Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Escalating Conflict

Wu Changqing was also a military enthusiast, having some knowledge about firearms.

He glanced at the school security guards.

His face gradually turned pale with anger.

The school security guards were equipped mostly with assault rifles, a type of gun without a stock.

It had a built-in laser aiming device, complemented by a 1.5x optical scope.

The charging handle of this gun was located on top of the grip, making it convenient for both left and right-handed users in combat situations.

Also, these security guns are equipped with grenade launchers.

This isn't school security, these are like soldiers going into battle!

Wu Changqing didn't expect this.

Battle Academy treating its own like this.

Military-style security forces were deployed.

Could it be.

Could my son's matter just be overlooked like this?

Unwilling to accept it!

Wu Changqing ultimately didn't strike.

But turned around.

Took out a cellphone.

Dialed his older brother Wu Shimu's phone number.

Wei Fenghua naturally wasn't interested in staying with Wu Changqing here.

After informing the security team captain, he left with the student council's He Hao, Su Jiu, and other students.

The school security opened a line outside the main gate.

The message was very clear.

Anyone who dares to rush the card.

Will be met with firearms.

Both sides stood still for a moment.

Soon after.

More car lights lit up on the road in front of the school gate.

There were more vehicles this time.

It was the special car of the security department.

Several of them.

Some of them were vehicles from the Local Land Bureau in this area.

A total of over a dozen cars arrived, the doors opened, and dozens of people rushed up like a swarm of locusts.

The personnel from the security department were all wearing bulletproof vests, combat armor, tactical helmets, carrying assault rifles, looking as if they were ready for war.

When Wu Changqing saw the security department officers, he felt relieved and energized. He held his wife's hand and said, "Big brother brought some people to help us."

"Tonight, I will make sure the college hands over the culprit."

"Don't worry!"

At that moment.

The head of the Local Land Bureau in the area where the college was located walked over. After exchanging pleasantries with Wu Changqing, he went to the college entrance.


"I am Qi Huaisheng, the head of the Local Land Bureau in our school district."

"Please inform the principal."

"Just tell the principal that there was a murder case in the college, and we from the Local Land Bureau need to go in and investigate."

The security team captain of the Exploration Legion academy took out a tactical pistol and sternly told the so-called Local Land Bureau chief to "go away!"

"Battle Academy, it's not your turn to manage this district Local Land Bureau!"

Qi Huaisheng's face turned pale and purple.

He received a call from the security department.

He was asked to enter the academy under the pretext of conducting a murder investigation as the head of the Local Land Bureau in the district.


Even a security team captain from the academy did not look kindly upon him.

His face turned grim as he said, "According to No. 48 of the city management regulations in Guangling City, the maintenance of order in all public places falls under the jurisdiction of the Local Land Bureau of that area!"

The security team captain replied expressionlessly, "In accordance with Article 127 of Chapter 5 of the Underground City Security Administration Law."

"Battle Mecha Academy is under the jurisdiction of Giant Beast Strategy Manor. The academy has autonomy, self-governance, territorial rights, and security maintenance, with its own armed forces."

"This regulation supersedes all other management regulations."

Qi Huaisheng was left speechless, signaling to his deputy with his eyes.

The deputy brought out a tablet, frantically flipping through the so-called 'Underground City Security Administration Law.'

At that moment,

Wu Changqing walked over.

He pushed Qi Huaisheng aside.

Then, he looked at another man behind him.

The man wearing a badge with the title 'Executive Director of the Security Department's Field Operations' cleared his throat.

Go ahead.

"Even though the school has autonomy."

"But now, we suspect that in your school, there are surface trespassers that our security department has been chasing."

"This is our search warrant."

"The security department has the right to enter any building or place in Guangling to carry out their tasks."

"We hope you won't make things difficult for us."

The security team captain spat and chuckled, "When I was fighting for my life with giant beasts on the surface, you security guys didn't even know where you were."

"Stop scaring me."

"I don't care if you have a search warrant, today you either leave or we force our way in."

"Choose by yourself!"

The executive director felt a headache.

Tonight, deploying so many field combat personnel was purely to create a momentum.

He never thought of really going to war with 'Battle Academy'.

Seeing the academy security team captain's strong attitude, Wu Changqing couldn't help but look over.

Wu Changqing lowered his voice and said, "Charge in, do you think they would really dare to shoot?"

"Once this starts, it won't be a small matter anymore."

"Would they go to such lengths for a student?"

The executive director hesitated, "But..."

Wu Changqing suppressed his anger and said, "But what?"

"What happened, I'll take charge!"

Just then.

The ground shook.

Suddenly, beams of light shot out from the academy.

They shone on the front gate.

The light was so bright that Wu Changqing and the others could hardly keep their eyes open.

Soon after.

They saw two mechas coming out of the school.


Wu Changqing used his hand to shield his eyes from the bright light, unable to believe that the school had actually brought out the mechas.

Those two mechas.

One was humanoid, all black and bulky in design. Especially its two arms were notably thick and strong, it was the mystical mech 'Black Thunder'.

The other resembled a giant wolf, moving with a fierce and powerful grace, it was the Demon Mecha 'Greedy Wolf'.

The two mechas arrived at the entrance gate.

'Black Thunder' raised its Divine Power Rifle aimed at the giant beast.

'Greedy Wolf' revealed its missiles.

The gun barrels all pointed towards Wu Changqing and the others.

The head of the security department turned green in the face instantly.

Don't even mention missiles.

If that humanoid mecha's rifle hits, you'll definitely turn into minced meat.

At this moment.

The eyes of the Demon Mecha 'Greedy Wolf' lit up, projecting a screen in mid-air.

Inside the screen, Pan Renfeng was sitting in the principal's office.

The principal was holding an old cat, petting it gently, not even looking at the people outside the school gate, saying, "You're having quite a party out there."

"Mr. Wu, you're just relying on a brother who is a security chief."

"Without your brother, you're nothing."

"Why, your child is a child, can't die."

"Other people's children are not children, deserve to die?"

"That doesn't make sense!"

"In my school, all children are the same."

"No matter how distinguished or humble their status outside."

"Once they enter school, they only have one identity."


"If Wu Tiejun dares to kill, he must be prepared to be killed."

"Now he's dead, and you parents come to cause trouble?"

"Sorry, Pan Renfeng doesn't understand big words."

"It's always the one with the bigger fist who is right."

"Now, if you still want to talk about big words."

"Go talk to our student's Mecha."