Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The View of Data

After a moment, the yin-yang symbol floating in Luo Yan's pupil started to fade away.

But it didn't completely disappear.

The bright white light sank into the depths of Luo Yan's crimson eyes.

Transforming into tiny, dust-like silver-white symbols that kept changing.

Scattered around his eyeballs.

After a second or two, that circle of symbols stabilized.

No longer changing.

Then the white light disappeared, everything returned to normal.

Luo Yan paused, faintly feeling that it had something to do with the rhombus-shaped white jade he had picked up on the way.

Because the same pattern had appeared on that white jade as well.

He felt uncertain, but for now, he put it aside without solving it, for now.

Walked out of the dormitory.

Luo Yan saw many classmates visiting his room.

Some exclaimed in surprise, some smiled bitterly.

He walked along the wall of the corridor, trying to get to the logistics department.

Suddenly, he stopped.

There was a stout figure in front of him.

The chubby boy's head was hit so hard before the test that it felt like it was splitting open.

The chubby boy's name is Chen Yongsong, and he barely passed with a score of 83, becoming one of the qualified ones.

He also saw Luo Yan.

He remembered how Luo Yan used his own blood to lure the Wolf Tick.

Suddenly, he was filled with anger.

He managed to control himself and shot Luo Yan a fierce look before storming into his own dormitory.

The dormitory had four people.

There were two bunk beds.

Chen Yongsong quickly threw his luggage onto the top bunk and seated himself on the bottom bunk.

Clearly, one person needs to occupy two floors.

At that moment, his roommate came in.

Their names were Li Zhe and Xiao Yuan.

One scored 81, the other 85.

The three men had similar scores and were assigned to the same room.

After closing the door, the three men introduced themselves.

Then the slim Li Zhe took the initiative and said, "Chen Yongsong, do you want to meet a big shot?"

Chen Yongsong, feeling upset, replied rudely, "What big shot?"

"Luo Beichen, the son of the boss of Bright Star Heavy Industries."

Chen Yongsong suddenly looked up.

Everyone in Guangling City knows about Bright Star Heavy Industries.

This is the construction group that built most of the infrastructure and public facilities in the underground city.

Moreover, the boss of Bright Star Heavy Industries, Luo Tianyi, is investing heavily this year to run for the position of City Lord.

His biggest competitor is Commander Di Zheng of the 'Ground Exploration Legion.'

It turns out that these prominent figures' sons are of the same age.

Chen Yongsong, who comes from a humble background, immediately stood up with a smile and said, "Then what are we waiting for?"

After a moment.

Inside a double room dormitory.

Chen Yongsong saw Luo Beichen.

The other person took out good wine right away to entertain.

After three cups, Luo Beichen smiled and said, "Yongsong, there's something I'd like your help with."

Chen Yongsong was pleasantly surprised, "Brother Luo, what is it?"

"I want to show Luo Yan a little something." Luo Beichen said calmly.

Chen Yongsong immediately guessed that this might be related to Luo Tianyi's candidacy for City Lord.

After all, Luo Yan was introduced by Commander Di Zheng.

And Di Zheng is Luo Tianyi's biggest competitor!

"Brother Luo, what do you want to do." Chen Yongsong knew this was a rare opportunity.

He knew what he was made of.

Though lucky to get into the school, standing out in the academy is not easy at all.

If he manages to help Luo Beichen with this matter.

In the future, of course, he would take care of him, at least, there would be no worries about food and clothing.

Luo Beichen raised his glass, his gaze cold, "Disabling him, or even 'accidentally' killing him, are all possible."

Chen Yongsong took a sharp breath of cold air.

He never thought Luo Beichen would go to such extremes!

"What's the matter, are you afraid?" Luo Beichen looked calmly at the chubby guy.

Chen Yongsong awkwardly chuckled, "Brother Luo, is this appropriate?"

"Don't worry, as long as you don't blame me afterwards."

"Even if you're thrown into a prison, I will still find a way to rescue you."

"You don't think I can do it, right?"

Luo Beichen chuckled and took a sip of the delicious wine in his glass.

Next to.

Li Zhe and Xiao Yuan also chimed in.

"Yongsong, remember when that guy Luo used you during the front yard test?"

"He used your blood to lure the Wolf Tick to commit suicide, while he easily passed the test."

"But do you know what others say about you?"

"Everyone says you are very silly, being used by a wild person and still have the nerve to go to school."

When Chen Yongsong's scar was exposed, he got very angry, quickly drank all the wine and said in a deep voice, "Brother Luo, I'll do this job!"

And so, the matter was settled.

After Chen Yongsong and two others left.

Luo Beichen's roommate.

A young man with fair skin asked cautiously, "Brother Luo, should we inform the old master about this matter?"

Luo Beichen gently swirled his wine glass and said.

"The one surnamed Luo was recommended by Di Zheng."

"He scored the highest in the entrance exam."

"Why do you think Di Zheng did that?"

"He wants to show everyone that he has good taste and can lead Guangling to success."

"So I have to deal with that wild man named Luo Yan."

"Cheer for my dad."

"Besides, killing a wild man on the surface."

"What's the difference between stepping on an ant?"

"Would you tell your parents because you killed an ant?"

With that, he glanced at his roommate.

The young man flattered repeatedly and dared not mention informing Luo Tianyi again.

Sure! Please provide me with the sentence you would like me to translate.

When Luo Yan returned to the dormitory again, he had an extra backpack.

He exchanged credit in the logistics department for a 'blood poison' palliative, as well as various other things like steel wire and a handheld grinder.

The first one spent 2 credits.

The latter pile of things only cost 2 credits.

