Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Deathmatch

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of knocking on the door.

The voice of the houseparent came from outside the door, "Classmate Luo, what's wrong? What happened?"

Li Zhe and Xiao Yuan both looked towards the bed.

However, a figure emerged from under the bed.

Luo Yan!

Li Xiao and the other person were stunned.

Why is this person sleeping under the bed?

Does he know what Chen Yongsong is going to do tonight?

Luo Yan definitely does not have such abilities.

It's just a matter of caution.

In addition, he always sleeps in a small place when seeking shelter on the surface.

Let him sleep on a big bed now.

Not used to it.

Luo Yan glanced at Li Xiao silently.

Without saying a word, he turned and opened the door.

The door opened, and the houseparent entered.

Behind, there were other students who were awakened and came to see the commotion.

As soon as the houseparent entered, they saw the horrifying scene of Chen Yongsong's body separated on the ground.

He quickly closed the door.

But many students still faintly caught sight of the bloodstains on the floor.

The houseparent looked around and took in the scene, their gaze focusing on the bloody wire in mid-air and the dagger in Chen Yongsong's hand.

Then they asked, "What happened?"

Li Zhe realized and jumped up, pointing at Luo Yan.

"Teacher, Luo Yan killed someone!"

Xiao Yuan also snapped out of it and joined in, "Yes, Luo Yan killed Chen Yongsong, we saw it with our own eyes!"

Luo Yan let out a sigh.

"See it with your own eyes?"

"Then you guys say."

"Which hand did I use to kill Chen Yongsong?"

Li Xiao and the other man went silent.

But then quickly said, "Wire!"

"You pulled a wire, cutting off Chen Yongsong's neck!"

The houseparent looked at Luo Yan.

Luo Yan calmly asked, "Where is the wire?"

Li Zhe pointed ahead and said, "Nonsense, isn't it right here?"

"Yes, the wire is by the window."

"Not by the door."

"So why did Chen Yongsong not go through the door but hit the window instead?"

Luo Yan looked at the knife in the dead person's hand and said, "Carrying a weapon clearly shows evil intentions, the punishment is justified."

Li Xiao and the other person were speechless once again.

The houseparent looked at the two of them and asked, "What do you think Chen Yongsong wanted to do?"

The two of them hesitated and replied, "During the evening exam, Chen Yongsong was teased by Classmate Luo, and he felt resentful."

"After drinking too much alcohol at night, his head got hot, he wanted to show Classmate Luo a lesson."

"Teacher, we advised him."

"But we couldn't hold on."

"Didn't expect..."

The houseparent said coldly, "Is that so?"

"If I catch you lying, the school will definitely punish you harshly!"

Li Zhe's face turned pale, but he still said, "We are telling the truth."

The houseparent then said, "You can go back for now, the school will handle this matter, be careful with what you say."

Li Xiao and the other person nodded, lowered their heads, and left through the French window.

The teacher asked Luo Yan to change dormitories, and then he pulled a sheet and covered the body.

After Luo Yan arrived at the new dormitory, he did not fall asleep right away.

A slight smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Finally, he understood what the fiery red glow represented.

Tonight, when Chen Yongsong broke into the window.

Luo Yan activated his 'Qi Observing Eye' in response and already saw Chen Yongsong under the bed.

Within his gray aura, he noticed a ring of fiery red glow and the number '127' appearing.

Just as Chen Yongsong was being sharpened to be as sharp as a wire owl's beak.

His ring of fiery red glow quickly dimmed, and the numbers instantly returned to 0.

"Qi and blood, or maybe life..."

"The circle of bright red light symbolizes the vitality of living creatures!"

Figure out what the circle of bright red light represents.

Luo Yan was very happy.

This meant he had a deeper understanding of his Eye Technique transformation.

Next, he thought of Chen Yongsong.

"Is he causing trouble for me because of what happened during the day?"

Luo Yan then remembered Li Zhe and Xiao Yuan's reactions.

He quietly turned off the room's light.


After Li Zhe and Xiao Yuan returned to their dormitory, both of them looked upset.

"That Mr. Luo is too scary."

"No, he is simply a madman."

"Who would set up such traps in the dormitory?"

Li Zhe shook his head and said, "Xiao Yuan, I think we should stay out of Brother Luo's business."

