only 1833 and he hadn't reached his peak yet, he already had a great reputation in the legal world.

However, Anna, a new student who had just transferred, openly daydreamed in class while the teacher was lecturing.

She boldly took out a book called "History of England" and openly read it while the professor was talking about Roman law. She was reading a book about the history of England.

Leader One was sitting behind Anna, so he could only see her hair, metal shoulder pads, and cloak, not knowing what Anna was doing.

The professor suddenly scolded Anna, leaving Leader One a bit confused.

"Why aren't you paying attention in my class? How dare you read a history book during my lecture?" The professor was furious.

"I've already studied Roman law," Anna replied confidently.

"Is that so? Let me test you then. What was the impact of the completion of the Justinian Code on Roman society?"


It was a normal class at first, but suddenly turned into a debate between Professor and Anna, leaving other students puzzled.

Leader One turned around to look at Karl at the desk behind him.

To his surprise, Karl was engrossed in reading "The History of Florence." This guy was also reading a history book.

Leader One thought for a moment, then took out a book "The Life of Frederick" from his desk, deciding to read some history too.

The three students in the corner of the classroom were quite interesting. Despite having great talent in law and studying under the famous German jurist Savigny, they focused more on history.

To be honest, law studies can be boring, especially if the teacher presents the knowledge in a dull manner, making it hard for students to stay engaged.

On the other hand, history is very interesting, indeed.

While the Professor was arguing with Anna, he also noticed the mischievous students Leader One and Karl.

Getting even more upset, the Professor directly called the three of them to his office for a scolding.

He asked, "Why are you looking at history in my classroom?"

The three replied, "We have already learned the lessons you taught today."

The professor asked again, "Then why do you like reading history books?"

This time, the three people gave different answers.

Leader One said, "Because the history of this world is different from what I imagined."

Karl said, "I wonder why similar things always happen in history, why people repeat the same mistakes even after learning painful lessons. Is there a pattern in history? If there is, why does history have a pattern, and can this pattern be broken..."

Anna said, "History is indeed more interesting than law."

Professor Savigny's blood pressure gradually rose, and these three students almost sent away Germany's greatest legal scholar ahead of time.

"Then why don't you study history instead of coming to study law with me?"

The three of them said at the same time, "Because Berlin University doesn't have a history major."

In 1833, Berlin University only had four schools: law, medicine, philosophy, and theology. It would take more than ten years for the philosophy school to introduce a history major.

The professor didn't want to get angry with the three mischievous students anymore. Young people have bad temperaments, and my heart and brain are not good anymore as an elderly person.

Professor Savigny kicked the three of them out of the office.

Such a scene happened in the hallway.

Karl went left, Anna went right, and Leader One stayed at the door without moving.

Leader One and Karl are good friends. They usually go to the library together after classes to study.

But he thought that Anna, the new student, was also worth befriending. Maybe he could invite Anna to join them?

"Anna, would you like to go to the library with us?" Leader One asked the figure ahead.

She stopped walking, but there was no response. Then she continued walking forward and disappeared at the end of the corridor.

Karl actually turned back and walked to the library side by side with Leader One.

"Do you like that girl?" Karl had a curious smile on his face.

Leader One shrugged and thought that love at first sight was nonsense. He believed in being attracted by looks. Leader One thought Anna's appearance fit his aesthetic taste.

Karl said, "You must be out of your mind. You're not familiar with her, so why address her by name directly? I think that female classmate finds you too frivolous, so she ignored you."

"We are quite familiar, you can call me Karl, no problem. But when addressing that lady, you should use her last name. Oh, by the way, what's her last name?"

Leader One reminded, "Anna von Bismarck."

Karl put away his previous smile. When he first met in class, Karl didn't listen carefully, and now, knowing the full name, he immediately felt repulsed.

Blue Star has a special group called Magic Energy Knights, but there is a huge difference between commoner-born Magic Energy Knights and those born as nobles, not only in strength and wealth, but also in behavior style.

Most Magic Energy Knights who come from common families are idealistic and romantic, follow the knight's code, have gentlemanly manners, and mostly do good deeds, though some are exceptions.

On the other hand, those who are born into noble families as Magic Energy Knights are often associated with devilish behavior, especially those nobles who own estates.

Their daily routine involves exploiting, oppressing, and slaughtering peasants, then buying new ones.

Karl strongly dislikes noble Magic Energy Knights for their devilish acts that are envy of gods and unpardonable sins.

After that, both of them walked silently towards the library, lost in their own thoughts.

"Anna.. Bismarck, she is not a Magic Energy Knight," Leader One suddenly said.

"How can you be so sure?" Karl asked.

"Magic Energy Knights are drawn to each other, and I can sense that she is not one of them," Leader One said.

Anna's attire seemed a bit strange, like a Magic Energy Knight from a remote village, but Leader One could tell that Anna did not possess magic energy; she probably just admired Magic Energy Knights and dressed up that way purposely.

Karl sighed, he had no problem with Magic Energy Knight itself, just seeing it as an important fighting force. But he knew that Magic Energy Knight was more than just a soldier, often representing class and oppression.

In other words, Karl disliked the cruel nobles who oppressed the common people.

As for Leader One beside him, not only was he a Magic Energy Knight, but also a strong warrior. Karl saw him as his best friend, even though this friend was a bit mysterious.

Leader One's name was actually a pen name, he always used it to operate. His real name and surname were never revealed, where he was born, what his parents did, he never disclosed.

Karl only knew that his talented friend was an author, with a noble spirit as a powerful Magic Energy Knight. He lived simply, was kind to others, using his earnings to support scientists and craftsmen, having compassion for the poor.

The two often discussed the future together, the future of the Prussian state, human civilization, their own future. Karl believed Leader One was like him, the same kind of person.

Karl, "Your only flaw is not telling me your real name."

Leader One, "If I told you my real name, you wouldn't be friends with me."

Karl smiled and didn't continue talking about this topic.

Leader One didn't want to keep talking about his secrets, it's better to keep some things hidden.