Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Turmoil in the World

The latter half of 1833 was a turbulent period for Blue Star.

In July, there were uprisings in Italy and Spain, followed by a revolution in the German region, with Hannover being the focal point.

Former King Frederick Wilhelm III sent soldiers to violently suppress the revolutions in different countries, using mercenaries to fight and collecting money from reactionary monarchies, while massacring progressive protesters.

In August, there was a large-scale uprising in Poland, as the Polish people had been living under cruel rule after being divided by Prussia, Austria and Russia, with a strong desire for independence.

The Prussian crown prince and the second prince led troops to suppress the uprising in Poland, acting as mercenaries to help Russia and Austria control the rebellious Polish people in their territories.

In late August, King Wilhelm IV of England suddenly passed away while touring the Welsh region, causing a great disturbance.

King Wilhelm IV of England died in 1837 in Earth's history, but in Blue Star, he died 4 years earlier, leading to disastrous consequences.

Since 1714, the King of England has also been the King of Hannover, a region in Germany, with England considered a participant in the German Confederation.

In July 1833, there was a major uprising of serfs and bourgeoisie in Hannover. Initially, the king ignored it, then hired Prussian forces to suppress the rebellion, before offering some concessions later on.

King Wilhelm IV of England and Hannover supported democratic reforms, passing laws to grant political rights to the middle class and limited rights to the lower classes, with the Hannover parliament gaining some power.

At the end of August, the man suddenly passed away. Since he had no children, his position could only be passed on to his niece Victoria.

Compared to Earth's history, due to changes in the Blue Star, Queen Victoria ascended to the throne early when she was only fourteen years old.

England was actually ruled by Queen Victoria's parents, the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

When the Duke and Duchess of Kent took over, they immediately rejected the policies of the former king Wilhelm IV and overturned the democratic reform resolutions of Hannover.

The people of Hannover were extremely upset, and the parliament declared a split from England, not recognizing Queen Victoria as the King of Hannover. They planned to find a noble to crown as their king.

England raised an army to attack Hannover and hired soldiers from Prussia.

Hannover, in turn, hired Swiss soldiers and went to war against England and Prussia.

Hannover + Switzerland VS England + Prussia

The result was clear as England and Prussia emerged victorious. However, an unexpected event occurred as the former king, Frederick Wilhelm III of Prussia, was assassinated and died shortly after the war ended.

Leader One's older brother was crowned, known as King Frederick Wilhelm IV.

In the year 1833 on Earth, there were many revolutions and uprisings around the world, but no kings died.

In the year 1833 on Blue Star , the King of Prussia passed away, leading to a series of disastrous consequences.

Firstly, Prussia raised funds to send troops to suppress revolutions in other countries, leading to discontent and protests among progressive groups.

Secondly, England's inconsistent policies led to the splitting of Hanover and the end of the co-regency era, with Queen Victoria not taking on the role of Queen of Hanover.

Thirdly, England and Prussia waged a successful war against Hanover, forcing them to accept Queen Victoria's uncle as king. However, the people of Hanover harbored strong resentment towards England and Prussia.

Fourthly, Prussia was in a critical period of reform, facing internal and external threats. The previous king was assassinated and King Frederick William IV took the throne, but he proved to be inadequate for the challenges ahead.

Fifthly, King Frederick Wilhelm IV had no children of his own, so according to the laws of succession, he had to pass the crown to his younger brother, Wilhelm.

Leader One was shocked when he saw the newspapers at school. His older brother and second brother had always been fierce rivals, and now things were getting even more intense. The series of events led Prussia towards a decline in its fortunes, with a dark future ahead.

Now, Prussia needs a wise ruler to restore order, but Second Brother Wilhelm is not wise. Second Brother and the eldest brother are rivals, and the Second Sister-in-law acts like an unpleasant woman.

If Second Brother kills the eldest brother and takes the throne by inheritance law, Prussia will only become more chaotic and dark.

Prussia is in a mess, and England is in an even worse state. Queen Victoria, who ascended the throne at the age of fourteen, is completely sidelined. The Duke and Duchess of Kent are ruling, and they can harm the British Empire and turn it into a weaker country.

If things continue like this, everything in the Blue Star will become strange.

Well, Blue Star is already strange. It not only has Magic Energy Knights but also the Great Ming Empire. The Great Ming Emperor Chongzhen's reforms gave a new life to the Great Ming Dynasty.

Oh dear, no matter what, Prussia is running out of time. With many troubles already, the eldest brother and Second Brother fighting each other in the royal family is pushing Prussia towards ruin.

In the second half of 1833, the whole of Europe is in chaos. The emerging capitalist class and oppressed peasants are rising against feudal monarchies, causing countries' strength to decline due to internal conflicts.

France is not greatly affected because they had a big revolution before. This time, it can be considered a minor aftermath.

In the Palace of Versailles, Napoleon III hears about the chaos in mainland Europe and is almost smiling. France's dominance on the continent becomes very strong, with no country on land that can challenge them.

Even the arch-enemy Great Britain was in turmoil, Napoleon III was ambitious, considering whether to continue his ancestors' unfinished great work.

Leader One looked at the chaos in the world, he chose to bide his time and hide his abilities.

The power of individuals cannot change the world, a lone hero is meaningless, it must be a large group.

The power Leader One can rely on is still too immature, his trusted aides still need experience. If he were to step forward at this moment, trying to face the whole mess alone would definitely not work.

In the classroom, Leader One looked at Anna's figure from behind.

Look at that, can we trust a foolish Anna like that? An 18-year-old naive child cannot assist him. Anna is not yet the Eiserner Kanzler, she is not Bismarck yet.

Endure it... endure it, let my elder brother and second brother fight first, see what kind of situation these two geniuses can turn Prussia into.

There has been some good news recently, due to the Hannover incident, Leader One recruited a group of talented individuals. Some are against England's rule over Hannover, some are against England's inconsistency and persecution of liberal policies, and there is even a spiritual Prussian among them.

After the Hannover incident.

Gauss, Weber, Karl Jacobi, and the father-son duo of the Bolyai family joined the Prussian Academy of Sciences.

The Grimm brothers also came to Berlin, receiving sponsorship from Leader One.

Historians Dalman and Gveinus joined Berlin University as teachers.

In order to provide generous treatment to these scientists, Leader One immediately published "1941 AD", advanced payment from the publisher, and funded the researchers to engage in scientific research work.

The 19th century was truly filled with extraordinary individuals. Leader One's academy now has Faraday and Gauss, and there will be many more extraordinary individuals to come in the future. The figures from textbooks will appear vividly before his eyes.