"I agree."

After reaching an agreement, they turned off the lights and went to sleep.

It was unclear how much time had passed.

Li Zhe felt someone patting his face.

He groggily opened his eyes and asked, "Who's there?"


He shivered.

There was a person sitting at the head of the bed.

The person's pocket was glowing, seemingly with a phone inside, its screen lit up.

Additionally, he felt a chill on his neck.

He looked around with his eyes.

A wire was wrapped around his neck.

He almost peed out of fear.

Soon after, they heard someone at the head of the bed ask, "Who told you to do this?"

Li Zhe immediately recognized that it was Luo Yan's voice.

He couldn't help but say with a hint of tears, "Friend Luo, please don't do anything foolish."

"No one told us to do anything."

"It was just Chen Yongsong being confused."

After that, he didn't hear Luo Yan speak again.

But he felt the wire around his neck tightening.

Li Zhe suddenly remembered Chen Yongsong's headless body.

"Friend Luo, what are you trying to do?"

"Stop, stop..."

The wire kept tightening.

Li Zhe felt its coldness.

He felt like he saw the call of death.


This guy named Luo is a madman!

He collapsed.

"I'll talk, I'll talk."

"It's Luo Beichen, Luo Beichen told us to do this."

"He told Chen Yongsong to kill you, it's not our business."

"He is Luo Tianyi's son, Luo Tianyi wants to run for the next City Lord."

"His biggest competitor is Commander Di Zheng who recommended you for admission!"

Knowing the truth, Luo Yan stopped talking and silently tightened the wire around Li Zhe's neck.

Li Zhe immediately struggled, but soon his eyes bulged out and he dropped dead on the spot.

Then he walked to Xiao Yuan's bedside.

Doing the same thing again.

After handling the scene, Luo Yan finally left.

Moments later.

He went back to his own room and called Soldier Little Li.

When the call was picked up, Little Li was surprised, "It's so late, what happened?"

Luo Yan said simply, "Luo Beichen set me up to be killed, his men fell into the trap I set and died."

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Then Little Li said, "Wait a moment."

And hung up the phone.

Not long after.

Luo Yan's phone rang.

After answering, Di Zheng's voice came through the phone, "Do you have any evidence?"

Luo Yan played a recording.

When he questioned Li Xiao and someone else earlier, he remembered to record it.

After listening, Di Zheng said in a serious tone, "I will warn the Luo family, so you can rest assured."

"Warn?" Luo Yan wasn't very satisfied.

Di Zheng noticed his tone was different and asked, "What do you think?"

Luo Yan calmly said, "You mentioned if someone wants to kill me."

"Kill first, report later."

I have already taken care of those two just now.

"I wonder, what about Luo Beichen?"

A moment of silence.

Then Di Zheng asked, "Do you want to kill him?"

"I don't like being watched," Luo Yan truthfully replied.

Di Zheng decisively said, "Okay, you kill him, I'll clean up."

"But you can't just go and kill him directly like that."

"This place is never on the surface."

"The Academy has its own rules."

Luo Yan asked, "What rules?"

Di Zheng explained, "In the Academy, to settle personal disputes, you can have a duel."

"The arena is divided into martial arts or Deathmatch."

"In martial arts, no weapons or potions are allowed, and competitors must undergo inspections before going on stage for a fair fight."

"But in martial arts, only victory or defeat is decided, not life or death."

"After the fight, all grievances are settled."

"In Deathmatch, there are no restrictions, fight to the death."

"However, even if you win, you must remember your wrongdoing and lose credit!"

Luo Yan decided without hesitation, "Okay, I'll join the Deathmatch."

"Don't underestimate Luo Beichen."

Di Zheng reminded, "His father, Luo Tianyi, is the boss of Bright Star Heavy Industries."

"He is a big shot in Guangling City."

"If you play the Deathmatch, he will definitely bring a lot of resources for his son to splurge."

Luo Yan said calmly, "It's okay."

"You will definitely not let me lose."

Di Zheng chuckled lightly on his phone.

"I have sent you the information about Luo Beichen via text message."

"There should be some helpful information for you in there."

After saying this, Di Zheng hung up the phone.

Before long, a series of text messages came through.

Looking at this information, Luo Yan squinted slightly and came up with an idea.

The next day.

