Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: No Bravado

Wu Changqing's face changed color, losing control.

If it was just the security team, he would dare to challenge.

But now, they have brought out the Mecha.

How can mere flesh compare to these metal creations?

The security officers in the battle department looked very pale.

When they arrived, no one told them they would face mechas, real killing machines!

At this moment, a huge wave of shock was spreading in their hearts.

Many of them unconsciously started to step back.

Including the executive director.

The executive director wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "Mr. Wu, how about we forget about this today?"

If Wu Changqing doesn't give up.

He will just walk away.

He doesn't want to risk his life for no reason.

Wu Changqing clenched his hands and all his fingers tightly.

His body trembled.

His nails were digging into his palms.

He felt unwilling.

But what good was feeling unwilling?

He didn't have the ability to get a few mechas to show off.

Besides Exploration Legion and Battle Academy.

There were only a few people who could own mechas.

And these people only had one or two mechas each in their hands.



Wu Changqing turned around and said, "Tonight, Mr. Wu admitted his mistake."

"However, this matter will not end like this. Let's wait and see."

He thought that by taking a step back and accepting his misfortune, he had already shown enough humility.


At that moment, Pan Renfeng spoke up, "Wait."

"What do you think our school is for."

"Come in if you dare."

"Want to go for a walk?"

"Who will still care about our school after this?"

Wu Changqing stopped and turned around in surprise, asking, "What do you want from us?"

"None of you are allowed to leave!"

Pan Renfeng then pointed at the executive director and said, "You, call Wu Shimu."

"Yes, for your minister."

"Tell that old man not to deny it. If it wasn't for him backing his brother up, you field staff wouldn't have come to our school causing trouble on a full stomach."

"This matter, let Mr. Wu come and explain it to me himself."

"If he doesn't explain properly, everyone here."

"Yes, every single one."

"What Local Land Bureau chief, what Wu Changqing."

"Just preparing to deport to the surface."

"As for whether any other underground city is willing to take you in, that's not my old man's business."

Deport to the surface?

How is that different from being expelled from the city?

Wu Changqing immediately jumped up, "Just a mere academy, does it have such great power!"

Pan Renfeng remained silent.

The school's security team captain sneered, "Behind Article 127 of the Underground City Security Administration Law, there are additional regulations."

"If anyone, any group violates the school for unfair reasons."

"Will be seen as a threat to the underground city's safety, and be expelled, sent to the surface!"

Wu Changqing kept stepping backwards.

He never even dreamt of it.

Tonight, he had initially planned to confront his son.

Little did he expect to find himself in such a situation.

Instantly losing his arrogance, he stood there confused and unsure.


A person is in the medical room.

When Luo Yan woke up, it was already daytime.

He didn't know.

Last night.

The college detained Wu Changqing and others for him.

It was not until Wu Shimu brought the City Lord's secretary to come.

They stayed in the principal's office for a long time.

Only then did the old principal Pan Renfeng release them.

As compensation.

Wu Changqing will provide the college with a research grant.

That's how things stood for now.

Luo Yan had his breakfast in the hospital room.

He saw someone lurking outside the door.

After the nurse left.

The person slipped in.

It was Shi Haoting from the medication development department.

He looked the same as usual.

Wearing round-framed brown glasses.

And sandals on his feet.

She held a small, golden abacus in her hand.

With a cheerful smile, she said, "How are you feeling, Classmate Luo?"

"I have a new medicine here that will be very helpful for your injury."

"You wouldn't want to go for combat testing in this condition, right?"

Luo Yan said seriously, "The doctor mentioned I'll be able to get out of bed in a few days."

"Being able to get out of bed and being able to move around are two different things, right?"

Shi Haoting took out a bottle of potion, its color resembling that of the nighttime sea, dark and mysterious.

However, inside, a dark red light would occasionally illuminate.

"This is a repairing agent that I just developed, it has not been named yet."

"I guarantee it works very well. It can help you quickly heal your body and restore your male vitality."

"No no no, recover from injuries."

"Anyway, I promise you won't die from eating it."

"How about it, give it a try?"

Luo Yan didn't answer, instead he asked, "Yesterday, Yang Likai gave me a box of 'Starfire Potion,' 20 bottles in total, said it was from you?"

Shi Haoting nodded, "That's right."

It turned out to be true.

Luo Yan was somewhat surprised.

Asked again.

"Didn't you say there was no materials temporarily?"

"Yes." Shi Haoting placed the bottle of repairing liquid beside the bed. "But Yang Likai, that little guy, brought me a batch of materials and some other ingredients to help me finish those 20 bottles of 'Starfire Potion'."

"I guess you guys are friends, huh."

Luo Yan was truly puzzled this time.

Yang Likai actually brought materials to Shi Haoting just to make 20 bottles of 'Starfire Potion' for himself.

What is he trying to do?

Footsteps could be heard in the hallway at this moment.

Shi Haoting hurriedly said, "I have to go now, remember to use that repairing liquid."

"It's very effective. Let me know how it feels after using it, I'll make a note of it."

"The reward is two bottles of ‘Starfire Potion'."

After he left, Wei Fenghua arrived.

"The person earlier was Shi Haoting from the development department."

Wei Fenghua coughed twice, "How did he come here, do you know him?"

Luo Yan nodded.

Wei Fenghua chuckled, "You'd better not get too close to him."

"Teacher Shi isn't a bad person, but those who get too close to him usually have bad luck."

He placed the tablet on the bedside, "You need to rest these days, can't attend classes, I brought over the information about this practical test."

"Make sure to read it when you're free."

"Also, your machine 'White Dragon' has been registered."

"Registered?" Luo Yan looked puzzled at his mentor.

Wei Fenghua coughed into a handkerchief and said, "Every mecha pilot needs to have a record in the archives of the underground city for easy tracking of information."

"Of course, this is just a temporary registration for now."

"Once you have your own mecha, the academy will help you create an account in the underground city mecha database."

"Then you will be a true Mecha Master."

"Just like He Hao and the others."

"After they graduate, the mechas they currently pilot will follow them as they leave."

Luo Yan nodded.

Roughly understand what's going on.

Then he said, "Teacher, you mentioned earlier that mechas can be upgraded."

"So, can 'White Dragon' be upgraded as well?"

Wei Fenghua chuckled and said, "Of course it can."

Luo Yan's eyes lit up instantly, "What kind of upgrades can be done?"