Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Thunderous Opening

In the year 1833, in Berlin.

It was another terribly bad morning, in the extremely noisy symphony of the early market, Leader One opened his eyes.

He lived in a run-down two-story apartment, with a room of less than twenty square meters, only a bed, a chair, and no other furniture.

Downstairs was a farmers' market. Every morning when it opened, there was a continuous stream of people rushing here. It was very difficult for the horse carts to navigate through the crowd, and the cart drivers always shouted loudly. Occasionally, pedestrians would get angry and a fight would break out.

The rent for the run-down residential apartment near the market was very cheap, and within the city area of Berlin, there was nowhere cheaper, so Leader One lived here.

It was Tuesday today, and he had to go to school, so he had to freshen up and get dressed.

But there was no bathroom inside the house, and no running water, so Leader One had to go outside to wash up or relieve himself.

At half past six in the morning, the water delivery cart, which was half an hour late, finally arrived. The impatient crowd grumbled as they lined up.

The small water cart pulled by two horses sometimes fell behind in line, risking running out of water before its turn. Luckily, today was a fortunate day as amidst the chaos of the queue, it found itself near the front and was able to buy water after the first five people.

The currency system in the German region was chaotic, with three official coins prescribed by Prussia. However, due to their denominations being too large or too small, people often resorted to using currency from other areas.

Leader One bought a small basin of water from the water merchant, costing him two small copper coins.

Carrying his basin, he found a small step to sit down on and began his morning washing routine.

With just a rough towel, a toothbrush with a pig bristle wooden handle, and no fancy face wash or toothpaste, his washing routine was simple.

Leader One's exquisite toothbrush cost as much as three months' rent. Observing the other early risers around him, few utilized a toothbrush; instead, most used a palm-sized piece of cloth dampened to clean their teeth.

When Leader One's neighbors first saw his toothbrush, they knew he held a special status. Over time, they noticed visits from individuals who resembled literary figures coming to see Leader One.

It was then revealed that a great literary figure lived in the dilapidated residential building next to the market.

At 21 years old, Leader One had already published two bestselling novels in Europe, renowned as the pioneer of science fiction adventure stories.

His works "1914 AD" and "1936 AD" were loved by European nobles, and later spread among scientists, inventors, military strategists, philosophers, and politicians.

As the author of two super best-selling books, Leader One earned a lot of money from royalties, but he lived a very simple life and never spent money recklessly.

Despite being wealthy, he lived in the cheapest area of ​​Berlin, enduring the noise of the farmers' market. He washed his face and brushed his teeth on the street every day with his neighbors, and had a simple breakfast of cheap bread from the market.

He used his money wisely, not for luxury, but to support scientists and invest in industries.

He spent his time wisely, constantly improving himself rather than wasting time.

Berlin University was the world's first modern university, completely changing the structure of classical universities, establishing a system of teaching and research, becoming a world academic center with the best teachers and countless talented students coming here.

Leader One also studied at the Berlin University Law School.

His classmates were all talented, and if someone threw a bomb into any classroom, it would be like erasing a few pages of German history.

Let's stop thinking about terrorist attacks, we are already running late, hurry up.

Today, Professor Savigny is teaching our class. He is an old man with a bad temper, so it would be terrible if we're late.

Leader One quickly ran to Prince Heinrich's palace, and just across the street is the law school.

While crossing the street, he suddenly saw his classmate Karl, with messy hair and a wild appearance.

Karl was also going to be late today, as he rushed out of the house without even getting ready in the morning.

Leader One, "Today is Professor Savigny's class."

Karl, "I know, we'll be in big trouble if we're late."

They glanced at each other and rushed towards the classroom.

The bad news is the teacher was already in the classroom.

The good news is the teacher's teacher was also there.

Professor Savier was chatting with his teacher Hugo, having a good time, when they noticed that Leader One and Karl had sneaked into their seats.

After the teacher and his teacher finished chatting, they both left the classroom, which made the students feel very strange.

However, the professor quickly returned, bringing a girl with him.

"She is a new transfer student, starting to attend classes with everyone today. Let's have her introduce herself now."

The professor gave up his seat for the newcomer.

She walked up to the front, and simply said, "I am Anna von Bismarck."

And that was it. The atmosphere at that moment was not extremely awkward, but rather silent.

The professor pointed to a seat in the third row by the window, asking the new student to take her seat, officially starting today's class.

Anna's seat was just in front of Leader One's desk.

The new student's arrival filled the whole class with a bad atmosphere. It was obvious that everyone had negative feelings and looked at her with disapproving eyes.

The reason was simple: her clothing.

It was the early 19th century, and society had very clear standards for dressing.

For women, a tightly-waisted, brightly colored long dress, a fancy hat, gloves, and lace decorations were symbols of the upper class.

A women's shirt, a small vest suit, and ankle-length skirts were the typical outfit for female scholars.

A simple long dress was the attire of ordinary urban women.

If a woman didn't dress in one of the three mentioned styles, she would be considered as "different" and labeled with derogatory terms like barbarian or bumpkin by others.

What about Anna von Bismarck's clothing?

She wore a black long-sleeved top similar to a combat uniform, with knight-like shoulder steel armor and a fur-trimmed cape.

The lower part of her outfit included a short skirt and long boots made of leather-like material, showing off her thighs.

Even in the 21st century, this outfit felt like something you'd see at a cosplay event.

Back in the early 19th century, her classmates in the class stared at her strangely, wondering where this wild girl came from and why she was dressed so oddly.

Despite their disapproval, everyone kept their negative thoughts to themselves. When Anna looked at them, they quickly put on fake smiles, no one dared to show mockery openly.

Being in Blue Star, a place with a supernatural power called magic energy, the Magic Energy Knights could easily take on many foes. Everyone thought Anna was a female knight from some village.

In the whole class, only Leader One didn't show any negative emotions towards Anna, as his mind was filled with speculation.

This Anna von Bismarck, could she... become the Iron Chancellor in the future?

In such a strange place like Blue Star with its magical powers, having a female Iron Chancellor didn't seem so unusual after all.