After breakfast, the students gathered at the hall.

Then, 65 new students were taken to a classroom with stairs.

Dean of Education, Mr. Wei Fenghua, entered with a male teacher.

He introduced, "This is Teacher Xiao Shi, and Teacher Xiao will be in charge of our common sense class. Get ready, Teacher Xiao will start the lesson soon."

Also, there was an incident last night.

A few students were unable to attend classes.

The fair-faced young man next to Luo Beichen asked, "Teacher, was it really an accident?"

He looked towards Luo Yan, "Could it be that someone intentionally killed someone?"

Or is it because the person was recommended by Commander Di Zheng?

So even if someone is killed, it can be ignored as if nothing happened.

That would be too terrifying.

Luo Yan didn't move a muscle.

Upon hearing the words of the fair-faced youth, many students started whispering to each other.

"Is it true? Is the academy showing too much favoritism?"

"No, this is no longer favoritism."

"It's covering up."

Luo Beichen sneered in his heart.

Li Zhe and Xiao Yuan came to report the situation last night.

Learned that Chen Yongsong was killed in retaliation.

He was quite shocked.

But then he thought, it might be good that Chen Yongsong was dead.

Perfectly using Luo Yan to turn classmates against Di Zheng.

This trick worked very well.

Last night.

Indeed, many classmates saw bloodstains in Luo Yan's house.

Some people saw the campus security carrying a body away from the Luo Yan dormitory.

Now, everyone is looking towards Luo Yan.

They look scared.

They all move away from him.

Only two people stay still.

A man and a woman.

The man is Li Bohang, a clean young man who wanted to team up with Luo Yan yesterday.

The woman is wearing headphones, engrossed in her book, seemingly not interested in what's happening in the classroom.

Wei Fenghua frowned involuntarily.

He knew what happened last night.

He also knew that Xiao Yuan and Li Zhe, who were involved, both 'committed suicide.'

Di Zheng informed the college overnight and presented the recording.

The college has made a decision but has not announced it yet.

Now it's time for Luo Beichen to explain.

This made Wei Fenghua very unhappy.

He was about to speak.

But a voice interrupted.

Luo Beichen, is this all you are capable of?

Luo Yan sat still.

Without looking back, he said, "I can only hide behind the scenes and do things that can't be seen by others."

"With such a limited scope, it's no wonder Luo Tianyi values your brother Luo Nanxing."

"No way."

"If I were Luo Tianyi, I wouldn't be attracted to a useless person either."

Luo Beichen, who was initially smug and self-satisfied.

Upon hearing this.

His expression immediately twisted.

The fair-faced young man beside him jumped in shock.

He knew that Luo Nanxing was forbidden to Luo Beichen.

If anyone said anything nice about Luo Nanxing in front of him.

They would be insulted lightly.

Or beaten up severely.


When Luo Beichen heard this, he could not bear it any longer.

He stood up angrily and shouted, "What did you say?"

Luo Yan calmly responded, "Don't tell me you didn't know."

"In Guangling City, everyone knows that Luo Tianyi values Luo Nanxing greatly, like a treasure."

"As for you, Luo Beichen, hehe."

"Just a joke."

Luo Yan rarely talked so much.

But today, to provoke Luo Beichen.

He had to make an exception.

"You're asking for trouble!" Luo Beichen lost his temper all of a sudden.

He was about to rush over.

The fair young man desperately stopped him, "Don't be fooled, Brother Luo, he's deliberately provoking you."

Luo Beichen then regained some sanity.

He pointed at Luo Yan, "You're accusing me, I won't let it go like this."

I want to challenge you to a fight, a Deathmatch!

Many students looked puzzled when they heard Deathmatch.

Wei Fenghua frowned slightly.

He glanced at Luo Yan.

Luo Yan then lifted his head with a slight smile on his lips.


"Let's fight now!"

Luo Beichen chuckled, "No need to rush, we can fight again in a month."

"When the time comes, I want you to die without any doubt."

He needs time to prepare.


Although he challenged Luo Yan, Luo Beichen couldn't guarantee he wouldn't do anything in the meantime.

If Luo Yan has an 'accident' and dies, he won't be able to fight in the arena.

He won't mind either.

Luo Yan thought for a moment, then looked at him, "It's a deal."

And so the matter was settled.