Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: A Bitchy Attitude

Hey, hello friends.

I am Savigny, a famous wizard and law professor at Berlin University in Germany.

A friend just asked me.

What's wrong, Professor Savigny?

Oh, it turns out it's today.

There is a young person, in her twenties, daughter of a military family and wealthy merchant, Catherine.

She said that she practiced magic energy before and training too hard damaged her brain.

Professor Savigny, could you let me into Berlin University? I want to learn some spells from you and help cure my mental illness.

I said no.

I said I don't teach spells, I teach law. Berlin University is the world's first modern university, the academic center of Europe and even the Blue Star. Students at Berlin University are all outstanding individuals who have passed legitimate exams to get in.

Catherine said exams are useless.

I said exams are useful.

She said they're not.

I said they are.

Berlin University values exams, it's not a place you can enter through the back door.

Catherine said, "Then I will try to go through the back door."

I said, "Then you should give it a try."


As soon as I said that, she stood up quickly.

Then she brought out a Bittenfeld family crest, a recommendation letter signed by Prince Redel, and a large gold bar.

I refused everything, I didn't agree to her using the back door. I am Savigny, a person of integrity, who never fears power or accepts bribes.

I smiled and prepared to see her off, following the tradition of stopping bribery at a certain point. She had already lost.

In the end, she took back the family crest and the gold bar, leaving the recommendation letter on the table.

Catherine shook her head in regret, "It seems I won't be able to study at Berlin University."

"Prince Redel asked me to find a law advisor because he wants to become the Minister of Law for the Kingdom of Prussia in the future. He also needs help in creating laws and is looking for a Chief Justice for the highest court."

"I can't go to Berlin University now, so I can't fulfill the prince's task. How do I explain this when I go back?"

Catherine held her head in frustration.

Professor Savigny's eyes lit up.

"Prince Redel? The tenth son of the former king? I've heard a little about him, but hasn't Prince Redel been missing for a long time?" Professor Savigny spoke with interest, leaning forward noticeably.

"Actually, the prince has always intended to return to power and has good relations with the current King of Prussia and the Crown Prince. With his status and connections, it would be easy for the prince to become the Minister of Law.," Catherine explained.

Professor Savigny cleared his throat and asked tentatively, "What kind of law advisor and Chief Justice does Prince Redel need?

"The prince is someone who remembers and appreciates kindness. He never forgets anyone who has helped him, no matter how small the help. He is a person of conscience, so he needs to find a law advisor who is trustworthy and kind-hearted," Catherine said.

Professor Savigny nodded, "Hmm, anything else?"

Catherine, "Be flexible, be adaptable, don't stick to old rules."

"For example?"

"For example, the admission system of Berlin University can be improved. Exams can exclude many potential talents, so we can add a special admission mechanism outside the exam system."

Professor Savigny, "I understand, any other requirements?"

Catherine, "Of course, one must have enough expertise. Prince Redel's legal advisor will not only serve as a chief justice, but may also draft the first constitution of Prussia. He will be remembered in history books forever. The history of law cannot be complete without his name, so this person must have sufficient ability."

Savigny, "Then... Does His Highness have a suitable candidate now?"

Catherine nodded slightly, with that look and expression, indicating that the suitable candidate for His Highness is you.

"Who doesn't know Professor Savigny in the world? You are the most outstanding jurist in our Prussia, no one is more capable than you."

Professor Savigny, who is upright, incorruptible, and dedicated to public service, eventually agreed to skip the exam and let student Catherine enter Berlin University for study.

During the afternoon class, Catherine was officially introduced by the professor.

Leader One sat in the second row by the window, with Anna and Karl sitting in front and behind him.

Catherine looked very smart today, with a black hat with lace edges, a women's shirt and a vest matching perfectly, and a black and white outfit paired with women's shoes.

Her delicate makeup and elegant behavior revealed her noble background, and some classmates recognized the Bittenfeld family crest on her, whispering to each other.

Leader One couldn't help but exclaim, "Wow!" Catherine looked like a true lady today, not at all wild.

Anna was initially indifferent, quietly reading "1941 AD" without paying attention to the new classmate.

Seeing Leader One's reaction, it seemed like he really liked the new female student. Anna immediately gave Catherine the nickname "Son of Bitch."

Catherine walked gracefully over, put on a bright smile, and asked the student on Leader One's right if she could take the seat.

The student nodded blankly and quickly packed up to move to another spot in the classroom.

Catherine sat down and smiled at Leader One.

Anna saw all this and became more convinced that Catherine was a bad person.

Under Leader One's influence, Catherine looked at Anna with disgust, sizing her up and giving her a fake smile.

Anna's blood pressure spiked.

"Are you looking at me for a duel?" Anna thought to herself.

Luckily, Professor Savigny intervened as the tension grew, starting the day's lesson and pausing the stare-down between the two women.

What would happen if the two of them really dueled?

Even without using magic energy, Catherine could easily defeat Anna, as the skills of a knight are not strongly related to magic energy.

Anna, the daughter of a poor family in the village, had learned combat skills from her father but lacked formal training. The training she received from her poor family could not compare to the martial arts skills passed down in the noble family.

Catherine seemed to outshine Anna in every way, which made Anna very unhappy, especially when Catherine flirted with Leader One.

At the end of the class, Catherine walked up to Anna and arrogantly said, "Even in terms of beauty, you can't beat me, quack quack quack~"

Leader One silently thought, "This woman is really crazy, how did she laugh like a duck..."