Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Viewing the Mountains and Seas

Luo Yan looked at his mentor.

"Viewing the Mountains and Seas?"

Wei Fenghua cleared his throat and said, "Although each method is similar, they focus on different aspects."

"Some emphasize quick progress, achieving breakthroughs in a day is also possible."

"Some focus on the amount of Elemental Power, the more Elemental Power, the longer the endurance."

"As for 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas', it emphasizes the basics."

"They say a tall building starts from level ground, when you practice this method, in the beginning you may progress slower than others."

"But having a solid foundation, the further you practice, the easier it becomes."

"Cough, cough, cough..."

Suddenly, Wei Fenghua began to cough violently.

He quickly took out a bottle of inhaler, took a puff, and then continued.

"Next, I will explain how to practice 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas', please don't interrupt."

"If you have any questions, I will give you time to ask later."

Without waiting for Luo Yan's response, Wei Fenghua took out a remote control, pressed it, and the large screen on the training arena wall lit up.

A scroll appeared on the screen.

It seems like a magnified mural.

Inside the scroll.

The mountains are towering and continuous.

The vast sea, with miles of blue waves.

Mountains in front, sea behind.

Mountains and sea complement each other.

Magnificent and grand.

Wei Fenghua said, "Remember this picture, when practicing, visualize this scroll in your mind."

"But for now, focus on the 'mountains'."

"Focus on those strange mountain peaks and the shape of the mountains."

"Think about how steady and majestic the tall mountains are."

"Let this help you develop your Elemental Power, allowing it to blend into your skin, flesh, tendons, bones, and even all your body organs."

"When you achieve the image of 'thousands of high mountains and ridges', you have reached the perfect level of basic Visualization Technique."

"At that time, you can make a breakthrough and enter the 'sea-watching' stage, which is the practice of intermediate Visualization Technique."

Next, Wei Fenghua guided Luo Yan on how to coordinate breathing while visualizing, how to sense the Elemental Power of nature, and how to guide it into the body through the breathing method.

This lecture.

Lasted for nearly two hours.

During this time, Luo Yan remembered the teacher's instructions carefully.

No interruption.

Even if there were questions, they held them back inside.

"In any case, the technique of 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas' can help you complete the beginner and intermediate levels of training."

"Alright, that's all I have to say, feel free to ask any questions you have."

After speaking, Wei Fenghua started coughing again.

Luo Yan did not immediately ask any questions.

He walked silently towards the side of the training arena.

He brought over a folding chair, opened it up, and placed it next to Wei Fenghua.

Wei Fenghua glanced at the chair, did not hesitate, and sat down.

Luo Yan then raised a question.

"How many levels are there in the Visualization Technique?"

"How many layers are there in each level?"

"Do different levels of Visualization Technique require practicing different techniques?"

There were numerous questions asked in succession.

Wei Fenghua chuckled and said, "According to our discoveries in that 'world,' Visualization Technique is divided into different realms like Building Element, Open Soul, and Gathering Sea."

"However, we found this to be too complicated, so we simplified it into basic, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels."

"Beyond advanced, there are even levels like Mystery Achieving."

"But it's too early for you to learn about that now, so I won't explain further."

"When it comes to levels, each level is divided into five stages, plus one called 'complete'."

"Even if you don't reach 'complete', you can still make progress, it depends on the situation, you can be flexible."

"Different levels indeed require practicing different techniques."

"However, the academy can only provide advanced techniques at most, and certain conditions need to be met."

"As for those beyond that, you need to find other ways, maybe even explore that 'world' to have a chance to obtain them."

Wei Fenghua answered Luo Yan's questions one by one.

After Luo Yan noted it down, he nodded and said, "I understand now."

"Let's start practicing."

Under Wei Fenghua's watchful gaze, Luo Yan used the method he had just been taught.

He consciously controlled his breathing, while envisioning a magnificent picture of mountains and seas in his mind.

At first, he needed to multitask, making sure not to mess up the rhythm of his breath or lose focus on the mental picture.

Wei Fenghua patiently helped him correct his mistakes.

Gradually, Luo Yan discovered the trick.

His breathing started to change, and he felt a gentle warmth in the air around him, slowly entering his body and flowing through him.

Following his mentor's guidance, Luo Yan intentionally directed these sensations towards his skin.

Allowing them to penetrate every inch of his skin.

While Luo Yan was fully focused on his practice, he didn't notice that his skin was emitting a faint glow, displaying subtle rock-like textures.

