Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Falcon Base

On the day when Luo Yan and the others left.

Guangling City.

It was still daytime, but there was a nondescript car parked in front of a bar.

The bar seemed small and remote, located in an alley.

In the alley, a smelly drain was emitting odor, with mice happily coming in and out.

"I didn't expect Guangling to have such a spooky place."

Wu Changqing got out of the dusty-looking car, which seemed to be owned by a commoner, holding a piece of cloth over his mouth and nose, looking disgusted at the surrounding environment.

Then he looked towards his assistant.

"Are you sure the person you mentioned can help me solve the trouble?"

The assistant nodded vigorously, "I asked many people, some of them are 'professionals'."

"They all recommended 'Red-crowned Crane'."

"And this person doesn't take on tasks casually."

"Lately, it seems like he urgently needs money."

"I just agreed to take on your task."

Wu Changqing nodded and then walked into the bar with his assistant.

Pushing open the heavy door of the bar, they found it surprisingly dim inside.

The bar was not open for business at the moment.

Tables and chairs were not yet arranged properly.

Behind the bar counter, there was only one bartender wiping glasses.

He looked up at Wu Changqing and his assistant and said, "Sir, we are not open yet."

The assistant walked up and whispered, "We are looking for 'Red-crowned Crane'."

"We don't sell any Red-crowned Crane pigeons here," the bartender replied without looking up, as if he had endless tasks and glasses to wipe.

The assistant didn't waste time talking to him. He took out a card, swiped it on the nearby machine, and then entered a set of numbers.


The bartender quickly stopped him, took out his own card, connected it to the machine, and then smiled, "Okay."

The assistant looked at him expressionlessly, pressed 'confirm'.

Immediately, the bartender received some work points in his account.

He took back his card, lightly kissed it, then walked out from the counter, "Follow me."

Wu Changqing still covered his mouth and nose with a handkerchief, then followed the bartender and assistant to a card room.

The bartender lightly knocked on the door, "Mr. Red-crowned Crane, people have arrived."

Someone inside made a sound of acknowledgment.

The bartender pushed open the door.

Inside the game house, no one was playing cards.

There was only a man in a dark red cloak, standing with his back to the door, skillfully throwing flying knives one after another.

Every one of those flying knives landed precisely on the wall, pinning a large rat.


Grand Jiangnan Road, Luo Mansion.

Luo Tianyi had just returned from work.

As soon as he entered the house,

The eldest son Luo Nanxing came over.

Luo Tianyi smiled lightly and asked, "How did it go?"

Luo Nanxing nodded and said, "I have already passed the information about the 'Red-crowned Crane' to the Wu family."

"Just received the news that Wu Changqing has gone to meet the Red-crowned Crane."

Luo Tianyi walked into the study, opened the liquor cabinet, took out a bottle of fine wine, poured himself a half glass, took a sip and said, "Very good."

"If the Red-crowned Crane can take down Classmate Luo, it will be a blow to Di Zheng."

"If the Red-crowned Crane fails."

"Wu Changqing will be in trouble, and we can also bring Wu Shimu down with it."

"By then, we can get closer with the Wu family."

"Wu Shimu is the security chief, so it will be much more convenient for us to get things done."

Luo Tianyi paused for a moment and whispered, "By the way, how is that thing going?"


After leaving Guangling City.

The convoy from Battle Academy traveled southwest for three days.

On the afternoon of the fourth day, Luo Yan, sitting in the car, could already see the outline of tall buildings in the distance.

It was a city.

It was also the location for this practical test.

Forbidden Area No 9, 'Ghost Hair City'.

Forbidden areas are not always forests.

The Forbidden Area was created because of an Overlord-level giant beast.

Wherever an Overlord-level giant beast builds its nest, that place will turn into a Forbidden Area.

Mountains, forests, valleys, hills, plains, basins, highlands, cities, seas, deserts...

The area where the Forbidden Area is located has various types of environments, like the Eight Doors.

Luo Yan looked at the silhouette of a city in the distance, recalling information about Forbidden Area No 9.

Ghost Hair City!

In this city, strange plants resembling hair grow everywhere.

These plants entangle intruders into the city and parasitize on living creatures.

Once successfully parasitized, they can freely control the creatures.

So in the 'Ghost Hair City', especially deep in the city, traces of human and animal life can be found.

But that is just an illusion.

Those humans and animals, including the rats and cockroaches in this city,

Have all been parasitized by the 'ghost hair'.

They have become puppets of those plants.

And the one causing this unique ecosystem

Is the 'owner' of 'Ghost Hair City'.

A powerful giant beast known as Overlord-level beast, Danghu.

Detailed information:

Code Name: Danghu.

Level: Dominator Level 4.

Type: Feather Insect.

Features: Manipulate shadows, control puppets, weave whiskers, read minds, capture souls.

Weakness: Unknown.

Although there is currently no direct evidence, all personnel involved in the investigation of 'Ghost Hair City' have the same speculation.

The plant-like structures in the city, resembling hair, are likely to be the whiskers of 'Danghu'.

At that moment.

The vehicle jolted.

The car turned a corner.

They did not continue towards "Ghost Hair City".

But instead, they headed towards a ground base about fifty to sixty kilometers away from Ghost Hair City.

After the 'Beast Calamity', most cities have turned into ruins.

The humans who survived either moved to the underground city that was built in advance.

Either thrive like Luo Yan did in the city ruins.

But there were some people.

Then he chose to set up a home not far from the forbidden area.

So there were all kinds of ground bases.

These bases are usually controlled by the 'companies'.

Some mechas eliminated by each underground city and the 'Giant Beast Strategy Manor' end up in the hands of various surface companies through different channels.

By having control over mechas, these 'companies' are able to survive on the surface.

They establish bases and recruit 'employees'.

Every day, they venture into the forbidden edge areas to collect herbs, recover Giant Beast Parasites, collect samples of forbidden area wildlife and plants, and document changes in the forbidden area ecosystem to make a living.

These bases usually cooperate with one or even several underground cities.

Each underground city typically establishes connections with multiple surface bases.

The surface bases hope to obtain mecha spare parts, weapons, potions and even resources like the 'Supercore Matrix' in the underground city.

Through these bases, the underground cities are able to quickly gather various ecological data from the forbidden areas and samples of parasites, wildlife and plants.

Can be said to be mutually beneficial.

The 'Falcon Base' that the convoy from the academy is going to is controlled by 'Black Hawk Company'.

Possessing three mechas.

Three hundred soldiers.

Over forty various types of combat vehicles.

The company boss, who is also the owner of 'Falcon Base', has a battle power of Basic Level 5.

Several supervisors under him have achieved a level of around Primary Level 3 in Visualization Technique.

This is the fundamental foundation of a base.