Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: The Revelation of Danger

"Classmates, please listen to me."

In the swaying carriage, Wei Fenghua's voice rang out.

The Dean of Education stood at the front of the carriage, holding a microphone and said, "We will be staying here overnight."

"After arriving at the base, you can look around, but try not to cause any trouble."

"In every surface base, the personnel are quite diverse."

"People from all walks of life can be found."

"On the surface, 'Falcon Base' has a cooperative relationship with our city, Guangling City."

"But behind the scenes, nobody knows which forces they are still serving."

"Surface is different from underground city."

"There's no order here."

"The only thing that can protect you is the gun in your hands, only yourselves."


Falcon Base has arrived.

Twelve mecha transport vehicles cannot enter the base naturally.

Therefore, after completing the procedures, only a few vehicles carrying students entered the base.

After entering the base.

Luo Yan saw that many simple houses were built here.

Materials were also scattered everywhere.

The most common type of house is a metal one.

After all, they are easy to put together and protect from the wind and rain.

Except that during the day when the sun shines on it, the temperature inside gets a bit high.

There are almost no other drawbacks.


The buildings in the base are almost haphazardly arranged.

Except for a main road that leads directly to the headquarters of the 'Black Hawk Company'.

In other areas.

The houses are built in a random manner.

So a complicated layout was formed.

Very quickly.

The school vehicles parked in a square.

In the square, soldiers from 'Black Hawk Company' were receiving training.

They split into two teams.

One team was running around the square.

The other team was practicing combat in the center of the square.

Although these soldiers lived on the surface, each one was strong and clearly well-treated.

Based on Luo Yan's three years of living on the surface.

These soldiers could have at least one meat meal every day, and the food quality was good, otherwise it would be difficult to maintain such a physique.

And behind the headquarters building of 'Black Hawk Company', Luo Yan saw a mecha warehouse.

Of course, the warehouse is now tightly closed, and it is unknown what kind of mechas this base has.

At this moment.

Each of these students got a tattered cloak, either patched up or full of holes.

"Put them on before visiting the base."

Wei Fenghua said, "Unless you want to tell the people at the base that you are newcomers."

The students were wearing camouflage combat suits, light armor, and carrying submachine guns.

Entering the base dressed like this would surely attract attention.

Luo Yan didn't hesitate, he put on the cloak right away. He also squatted down, reached out his hand, and grabbed some sand from the ground.

Then he wiped his face and hair with it.

All at once.

He got all dirty.

Plus his eyes were bright red.

He looked just like the "residents" in the base.

Wei Fenghua silently nodded as he watched.

Wei Fenghua thought to himself that no other student could compare to Luo Yan's experience living on the surface.

Seeing Luo Yan do this, Zeng Shan followed suit and quickly made himself dirty too.

Li Bohang took off his glasses and drew a gourd just like his uncle's.

Luo Yan glanced at him.

A bit surprised.

Zeng Shan could do this, so he wasn't surprised.

But Li Bohang wasn't an ordinary person.

His uncle is the current City Lord, Liu Haoteng.

His status.

Equivalent to the sons of Luo Beichen and Wu Tiejun.

Seeing Luo Yan sizing him up, Li Bohang smiled and said, "This time, I'm here to learn some survival skills on the surface from you, Classmate Luo."

Luo Yan didn't say anything.

Soon, Wei Fenghua got busy by himself.

Luo Yan and the other students left the square and wandered around the base to learn more.

They called it the base.

In reality, it was just the square where the headquarters of the 'Black Hawk Company' were located, with a bit of a base-like feel in the surrounding areas.

The other places could be considered refugee camps.

The base didn't have walls, just a perimeter of barbed wire, so the wind and sand were strong.

As they walked around the base, the ground was messy, with dust flying everywhere and litter and trash strewn about.

This was very different from what the students from Guangling City were used to.

Even someone like Zeng Shan, who comes from humble beginnings, lives in an area that is well-maintained.

At the very least, the hygiene situation is acceptable.

It's not like here, which is filled with smoke and pollution.

Residents of the base come and go.

Just like Wei Fenghua said.

A mix of unsavory characters.

There are Wanderers who are thin as a stick, dressed in ragged clothes, sitting in the corner like a dead body.

There are tall and muscular mercenaries covered in tattoos, wearing dirty combat gear, carrying rifles on their backs.

There are vendors peddling on tricycles, their carts filled with various items, constantly shouting as they navigate through the streets.

There were young women who were not dressed neatly, exposing themselves in a way that suggested they were involved in some ancient profession.

But there was one thing.

All kinds of people were here.

Just no children.

Not a single one was seen.

Luo Yan probably knew the reason.

When he was in 'Flower City'.

In the first year.

The ones who died the most were the children.

That year passed.

Luo Yan had become almost numb to life and death.

"There are still many hidden shops here."

Li Bohang whispered.

Zeng Shan asked in confusion, "Where are they? Why didn't I see them?"

Adjusting his glasses, Li Bohang pointed out, "Look at those doors half open and people going in and out frequently."

"Most of them are shops."

"Yes, and some might even be involved in illegal activities."

With his guidance.

Zeng Shan only just noticed this.

Just like Li Bohang said, there is a wooden house ahead.

The door was slightly ajar.

Someone just entered the house.

Someone came out from behind.

The person who came out lowered their hat brim and walked in the shadows by the roadside.

Looking anxious.

When Zeng Shan looked towards him.

The other person immediately stared back.

Under his messy eyebrows, his eyes looked fierce.

Luo Yan glared coldly.

Like a tangible sense of killing intent.

The person quickly lowered his head, turned, and hurriedly entered a narrow alley.

It was then that Luo Yan said, "Don't look around here."


"A casual glance could invite deadly trouble."

Li Bohang took out a small notebook from his pocket and quickly jotted down what Luo Yan had just said.

They wandered around for a while and got a general idea of the base.

Was about to go back.

Suddenly, there was a commotion ahead.

Someone's voice came over.

"Stop, you little thief!"

"Don't run, darn it!"

Luo Yan immediately leaned against the roof edge of a nearby tin house to avoid misunderstandings from standing in the middle of the road.

Zeng Shan and Li Bohang also didn't want to cause trouble for themselves.

Following Luo Yan's lead, they stepped back to the edge of the house.

A small alley ahead.

Suddenly, a small figure darted out.

Surprisingly, it was a pretty girl.

She had short hair and wheat-colored skin.

She was wearing a low-cut crop top that exposed her belly button.

Her waist had no extra fat and there were slight sweat stains.

Her ultra-short denim shorts hugged her perky butt and revealed her long legs in the air.

She dashed towards Luo Yan and his two friends in a panic.

Several people quickly chased after her from behind.

The girl's eyes darted around, searching in all directions.

The end.

The eyes landed on Luo Yan.

Shouted loudly, "Catch it, let's split and run!"

She suddenly threw a black backpack at Luo Yan.

In an instant.

The two closest to Luo Yan.

Zeng Shan and Li Bohang felt the temperature in the air dropping rapidly.

Almost freezing point.

At this moment.

In Luo Yan's bright red eyes, the figure of the short-haired girl was reflected.

In those eyes as red as blood.

The intention to kill is revealed!