Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Unlawful

The Prussian Palace Opera House, with its extravagant and luxurious interior decorations, clearly showcased the "upper class" society.

This place mainly served nobles and wealthy merchants, with extremely high ticket prices, equivalent to thirty months' rent for Leader One.

Leader One didn't like coming to this kind of place, but Anna insisted on dragging him to watch. Leader One had to pretend to be happy, or else Anna would be unhappy.

Anna didn't look at the stage at all, her gaze fixed on Leader One's profile.

"Look at how happy he is, the poor boy from a commoner background probably hasn't been to a place like this before."

"I should take him around more to show him what nobility means, to let him know that by following me, he can enjoy such good days."

"Once he's used to the lavish lifestyle, with a little trick up my sleeve, I can make him cry and beg to marry me, hehe."

Anna imagined the future, contemplating her PUA techniques.

After sitting for a while, Anna felt uncomfortable. She adjusted her position and touched her purse, which only had a few coins left inside, making a faint jingling sound.

The tickets for the Palace Opera House were really expensive. Only those with titles could get a discount. Junker didn't qualify for a discount, so Anna almost spent all her monthly allowance to buy two tickets.

"It's okay, my family is wealthy. We have hundreds of acres of land. I'll just ask my dad for some money," thought Anna.

Leader One felt very uncomfortable during the opera, he couldn't relax.

He had to smile, nod, and look happy. If he didn't, Anna would frown and give him a questioning look, followed by a hostile gaze that seemed to say, "Are you unhappy with my plans?"

Leader One dared not to be unhappy, he had to go along with whatever made Anna happy.

Today, the audience in the theater included the Prince of Württemberg, the Grand Duke of Baden, the Duke of Nassau, and the Duke of Brunswick. They each brought over twenty Magic Energy Knights with them.

The nobles invited their Magic Energy Knights to watch the play. These knights were grateful for their lords' generosity while also fulfilling their role as bodyguards.

Leader One had a strong magic energy reaction, causing the twenty or so Magic Energy Knights to glance at him periodically, on high alert.

Because the knights kept looking back, the four dukes also turned to look at Leader One, but luckily they didn't recognize him.

At sixteen, he left Sanssouci Palace. Now, at twenty-one, he looked quite different with a scholar's beard and dressed like one too. The dukes didn't recognize him.

In the early 19th century, there were no cameras. People relied on portraits to recognize each other, but often the portraits looked very different from the actual person.

As the tenth son of the King of Prussia, Leader One wasn't very well-known, so he didn't have to worry about being recognized.

As the opera reached its final act, the four dukes whispered to each other, ignoring the actors on stage, and kept glancing back at Leader One.

The Prince of Württemberg said, "That person doesn't seem to have pledged allegiance to anyone yet, maybe..."

The Grand Duke of Baden, the Duke of Nassau, and the Duke of Brunswick nodded in agreement. They could try to win him over with some money and recruit him.

The Prince of Württemberg asked the Magic Energy Knights next to him, "How strong is that person?"

One of the knights replied, "His magic energy is very strong, even though I hate to admit it, he surpasses us by far."

The Prince of Württemberg stroked his beard, thinking about how much money and land he would need to recruit the powerful Magic Energy Knight.

Leader One didn't wear any badges or markings on his clothes, showing that he looked like a common knight without any specific allegiance.

There were many common-born Magic Energy Knights, but they were usually not very strong. The Prince of Württemberg thought Leader One couldn't be common-born and wondered which noble family or military leader had raised him.

"First, investigate the woman next to him. We might find some connections," the Prince of Württemberg ordered.

Anna wore a shield-shaped badge on her clothes, with a blue background and overlapping fern leaves and shamrocks. This badge was the unique symbol of the Bismarck family, originating from a shield given to Bismarck's great-grandfather by Frederick the Great.

The opera had ended, and it was time to leave. Normally, nobles sitting in the front rows would leave first. When the four princes and Magic Energy Knights got up from their seats, they all glanced back at Leader One.

They didn't think much of it. They wouldn't have any dealings until they found out more about Leader One. It was just a simple glance.


Anna suddenly stood up from her seat and pointed at the large group of people.

"Do you look down on me?"

Her sharp question echoed in the opera house, shocking the whole audience. Sitting on the side, Leader One was completely stunned, unsure of how to react.

Why did Anna suddenly react like this, and why did she publicly accuse the four German princes? Is she crazy?

Yes, 18-year-old Anna von Bismarck is a bit mentally ill. She defies authority, provokes nobility, and even points at the sky and calls Jesus Son of Bitch. She has even been beaten up by a duke's son. There's nothing she wouldn't dare to do.

Just because Anna caught your eye in the crowd, she felt that she was being looked down upon and scorned.

Especially when Anna noticed Leader One looking nervous and uneasy, she thought that Leader One was afraid of those people. To show that she was capable, Anna felt the need to stand out.

The four princes found it baffling, but they weren't angry.

"Ignore the clown, let's go."

In fact, the princes had never really glanced at Anna, their attention was on Leader One. And Leader One was anxious mainly because Anna was giving him a deathly stare at his profile.

Anna imagined a lot of wrong things, then stood up and loudly questioned the nobles, who were actually quite tolerant. If it were someone else, the knights would have probably beaten Anna up.

Leader One thought it was unreasonable, crazy, simply crazy. It seemed like Anna really had some issues in her mind.

"Why are you provoking them?" Leader One asked.

"They look down on me, of course I have to defend my dignity. See how scared they are, running away after I shouted at them," Anna proudly raised her head.

Leader One, "Before you provoke others, think about what skills you have. Those four nobles could easily harm you. They didn't bother with you, yet you act so proudly."

Anna angrily said, "I saw you were afraid of them, I stood up for you and you didn't thank me."

Leader One, "I really...sigh, I can't continue talking with you, goodbye."

Anna's irrational actions must have underlying reasons. Her upbringing as a poor landowner's daughter, looked down upon by the bourgeoisie and nobility, made her develop this reckless and hot-headed personality due to extreme feelings of inferiority and anger.

It's okay to be bold, but arrogance requires a backing. At this moment, Anna has no power, no money, and no magic energy. Provoking the Grand Aristocrat is simply asking for trouble.

Leader One felt like he couldn't get along with this person anymore. Anna was young and reckless, this 18-year-old girl didn't know much, she was very far away from the Eiserner Kanzler.

Since the incident at the opera house, Leader One kept his distance from Anna, no matter how much she tried to cling to him, he wouldn't play with her anymore.

The love affair that Anna hadn't even started ended abruptly, her fantasy of marrying Leader One and having a warm family life in the countryside shattered.

This incident caused Anna to have more misunderstandings, she thought Leader One was a coward who climbed the social ladder and feared the aristocracy, she began to dislike Leader One.

Anna was still that unruly and arrogant female gang leader, she was ignorant and wasteful with money, living each day aimlessly, having no life goals, unable to find a way forward, continuing to sink into darkness.

Leader One needed an Eiserner Kanzler, or a beautiful queen-like figure, but he didn't need someone who enjoyed risking their life recklessly.

"Ah... after all, she's only 18 years old, she still needs time to grow, I have to wait..." Leader One also felt a headache.