Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: A Unique Experience

Wei Fenghua chuckled and explained, "As you may know, mechas are categorized into three levels just like Visualization Technique, which are beginner, intermediate, and advanced."

"Above these three levels, there are Divine Guard and Divine General levels."

"Currently, the upgrades we can do for mechas are quite limited."

"For now, starting from a basic mech, you can only upgrade up to the Divine Guard level."

Luo Yan raised his eyebrows and said, "There's already a lot of room for upgrades."

Wei Fenghua pulled up a chair, took out a pillbox from his pocket, ate a pill, and then continued.

"Generally, the lower the mech level, the greater the upgrade potential."

"Let's take a basic mech for example."

"By upgrading weapons, armor, energy furnace, engine, Supercore Matrix, and so on."

"All these can enhance the evaluation of the mecha."

"Usually, upgrading from a basic mech to an intermediate one is the easiest and simplest."

"Modifying the mech's armor, switching to 'Heavy Weapon' level weapons, or making improvements in the energy furnace and engine can quickly upgrade it to an intermediate level mech."

"Also, having the 'Supercore Matrix' is a way."

Luo Yan remembered information about the 'Supercore Matrix' in his mind.

Teacher Zhao Yidan talked about this in the mechacommon sense class.

The fur, scales, and outer shell of giant beasts can be recycled to make mecha armor.

The horns, spikes, claws, and teeth of giant beasts, which can be used for attacking, can be used as the basic materials for weapons.

As for the 'core' of giant beasts, a special organ similar to a heart but between crystal and biological, it is an important part of the 'Supercore Matrix'.

The 'Supercore Matrix' allows the machine to have the characteristics of the 'core' of the giant beast.

The 'Supercore Matrix' itself can be upgraded by embedding a similar 'core'.

After reaching level six, special abilities can be activated.

Zhao Yidan didn't say what kind of performance it was, he just said that it is not something a first-grade student can access.

At that moment, Wei Fenghua cleared his throat and said, "If you want to upgrade 'White Dragon', I suggest adding 'Supercore Matrix'."

Luo Yan looked puzzled.

Wei Fenghua continued, "Normally, to add 'Supercore Matrix', you need to first buy at least one 'Giant Beast Core' to install the basic 'Supercore Matrix'."

"However, you have killed three giant beasts."

"Gluttony, Tanuki Power, and Siox."

"According to the rules of the 'Giant Beast Strategy Manor', anyone who single-handedly kills a giant beast owns the corresponding 'Giant Beast Core'."

"So right now, you have the right to use those three Giant Beast Cores."

"You can either use them yourself or sell them to the 'Giant Beast Strategy Manor'."

"Because you are still a student, Di Zheng will help keep those three cores for you."

"The plan is to return them to you after you graduate, as your first start-up fund to become a Mecha Master."

Luo Yan then realized that he had unknowingly saved up his first bucket of gold.

"But I do not recommend upgrading now."

Wei Fenghua smiled and said, "After all, you are not the owner of the 'White Dragon' yet."

"Consider this after you have acquired the 'White Dragon'."

He stood up, looking like he was getting ready to leave.

Luo Yan thought of another thing.

He called out to him.

"Teacher Wei, I want to learn more about the 'Natural Resonator'."

"Natural Resonator..." Wei Fenghua nodded, then grabbed paper and pen, and wrote down a set of account and password.

"The school database has information on this, directly linked from the official archives of the 'Giant Beast Strategy Manor'."

"You can use my account to log in."

"You are the Natural Resonator, it's good to know more about yourself."

"However, we don't know much about the 'Natural Resonator', after all, you're not a big cabbage."

"In any case, there are some examples in there, all verified and based on real events, for reference."

Wei Fenghua patted Luo Yan's shoulder before leaving.

After resting for a moment, Luo Yan picked up his tablet and logged into the school's database.

Logged into Wei Fenghua's account.

Found information about 'Natural Resonator'.

Just as Wei Fenghua said.

There are not many documented examples of 'Natural Resonator'.

Including Di Zheng.

In the few decades since people created the first mecha.

A dozen or so individuals have appeared.

However, these 'Natural Resonators', including Di Zheng, never mentioned one phenomenon.

That is, resonating with mecha.

You will see some interesting things happening.

Luo Yan remembered very clearly.

Whether with 'White Dragon' for company.

Or driving 'Black Thunder'.

He saw some interesting things.

In those scenes.

Mecha seemed to be alive.

They also have sadness and joy.

They feel anger, as well as sadness.

If feeling a connection with the 'White Dragon' could be an illusion.

But there's no reason to have illusions when connecting with the 'Black Thunder,' right?

Unless it's not an illusion.

How do we explain those scenes then?

This is also why Luo Yan wanted to understand the 'Natural Resonator.'

Initially, he thought he could find the answers.

Instead, it made him even more confused.


After reading the information, Luo Yan did feel.

She didn't tell anyone about the images she saw when she felt a connection with Mecha.

This was the right thing to do.

It is likely that only he has had this kind of experience with the 'Natural Resonator'.

This experience belonged only to him.

It may be related to some secrets.

Luo Yan was worried that if others found out, they would take him away for research.

He didn't want to be a test subject.

In the blink of an eye, it was time to leave the underground city.

After drinking Shi Haoting's bottle of repairing potion, Luo Yan recovered well. He could not only get out of bed and move around, but also fight without any problems.

After drinking the potion, Luo Yan had a lot of strange dreams and felt very impulsive in certain ways.

Shi Haoting claimed that this phenomenon would last for a few days.

After hearing this, Luo Yan almost wanted to strangle him.

He also doubted the true purpose of the potion.

But thanks to Shi Haoting's repairing potion, Luo Yan was finally able to participate in the real combat test.

Early in the morning of that day.

A convoy carrying twelve mechas, as well as teachers and students from the academy, set off from the academy.

They left the underground city of Guangling City through a special road leading out of the city.

And arrived on the surface.

The students who went on the trip for the second time were very excited.

Except for a few students like Luo Yan, most of the students were leaning against the car windows, looking at the scenery outside.

The dome of Guangling City is installed with 3,600 holographic electronic panels that can simulate sunrises and sunsets throughout the year.

However, no matter what, it cannot be compared to the scenery on the surface.

Also, because of the giant beast.

The cities on the surface gradually disappeared, and the natural ecology turned towards primitive.

As a result, the ground environment became more beautiful.

However, this may not necessarily be a good thing.

Due to the giant beasts, as well as the presence of "Youyin".

Even outside the 'forbidden area', animals and plants are quietly undergoing mutations.

If not stopped.

Eventually, the planet's ecosystem will undergo drastic changes.

Turning into an environment suitable for giant beasts to live in.