Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Majestic and Domineering

When night fell on the surface, the holographic dome of Guangling, the underground city, gradually turned black.

Then, the stars shimmered brightly as the full moon rose.

The ventilation system brought in a gentle evening breeze, making the city's residents feel like they were living on the surface.

Lights lit up at the entrance of 'Battle Mecha Academy,' casting a soft glow on the horizontal sign of the academy.

At this time.

On the road in front of the academy, four or five black cars roared by and stopped in front of the gate.

The people in the cars didn't get out, instead kept honking the horn, urging the school to open the gate.

An old man came out of the gatehouse, waving his hand and shouting, "What's going on?"

The first black car had its window rolled down, and a man who appeared to be a private assistant leaned out from inside.

Even in the late evening, he was wearing sunglasses.

In a unfriendly tone, he said, "Open the door, we want to see the principal!"

The old man calmly asked, "Have you made an appointment to see the principal?"

The assistant tapped on the car door and said, "Old man, do you know who is behind us?"

"Director Wu Changqing Wu and his family!"

"Our young master inexplicably died at your school today."

"Mr. Wu wants to see the principal for an explanation."

"Don't make yourself uncomfortable!"

The old man chuckled and said, "If I wanted to enjoy myself, I wouldn't be here guarding the gate."

"You're saying that we didn't make an appointment with Luo."

"If we didn't make an appointment, then we'll wait for you. I'll inform them upstairs first."

"Whether the principal will see you is another matter."

The assistant angrily said to the driver, "Don't waste time with this old man, go through the gate!"

The old man pointed slowly at the sign above the gate, saying, "This is 'Battle Mecha Academy'. Let's see who dares to barge in."

After saying that, he walked into the entrance room with his hands behind his back.

The assistant was momentarily at a loss.

Just then, the car phone started ringing.

He hurriedly answered it.

Inside, a deep-voiced man said, "Stay calm."

The assistant nodded repeatedly.

After a while.

On the dim main road inside the campus, a slow-moving electric scooter finally arrived.

The college gate opened, and a few people got off the electric scooter and walked confidently to the outside of the gate.

The leader, a middle-aged man.

He coughed a couple of times with a handkerchief over his mouth before speaking.

"I am Wei Fenghua, the head of the college's guidance department. Tell me what you need."

The doors of several black cars opened one after another.

One by one, big men in black suits escorted the middle-aged couple forward like a group of stars surrounding the moon.

The couple.

The man had a square face, thick eyebrows, and a commanding presence.

The woman was dressed luxuriously, shining with jewels, exuding an air of sophistication.

"I am Wu Changqing, Wu Tiejun is my child."

The man in the lead spoke as soon as he approached, "Teacher Wei, I have a question for you."

"We sent our child to your school, why did our child suddenly die?"

The woman beside him started to weep softly upon hearing this.

Wei Fenghua didn't answer but instead asked, "Are you here for this reason?"

Wu Changqing nodded vigorously, "Exactly."

Wei Fenghua coughed softly into his handkerchief, "Well, even though we have already sent a written notice."

"Since the parents personally made a trip."

"Then I'll say it again."

"At today's school competition, Wu Tiejun lost and was not happy, broke the school rules, and committed murder."

"Later, he accidentally died in a counterattack by another student."

"That was the cause of his death."

"The school competition video footage, along with a written notice, has been delivered to your Wu family."

"If you haven't received it, I can send you another copy."

Wu Changqing's eyes filled with anger, "I know all of this."

"There's no need to bother Director Wei."


"Are we just going to let our children die in vain like this?"

"Is it enough to just pass it off with a notice and a video?"

Wei Fenghua took out a handkerchief, "How do you think we should handle this?"

Wu Changqing said in a deep voice, "Even if the Iron Army breaks the school rules, they won't admit defeat."

"But there is also a reason behind it."

"Which young person doesn't have hot blood?"

"He just couldn't control himself for a moment."

"The punishment shouldn't be death!"

"So, shouldn't the school hand over the killer?"

As soon as the words fell,

Behind Wei Fenghua,

Someone laughed out loud.

A girl said, "He Hao, you listen."

"This man is very well-spoken."

"Not a word was mentioned about Wu Tiejun wanting to kill first."

"Just grab someone and not let go of killing his son."

"Could it be that the Wu family is really remarkable?"

"So, it's okay for the Wu family to kill and set fires, but not okay for their son to be killed?"

Wu Changqing immediately scolded, "Who are you!"

The girl, looking scared, waved her hands and said, "I'm just a little girl, Mr. Wu won't mind me."

Wu Changqing then snorted, saying, "Adults speak, children should be quiet!"

At this point, Wei Fenghua coughed twice and said, "Su Jiu, stop messing around, apologize to Mr. Wu."

Without waiting for the girl to apologize, he quickly moved past the incident and said, "Mr. Wu, although Su Jiu is quick with her words, she does have some point."

"If it wasn't for Wu Tiejun starting the fight first, this regrettable incident wouldn't have happened."

"As for the killer."

"Mr. Wu was being serious."

"There is no killer."

"He is just a student in our college."

"He was acting in self-defense, not as a killer."

"Our college will not hand him over."

"It's late at night, Mr. Wu, please go back."

After saying that, Wei Fenghua turned around to leave.

Wu Changqing didn't reply, his wife Zhang Xianxian rushed forward shouting, "Wait, are you leaving already?"

"Is there no justice left?"

"You Battle Academy are protecting the murderer, killing my child, you are all murderers! You are all criminals!"

"You are all worse than animals!"

She suddenly pulled out an object from her bag, pointing at Wei Fenghua and shouted, "If you don't hand over the murderer today, this is not over!"

It was a handgun!

Seeing the handgun, Wu Changqing knew it was going to be bad.

Just then.

Everything went blurry before his eyes.

Next to his wife Zhang Xianxian, a figure appeared out of nowhere, it was the girl named Su Jiu who had just made mocking remarks.

A black rope emerged from her hand and tied up Zhang Xianxian's hands along with the gun, pulling them downwards.

The gun pointed towards the ground.

Then a tall male student walked out from the school.

He approached step by step.

"Being rude."

"Gun aimed at the instructor."

"First offense."

"I'll spare your life."


He raised his hand and slapped Zhang Xianxian in the face.

Zhang Xianxian's face immediately swelled up on one side.

Wu Changqing gasped in disbelief, unable to believe how bossy the people from Battle Academy were.

Did he really slap his own wife openly like that?

"You all!" Wu Changqing trembled with anger.

He thought he had a big brother as a security chief, and he just wanted to see the culprit brought to justice.

He felt this request wasn't unreasonable.

But he didn't expect.

The school not only didn't hand over the culprit.

He still slaps his own wife.

Wu Changqing suddenly raised his hand.

He is not a vegetarian either.

Among the people and horses he brought tonight, there are several experts in Visualization Technique.

However, at this moment.

A group of people and horses walked out of the school.

Everyone holding guns.

They are actually the school's security.

Wei Fenghua coughed twice and said, "Battle Academy is a restricted area, with its own autonomy and armed forces."

"If anyone dares to cause trouble."

"Don't blame bullets for not having eyes."