He didn't know how much time had passed.

Luo Yan heard Wei Fenghua's hint, "That's enough."

Then came to an end the first practice session after starting school.

He found that his body was soaked in sweat, and the sweat smelled sour and fishy.

Wei Fenghua stood up and said, "Go back and take a bath, then continue practicing on your own. Let me know when you reach 'Primary Level 2'."

Luo Yan raised his hand and asked, "How will I know when I've reached 'Primary Level 2'?"

Wei Fenghua coughed lightly and said, "You will know when you get there."

"Remember, in this first level of training, you need to let Elemental Power completely penetrate every inch of your skin."

"Start with the limbs, then the torso, and eventually every part of your body, inside and out, must be infused with Elemental Power."

"Even your eyelids must not be left out."

Luo Yan nodded and took notes.

After leaving the training area, he returned to the dormitory alone.

On the way, he saw many classmates coming back.

Most people had smiles on their faces.

Obviously, they had learned a lot from the afternoon classes.

When he got to the dormitory area, he saw Luo Beichen and Luo Beichen nodded at Luo Yan with a smile.

It seemed like they had forgotten about the unpleasantness from the morning.

Luo Yan ignored him, walked close to the wall, and soon disappeared into the distance.

Luo Beichen looked away, smiled, and went into the dormitory.

At that moment, his phone rang.

Just then, the young man with a rosy face entered.

Luo Beichen glanced at him.

The latter suddenly slapped his head, "Oops, I think I dropped something."

He turned around and left, remembering to close the door.

Luo Beichen took a deep breath before answering the phone.

It was Luo Tianyi calling.

Luo Beichen shouted, "Dad," but there was no sound on the other end of the phone.

After a few seconds, Luo Tianyi's voice finally came through.


Luo Beichen's face changed slightly, but he didn't respond.

Luo Tianyi continued, "Who asked you to meddle? Do I need your help?"

"By studying hard, you're actually helping me a lot!"

"You're something else, on your first day at school, already thinking of plotting against others."

"Do you really think that by killing a wild kid from the surface, you can defeat Di Zheng?"

"If he was so easy to defeat, he would have been ousted long ago."

After the conversation.

Luo Tianyi fell silent once again.

Then he said, "You are not like your older brother, you don't have his stature and ability."

"That's why I never ask much of you."

"Why can't you even meet this little demand?"

Luo Beichen's face suddenly turned red, his breathing quickened, and he gritted his teeth.

But he remained silent.

Luo Tianyi continued, "Forget it, since you're about to compete in a Deathmatch, I won't say more."

"I will try to provide resources for you, but remember, if you lose in the arena, or worse, get slaughtered."

"That will be your choice."

"I won't, and can't avenge you afterwards."


"Do you want me to arrange for you to drop out of school?"

Luo Beichen then said with a serious tone, "I will not drop out of school."

"I know you have never thought highly of me."

"I will make you change your mind."

"Right here!"

He pointed forcefully at the ground.


Luo Tianyi said a brief goodbye and hung up the phone.

Luo Beichen put away his phone and adjusted his expression.

When the knock on the door came, he had already started smiling.

"Come in."


The next day.

There were still regular classes during the day.

This time, it was a female teacher.

She looked to be in her thirties, with long hair tied up in a high ponytail.

She had a bandage on her face, wearing a tank top with a shirt tied around her waist.

He was wearing a pair of work gloves on his hands.

He looked like he had just come from the workbench.

"My name is Zhao Yidan, responsible for your mechacommon sense class."

The female teacher quickly wrote some words on the blackboard.

Skeleton! Joints! Exoskeleton! Engine! Power source!

After finishing writing.

She turned around and casually threw the chalk.

Then she continued.

"The framework of mecha is similar to the skeleton of animals or the keel of ships."

"It's the support for the mecha form, the inner main structure that moves the mecha."

"It greatly determines the mecha's actions."

"In battle, a skilled pilot must consciously protect the mecha's skeleton."

"Even if the outer armor is damaged or destroyed, it's better to protect the skeleton from harm or destruction."

"Because if the outer armor is damaged, it only needs simple repairs or replacement to make the mecha as good as new."

"But if the skeleton is damaged, not only does the maintenance cost increase sharply, but many times, it's very difficult to repair."

"So, you little rascals, pay attention to what I'm saying."

"If you dare damage the skeleton, be careful or I'll punish you!"

Zhao Yidan stared fiercely with wide eyes.


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