Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Almost Got Into Trouble

Since that day, Leader One would go in and out of the campus with Catherine every day, showing their affection publicly, becoming the famous lovey-dovey couple at Berlin University.

Catherine was good at winning people's hearts. With her wealth, she funded renovations for student dormitories, improved the campus environment, and got along well with every teacher and student except for Anna.

Under the influence of a mysterious force (money), Berlin University Law School established a seemingly prestigious but useless student organization called the Student Union, with Catherine appointed as its first president.

This Student Union was indeed useless, but it symbolized power. Catherine always used her position as the president to bully Anna, completely angering her.

One day, Anna brought a rusty armor from home and challenged Catherine to a duel to the death.

Catherine said, "Ok, come on."

Then the servant brought Catherine's full outfit.

The life-and-death duel took place on a lawn at Berlin University, with only Leader One as the audience.

Catherine's Milan-style full-body armor was made by the best armorer in Europe, using the finest materials, symbolizing the pinnacle of armor technology. The delicate patterned steel shimmered beautifully in the sunlight, a piece of art crafted from money.

Anna, on the other hand, only had a half-body armor and a helmet, with her limbs covered in simple chainmail. Her cloak seemed to be a modest cover-up.

Anna's anger reached its peak as she raised her long sword and charged towards Catherine.

Catherine then swiftly defeated Anna, knocking her to the ground.

Leader One watched from the side, applauding gently. Catherine's skill was exceptional, as she accurately blocked Anna's sword under her armpit and used the momentum to flip her over.

Anna, lying on the ground, felt dizzy and disoriented, catching a glimpse through her helmet of Leader One applauding from afar.

Anna didn't know if Leader One was her first love. She didn't understand feelings like liking, jealousy, or turning love into hate. But Catherine, this bitch, stole Leader One away, and Anna was very upset.

Keep fighting to the max.

Anna, who had been knocked down, bravely stood up and launched a stronger attack, each swing of her sword more powerful than before.

Catherine looked slightly surprised, but soon a wicked smile appeared under her helmet.

Anna didn't have much sword skill. She had only learned a few skills from her father, suitable for the battlefield but not for knightly duels.

Catherine easily blocked all attacks, counterattacked with helicopter-like swings, and used the weight of her huge sword to knock Anna to the ground.

This time, she couldn't get back up.

"I'm sorry, I have money, power, strength, beauty, I can really do whatever I want."

"No matter what, you can never defeat me, hehehe~"

"Even though this is a life-and-death duel, I do not want to harm you. You are not worthy of being my opponent. Just rest here while I go shopping with my beloved."

Anna lay on the ground like a dead fish, wondering what she was thinking at that moment.

Catherine walked up behind Leader One and tried to hold his arm, but Leader One pulled away because Catherine's armor was too hot, as if it could fry an egg in the sun.

Normal knights usually wear a protective robe over their armor to prevent sunburn, but not Catherine. She wanted to show off her expensive armor worth millions.

Her patterned steel armor was dark, which absorbed heat quickly under the scorching sun.

Leader One told her to take off the armor quickly. When Catherine emerged from her shell of armor, it was not a sight of a beautiful woman coming from a bath, but rather a soaked chicken. If not for using magic energy to cool down, this fool would have fainted from the heat.

"The plan should be almost ready. After the protagonist of the novel is humiliated, they usually come back strong. Anna should start fighting back," Leader One said thoughtfully.

Catherine, "She is the protagonist? Forgive me for saying this, Your Highness, but I don't see any heroic qualities in that loser."

Leader One, "You are indeed the villain template."

But what Catherine said wasn't wrong. 18-year-old Anna does look like a good-for-nothing, not wanting to advance, not making any effort, not even knowing what she wants to do in the future, just wasting time all day.

But Anna is not really a good-for-nothing. She's a super genius. In high school, she could master eight languages.

She is a piece of jade, after being carved, she will be unmatched.

The next day~

Leader One, "Why does Anna still look like a troublemaker?"

The following day~

Leader One, "Why is Anna even more clueless? She's falling asleep in class, the law master Professor Savigny is lecturing. Even if you read a novel down there, you can't sleep."

A week has passed~

Leader One, "What's wrong with you, Anna? Professor Savigny scolded you, and you didn't even talk back. Hey! That's not like you at all. You should challenge the professor!"

The situation completely surprised Leader One. He thought Anna would become stronger after facing setbacks, as he believed the Iron Chancellor was resilient.

But Anna... she truly sees herself as worthless now, completely giving up on herself.

What to do now, the novel's script shouldn't be like this. It seems like I've ruined my future prime minister, oh no.

Catherine couldn't understand why His Highness cared so much about that woman.

But His Highness's matters are my matters, Catherine decided to help out.

"You can go tell her, ah~ Anna, I really like you, but you are too poor. If you can earn a certain amount of money, then I will be with you. Or maybe another condition, like if she achieves something, then you will marry her. Such sleazy PUA words."

Leader One frowned in disbelief, "Can this really work?"

"Don't worry, Your Highness, it will definitely work."

Ten minutes later, Leader One came back to Catherine holding his face, he had just tried some PUA tactics on Anna, and she slapped him hard.

Leader One, "I shouldn't have listened to your bad idea, it's no use at all."

Catherine smiled but said nothing.


It was late at night when Leader One was awakened by a knock on the door. A crazy person was knocking on his door loudly enough to wake up the whole building.

"Who's there!" Leader One prepared to open the door.

Friendly reminder: If someone knocks on your door late at night in the simple village of Prussia, bring a hunting rifle before opening the door.

Behind the door was Anna.

When Leader One opened the door, he saw a pair of bloodshot eyes. Anna didn't say a word, but pushed her way into the house to look around.

After confirming that that bitch was not in Leader One's house, Anna said fiercely, "As long as I earn a thousand pounds and pass the civil service exam, you will marry me, right?"

Leader One paused for a moment, then nodded.

Anna left after saying this, her heavy footsteps echoing from the hallway, the street, and then fading away.

Leader One finally smiled with relief, "My Eiserner Kanzler has triggered the main plotline, it's great that I didn't mess it up."