Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Divine Hidden Art System

In the classroom.

The students sat back down.

From the conversation between Luo Beichen and Luo Yan.

They had a sense of understanding.

Chen Yongsong's issue is probably related to Luo Beichen.

Luo Beichen is using this to manipulate and influence them.

This made them look at Luo Beichen with anger in their eyes.

Luo Beichen didn't care about it.

He was more concerned about how to get rid of Luo Yan.

At the front of the classroom, Wei Fenghua glanced deeply at Luo Yan.

Xiao Shi cleared his throat and said to Xiao Shi, "Teacher Xiao, I'll leave it to you here."

Xiao Shi had a common appearance, but he exuded an air of knowledge.

He smiled and nodded at the words.

After Wei Fenghua left the classroom, this young teacher cleared his throat.

He smiled.

"Hello, everyone, I'm Xiao Shi."

"I'm here to teach you a class on common sense."

"This course is mainly to help you understand concepts such as 'Beast Calamity,' 'Yanfu Space,' and 'Visualization Technique.'"

After speaking, he operated the computer on the podium.

The curtain descended from the blackboard, then the windows in the classroom were closed one by one.

As the light dimmed, some pictures appeared on the projection screen.

They were some photographs.

Surprisingly, it was a frozen giant beast's body.

"This is the first giant beast carcass that was discovered half a century ago, we call it 'Number Zero.'"

"Number Zero was found in the polar regions, causing a stir in the archaeological community."

"Using modern instruments, we analyzed its age and came to a conclusion."

"Number Zero is even older than dinosaurs."

"But if that's all it is, it's just a 'feast' in the archaeology world."

Xiao Shi switched a few more photos.

From the photos, it looked like a huge hollow.

"At the spot where Number Zero was found, a national archaeological team kept digging deeper."

"They wanted to excavate more giant beast remains."

"But little did they know, they opened another 'world's' gate."

"In that 'world,' we found many things, including the 'Visualization Technique.'"

"Due to time constraints."

"Regarding that 'world,' there are also 'Beast Calamity,' 'Yanfu Space,' and other knowledge."

"I will continue to tell you more in future lessons."

"Next, I will focus on explaining the 'Visualization Technique' to all of you."

Xiao Shi pressed a key on the keyboard, and a new photo appeared on the projection screen.

They were all some simple stone tablets, stone monuments, and plain ancient books.

"These are some of the discoveries from that 'world' back then, which are the prototypes of the 'Visualization Technique' that you have already learned or will learn next."

"The Visualization Technique can unlock human potential, change our physical condition, and gain a type of energy called 'Elemental Power.'"

"We measure this energy using 'Jun' as a unit to assess its strength."

"Furthermore, we can use this energy to unleash some special 'abilities.'"

"We'll discuss this later."

Xiao Shi turned off the projector and opened the window.

He smiled as he looked at each student.

"Let's talk about the 'Visualization Technique' again."

"Most students should understand that learning the 'Visualization Technique' requires gradual progress."

"People who are new to the 'Visualization Technique' need to practice the basic skills, which is the 'Building Element Book'."

"It can awaken our hidden potential and activate the 'Elemental Power' within us."

"By moving our limbs and body, when the training is completed, the Elemental Power will break through the 'Tianling'."

"From then on, connecting with the upper and lower, we can sense the existence of Elemental Power in heaven and earth."

"Thus, moving on to the next stage, the practice of the 'Open Soul' stage."

Xiao Shi said, looking meaningfully at Luo Yan.

"When the Building Element is complete, opening the important 'Tianling' acupoint will also awaken one's 'Divine Hidden Art'."

"God is both spirit and soul."

"Hidden as treasure."

"The Divine Hidden Art is the treasure within the soul."

"You can think of it as 'innate talent'."

"Everyone has innate 'talent' from birth, but if not discovered or developed."

"It may never awaken until the day of death."

"By opening the 'Tianling' acupoint, you are also unlocking the 'treasure' hidden deep in your souls."

Pausing for a moment, Xiao Shi turned around.

He wrote several words on the blackboard one after another.

Super Sense! Super Body! Mimicry! Nature! Mystery!

He turned around and smiled, saying, "This is the 'system' we have collected, analyzed, and classified after summarizing the 'Divine Hidden Art'."

At this moment, a student raised their hand and asked, "Teacher, I have a question."

"Why do mechapilots need to practice the 'Visualization Technique'?"

"Shouldn't we focus more on operating the mecha instead?"

Xiao Shi nodded and said, "That's a good question."

"I was planning to address this later."

"Since you asked, I'll tell everyone in advance."

"Why do pilots need to learn 'Visualization Technique'? It's because of the 'empathy system' in the mecha."

"This system allows the mecha to connect with the pilot's nerves."

"This enables the mecha to move according to the pilot's thoughts."

"The mecha is like your body, responding to your brain's commands through the 'empathy system' for synchronized movement."

"Additionally, the 'empathy system' serves a more important function."

"It can replicate and even enhance the pilot's own strength and skills."

"In other words, the stronger your power, the more skilled you become."