That medicine can control the 'blood poison', preventing it from getting worse or causing harm.

But the effect can only last for one month.

Luo Yan felt it was a good deal to spend 1 credit every month to control the 'blood poison'.

Return to the dormitory.

Luo Yan started working as soon as he closed the door.

He used a hand grinder to process the steel wire and sharpen its edges.

This process was very boring, but in three years on the surface, Luo Yan had done even more boring tasks.

He was willing to do anything as long as he could stay alive.

Time passed while he kept repeating his work.

He wasn't sure if he was seeing things.

Luo Yan suddenly noticed a set of numbers floating above the steel wire he was grinding: 86.

As the edge of the steel wire turned red and sharpened, the numbers continued to rise.


Luo Yan quickly stopped.

He looked elsewhere.

When he landed on the floor window, he immediately obtained the measurements of 5 meters wide and 2 meters high.

Then he looked at other furniture.

More and more numbers leaped out in Luo Yan's eyes.

Besides length and width, now there were also height, inclination, and thickness.

A large amount of data appearing from nowhere made his eyes uncomfortably hot.

Luo Yan promptly closed his eyes.

After a while.

He opened his eyes again.

Looking around, he saw no numbers.


Luo Yan tried to activate his 'Qi Observing Eye'.

Soon, his eyes felt slightly warm.

Everything in his view turned transparent, leaving only some lines. Near these lines outlining objects, various data reappeared.

Luo Yan felt both shocked and delighted.

He was certain that his 'Qi Observing Eye' had undergone some sort of change.

But he didn't know where this change came from.


Luo Yan remembered the yin-yang pattern from before.

He quickly found a mirror.

As soon as he looked.

He saw silver spots appearing around his bright red eyes.

This was a strange phenomenon that had never happened before.

And as he looked at his reflection in the mirror.

Luo Yan also saw his gray life force.

But what was different this time.

In the life energy of the doll, there are now additional colors.

One circle is fiery red, and one circle is bright yellow.

Two different lights.

When Luo Yan landed on the fiery red light, a set of numbers appeared nearby: 108.

And when he gazed at the bright yellow light, he received another set of numbers: 97.

What do these two sets of numbers represent?

Or rather, what are the meanings behind the fiery red and bright yellow lights?

What significance do they hold?

Luo Yan closed his eyes and deactivated his 'Qi Observing Eye'.

Now he can be sure that his Eye Technique has changed.

It added the ability to see through barriers and have a digital view while keeping its previous functions.

Especially the latter.

It can provide detailed and accurate numbers.

In addition, his life gray light now has two additional colors.

It should be some important symbol.

Hmm, he can ask the teacher for help after class tomorrow.


Rhombus white jade, Tai Chi pattern, changed Eye Technique.

These three things should be connected.

It seems like the Eye Technique's change is related to the diamond-shaped white jade.

What exactly is that thing?

Luo Yan shook his head and habitually put aside the questions he couldn't figure out.

He then fixed the sharp steel wire near the French window.

He then set up other "security measures".

They kept busy until evening.

It got late into the night.

Chen Yongsong, Li Zhe, and Xiao Yuan cautiously left the dormitory.

They walked in a circle.

They arrived near Luo Yan's dorm.

Looking at the tall windows in the distance, Chen Yongsong took out a bottle of wine.

He poured it into his mouth with a glug glug sound, and finally poured the rest on himself.

Suddenly smelling of alcohol.

"I'm not sure if this idea of yours will work," Chen Yongsong looked uncertainly at his roommates.

Li Zhe chuckled and said, "I promise it will be fine."

"After you mess up that guy inside, we will 'promptly' appear," he said.

Xiao Yuan nodded, "We'll say you were drunk, had a drunken outburst, and hurting someone was not intentional."

After listening to them, Chen Yongsong nodded and took out a knife.

This was sent over by Luo Beichen.

Very sharp.

A quick slash on the neck.

And it was all over.

After giving instructions, Chen Yongsong smelled strongly of alcohol.

He reached near the French window.

With determination, he rushed forward.

He crashed into the window!

The sound of broken glass filled the air.

Chen Yongsong had already crashed into the room.

But just as he entered.

He suddenly felt a cold sensation on his neck.

As if something had brushed past him.

Without thinking too much about it.

He immediately lunged towards the bed next to the window.

Chen Yongsong raised the dagger, ready to stab the bed.

But at that moment.

His view suddenly dropped rapidly.

The next second.

He saw the floor, saw under the bed.


Saw a pair of eyes.

A pair of red eyes.

Luo Yan wasn't on the bed, but under the bed!

Chen Yongsong's scalp tingled suddenly, wanting to shout out.

But he couldn't make any sound.

And then, their gaze froze, before gradually dispersing.

In the end, there was no more sparkle.

Inside the student dormitory, one by one, the lights lit up.

Footsteps echoed in the hallway.

Outside, Li Zhe and Xiao Yuan quickly crawled through the open French window.

And they didn't forget to shout loudly.

"Chen Yongsong, are you okay? We told you not to drink so much, but you didn't listen. Now you're drunk, right?"

They stepped on the glass-covered floor, guided by the faint light from the outside street lamps.

They saw Chen Yongsong's back facing them.

Suddenly, the fat body crashed to the ground.

A gush of blood spurted out, painting a blood-red fan.

Then, Li Zhe and the other person saw that Chen Yongsong's head had fallen by the bed.

His eyes stared straight under the bed.

Furthermore, right in front of their eyes.

A thin steel wire stretched across.

Blood droplets were still dripping down from it.

After a moment.

In Luo Yan's room, two sharp screams rang out!