Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Unlocking New Characters

The main road in the center of Berlin city is clean and tidy, but the narrow alleys behind the buildings perfectly fit the description of dirtiness and messiness, with garbage strewn about and a foul smell lingering, rarely visited by respectable individuals.

Under the dusk, a man and a woman strolled side by side, their faces calm while discussing rebellious matters.

"Your Highness, I will help you kill all enemies, even the King of Prussia and the heir."

"My big brother and second brother are not deserving of death, and you alone cannot kill the two of them. The Prussian Guard Heavy Cavalry Regiment has over a hundred Magic Energy Knights. If you rush over, you will only be hacked to death."

"Your Highness, I am ready to die for you."

"Let's not talk about death. In the recent years, I have no intention of seizing the throne. I am focusing on building up strength first. How is the development of your knight's order?"

Leader One looked ahead, while the woman beside him gazed at him with an almost fanatical expression of admiration.

Catherine von Bittenfeld, a powerful Magic Energy Knight, her father was a famous Prussian general during the Napoleonic Wars, and her mother is a wealthy merchant from England. At the age of twenty-four, she has become the head of the Bittenfeld family, holding her father's connections and her mother's wealth.

Catherine joined Leader One when she was twelve years old and became an absolutely loyal warrior in the following days. If Leader One tells her to die, Catherine will not hesitate to commit suicide.

Leader One had never thought of training loyal warriors, but for various reasons, his relationship with Catherine developed into this somewhat abnormal state.

"You've recruited eleven already? That's quick progress. And you've equipped each of them with gear like yours?"

Hearing Catherine describe the situation of the knight's order, Leader One had an incredulous expression on his face.

Catherine now wore a full knight's armor, a Milan-style full body plate armor, with the helmet resting under her arm, and a large sword from Germany hanging by her waist.

It's quite normal as Prussia is a country that loves heavy Magic Energy Knights, even using full body armor in 1833.

But Catherine's armor and weapons were all made of composite patterned steel material, with the raw material sourced from the ancient Indian mines of Wootz iron, known as a natural special steel. The armor and sword were crafted using ancient powder metallurgy and surface carburizing techniques.

Catherine's equipment was powerful but very expensive, equivalent to the price of gold of the same weight.

"You hired eleven Magic Energy Knights, each equipped with Divine Equipment... How much did it cost?" asked Leader One.

"Hmm, it seems like we've spent all the money at home, but it's okay, everything is for His Majesty," Catherine carelessly replied.

Catherine had a bad relationship with her family. Due to her parents' mistreatment, she took over the family power when she grew up, immediately showing filial piety and revengeful spending.

A Milan-style full body plate armor weighed twenty-five kilograms, a large sword from Germany weighed two-point-four kilograms, each knight had to have several horses, horse armor, several lances, along with muskets, grenades, and land heavy weapons.

Leader One calculated that, in terms of 21st century prices, Catherine's equipment alone cost approximately fifteen million dollars.

This money is enough to buy a modern tank, but Catherine bought an old-fashioned medieval suit of armor and equipped it with Divine Equipment.

Leader One couldn't help but say, "I think you're wasting your money on this."

Catherine smiled and said, "Your Highness, I can sell these armors for money, or you can make me pay with my life."

Leader One got a little scared and waved his hand.

"Since you've already bought them, let's keep them. They might become national treasures in a museum in a few hundred years."

18-year-old Anna von Bismarck was temporarily immature and reckless. If nothing unexpected happens, she will slowly become like Eiserner Kanzler. Although Eiserner Kanzler is also arrogant, he is a normal person, a very smart one.

Catherine is permanently crazy, with a deep and genuine madness in philosophy, sociology, biology, neuroscience, and pathology in multiple senses.

Leader One looked at the beautiful girl next to him, but sadly, she had issues in her head. Being a little eccentric could be tolerated, but being neurotic was too scary.

However, Catherine's loyalty was unquestionable. She had a high personal combat strength and excellent strategic and tactical thinking. She could lead as the commander of a knight order, a division commander in regular army combat, and could also handle shady tasks.

She is like a low-level Goodrian + Himlei.

Catherine thought of herself as a tool, her master's will was her will. In this situation, how Leader One uses her correctly is crucial.

If Leader One chooses to be a villain, Catherine will turn into a devil without hesitation. If Leader One still holds onto his humanity, Catherine won't go crazy and become a killing machine.

Thinking about this, Leader One started planning in his mind.

"Catherine, forget about the matters of the Knights for now. Take off your armor and sword, and accompany me to school tomorrow."

"There is a woman at school named Anna. Your job is to provoke her by showing off wealth, flaunting your power, and acting extremely intimate with me."

"Do you understand what I mean?"

Catherine pondered...

"I understand, Your Highness. First, instigate, then strike."

Leader One gently punched Catherine on the head, making her wince in pain and hold her head.

"If you hurt Anna, you won't get to live," said Leader One in a very serious tone.

Everyone is unique. If Bismarck dies, maybe someone similar will take her place, but not an identical person.

What's the point of replacing Eiserner Kanzler Bismarck with someone else?

What's the point if Eiserner Kanzler Anna Bismarck becomes Otto Bismarck?

What's the point if Eiserner Kanzler isn't the proud elder sister figure? What's the point of life then?

"Living is all about having a beautiful female version of Bismarck!" said Leader One.

But then again, 18-year-old Anna von Bismarck is really too weak. She's not fit to be a clerk, let alone a chancellor.

Leader One doesn't have the time to wait for her to grow naturally. Waiting over thirty years according to history? He can't wait that long.

So, it was necessary to use some catalytic methods to motivate Bismarck to complete all kinds of experiences in her life ahead of time.

Catherine is the crucial force driving Anna forward, provoking her anger, making her pursue wealth, power, and rights, find her life goals, and not continue to drift aimlessly as she is now.