"Therefore, these strengths and skills not only manifest through the mecha but also reach unimaginable heights."

Xiao Shi smiled and said, "You can simply think of 'mecha' as 'weapons'. The stronger the person, the more powerful the 'weapons' can be."

"Furthermore, giant beasts of lower and middle ranks can also be killed with guns and missiles."

"However, for higher-ranked ones, only Elemental Power can break through their defenses and defeat them."

"This is why pilots need to practice the 'Visualization Technique'."

Upon hearing this,

Luo Yan suddenly understood.

Finally, he understood why Di Zheng's mecha could unleash amazing speed on the way back.

He realized why those soldiers had said that it was the result of Di Zheng using his own 'Divine Hidden Art' ability through the 'empathy system' via the mecha!

After answering the students' questions,

Xiao Shi continued to explain the differences among the five types of 'Divine Hidden Art'.


The bell for the end of the class rang.

Xiao Shi just finished explaining the last type of 'Divine Hidden Art'.

He smiled and said, "Today's class ends here, this afternoon you will start practicing the 'Visualization Technique'."

"Later, Teacher Wei Fenghua will announce the mentors assigned to each of you."

"Well then, students, see you in the next class."

At this moment, a student shouted, "Stand up, salute."

"Thank you, Teacher Xie!"

After class, took a 10-minute break.

The head of the discipline office, Wei Fenghua, came again.

He announced the mentors assigned to everyone.

To Luo Yan's surprise, his mentor turned out to be Wei Fenghua.

And he was the only student.

One-on-one teaching!

Taking this opportunity, Wei Fenghua also announced the outcome of the incident involving Chen Yongsong last night.

The incident was ultimately classified as an 'accident'.

The college ordered Luo Yan to remove all 'traps' in the dormitory to prevent another tragedy from happening.

At the same time, strengthen security in the dormitory area to ensure the safety of students.

The end.

Luo Yan was deducted 20 credits as a punishment.

Class is over.

Luo Yan had just left the classroom when Wei Fenghua stopped him.

"Follow me," said Wei Fenghua.

Wei Fenghua walked away after speaking.

Luo Yan had to follow.

They arrived at a quiet pond.

Wei Fenghua asked directly, "Did Di Zheng tell you about the existence of 'Deathmatch'?"

"Did you intentionally provoke Luo Beichen just now to make him suggest a 'Deathmatch'?"

Luo Yan did not hide and nodded.

He had thought about it last night.

If he suggested the Deathmatch first, Luo Beichen might not fall for it.

So he used Luo Beichen's weakness in character.

He brought up his 'taboo' in public.

Making the other party angry and upset.

Suggesting a 'Deathmatch' proactively.


At that time, Luo Yan was looking forward to Luo Beichen coming at him.

So he could 'accidentally' kill him.

"One or two, none are trustworthy."

Wei Fenghua shook his head and then looked at Luo Yan, asking, "Did Di Zheng tell you that even if you win the Deathmatch, credits will still be deducted?"

"Yes," Luo Yan honestly replied.

Wei Fenghua asked, "Even so, will you still fight?"

"I will," Luo Yan replied simply.

Wei Fenghua smiled and said, "Alright, then I know how to teach you."

"Go have your meal and don't be late in the afternoon."

After saying that, he coughed a bit and then left.

Luo Yan was a bit surprised.

He thought Wei Fenghua would scold him or stop him.

As a result, he was trying to figure out his own feelings.

Making a decision on how to teach.

"Interesting," Luo Yan whispered.

Following the signs, he found the school cafeteria.

Here, he met more students.

They are all students from the second and third grades of the school.

It seems like the news about Luo Yan and Luo Beichen's 'Deathmatch' has spread.

As soon as he appeared.

Many eyes turned towards him.

There are various meanings in this.

Luo Yan ignored it and headed straight to the lunch window.

As Luo Yan passed by a table, someone said, "He Hao, look at this new student from the first grade, he seems pretty arrogant."

The young man named He Hao was eating his food, he looked up angrily and said, "Whether he looks down on others is none of my business."

This man had a tall stature and a strong facial profile.

His hair was very short, giving off a tough guy vibe.

He had rice all over his face, which looked a bit funny.

His classmate next to him chuckled and said, "Isn't your family always telling us how Commander Di puts pressure on us."

"I remember you always saying you'd show Commander Di who's boss after graduation."

"Changed your mind?"

He Hao slammed his bowl on the table, "Nope."

"But, I have my principles."

"I don't bully new students."

"If he really messes with the student with the surname Luo, then I'll play along with him."

The girl across the street.

"If he really killed Luo Beichen, then I advise you to give up hope."

"Be careful, if you play too much, you might end up losing yourself."

He Hao snorted, didn't respond, and continued eating.


Luo Yan arrived at the designated training area.

Wei Fenghua had already arrived.

The teacher seemed unwell, coughed a few times.

Then said, "You have already 'Opened your Soul', so you don't need to learn 'Building Element Book' anymore."

"You can start practicing the beginner level of Visualization Technique directly."

"There are several methods in the beginner level of Visualization Technique, and the one I'm going to teach you is called 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas'."