Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: The Counterkill

A figure suddenly shot out from the flames and smoke of the arena.

Luo Yan!

Just now.

Things happened suddenly.

But Luo Yan still had a 'Phantom Wolf' hanging on his leg.

So he kicked up.

Throwing out the 'Phantom Wolf'.

Using this wolf beast to block Wu Tiejun's mystical art 'Splitting Clouds'.

At the first explosion.

'Phantom Wolf' collapsed instantly.

Using 'Phantom Wolf' to block the mystical art, Luo Yan instinctively curled his body.

This luckily allowed him to avoid the second explosion of 'Splitting Clouds'.


His Elemental Power is still surging.

The effect of 'Open Yuan Wheel' is not over yet.

Luo Yan rushed down from the stage.

He was covered in blisters and bruises.

But in his eyes, there was a cold and intense look, filled with killing intent.

Like a wild wolf provoked into ferocity!

Wu Tiejun glanced at Luo Yan, overwhelmed by his red-eyed murderous aura.

Suddenly his mind went blank.

It's not surprising.

Being a second-year student, despite having a few experiences of real battles.

But in terms of willpower and killer instinct.

He couldn't compare to Luo Yan, a survivor struggling on the surface.

Luo Yan wasn't polite either.

The metallic sword slipped from the hand and flew away.

Amidst the roaring sound, the metallic sword gleamed brightly, like a streak of lightning, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Wu Tiejun.

At a critical moment of life and death.

Wu Tiejun shouted loudly and quickly dodged.

Although he avoided a fatal blow to his face, the sword grazed one of his eyes.

The pain made him close his eye immediately.

Just as he shut his eyes.

Luo Yan had already crashed into him.

A punch, and another one.

A loud impact struck Wu Tiejun's chest and forehead.

Wu Tiejun stumbled back repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Luo Yan remained motionless.

He could not even move a finger.

Just two punches.

Drained him of all his Elemental Power and physical strength.

Yet he still stood.

Purely out of sheer determination.

The whole room fell silent.

After a moment passed.

Wu Tiejun suddenly fell backward and hit the back of his head hard on the ground.

After this hit, his body suddenly twisted, as if his flesh had lost support, almost losing its human form!

On the high platform.

Wei Fenghua coughed twice before softly saying, "Broken Bone..."


Wu Tiejun was hit by 'Broken Bone'.


All his bones and organs were crushed.

Even with the most advanced technology and equipment now.

It cannot be saved!

Until this moment.

Only two teams of school doctors arrived.

One team of school doctors came to Wu Tiejun's side, checked symbolically, and then shook their heads towards Wei Fenghua's direction.

Meaning that the person couldn't be saved.

Seeing the doctor shaking his head.

Luo Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

Then his eyes went dark.

Passed out.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself still on the stretcher, being taken to the medical office.

It seems he was only unconscious for a few seconds.

Watched as Luo Yan was escorted out of the venue.

He Hao then turned around and walked back.

From above in the stands, Su Jiu's voice came, "Oh, who was it just now that said Classmate Luo wasn't his friend."

"Someone here is in more of a rush than anyone."

"What's going on here?"

He Hao lifted his head.

Su Jiu was sitting on the railing, swinging her legs back and forth.

"Be quiet."

He Hao grumpily said, "That Wu guy can't handle losing, he's shameless and despicable to stoop to this level."

"If it were someone else in the ring, I'd make sure they regret it too."

Su Jiu chuckled, "Too bad you won't have the chance."

"However, your pal taking down Wu might cause some trouble."

"Someone, are you worried?"

He Hao rudely replied, "Worried my foot."

"Wu Tiejun brought this on himself."

"Even though he has an uncle who is a minister, can he just come to school and demand things?"


"What is this place?"

"This is the Hundred Battles School!"

"This is a mecha academy authorized by 'Giant Beast Strategy Manor'; even officials from Guangling City have no authority to meddle in the affairs of the academy, let alone a security chief like him!"

Su Jiu blinked at He Hao and said, "You are so innocent."

"But that's what I like about you."


He Hao waved his hand, "Go away!"

After speaking, the person turned around and walked away without paying attention to their partner.

After Luo Yan was taken to the medical room, he immediately underwent a surgery.

When he came out of the operating room and was taken to the regular ward, it was already evening.

The doctor held a tablet and looked at it, saying, "The surgery was very successful."

"Basically, you just need to lie down for a few days, and then you can get out of bed."

"Thanks to practicing 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas' and being at the fourth level of the beginner stage."

"Your body is much stronger than others in the same age group."

"Otherwise, without ten days or half a month, you wouldn't be able to get out of bed."

Luo Yan nodded and asked, "Can I practice cultivation then?"

The doctor said firmly, "No, for the next three days you must rest quietly for me."

"You need to have a medicine bath treatment every day."

"You are not allowed to practice, not allowed to get up, not allowed to leave the bed."

Looking at the doctor's serious face, Luo Yan could only choose to compromise in the end.

After the doctor left.

Zeng Shan and Li Bohang arrived.

"Old Luo, are you okay?"

Zeng Shan pulled up a chair and sat down.

Luo Yan shook his head and said, "I have to lie in bed for at least three days."

"Then you should just rest well."

"Anyway, the real combat test will be in a few days."

"When you can get out of bed, it will be the day of departure."

Zeng Shan added, "That guy surnamed Wu is really shameless, already lost and still made a move."

"I heard from senior students that Wu Tiejun's final move was the 15th mystical art: Splitting Clouds!"

"That move can directly kill people."

Li Bohang smiled faintly, "But he didn't expect that his 'Phantom Wolf' left on the stage actually saved your life."

Luo Yan couldn't help but look at him.

Li Bohang said calmly, "I have deduced the situation at that time."

"After thinking for a long time, I really can't imagine how you survived that attack except by using 'Phantom Wolf' to block 'Splitting Clouds'."

Luo Yan couldn't help but admire him a little.

Li Bohang's accurate deduction of the situation at that time shows that he is very cautious.

Zeng Shan added, "The school was too careless this time, thinking that suppressing everyone's Elemental Power to Primary Level 2 would prevent any accidents."

"There wasn't even a teacher prepared to handle unexpected situations."

"If it weren't for Old Luo's quick reaction, we would only be able to visit him in the morgue now."

Li Bohang chuckled and said, "Can't blame the school entirely, everything was normal during the competition a few days ago."

"Who would have thought that Wu Tiejun would do such a thing."

Zeng Shan nervously said, "By the way, Bob, didn't you mention something."

"Will Mr. Wu's uncle, who holds an official position, come to bother Old Luo?"

Li Bohang stopped smiling and said, "Definitely."

"Even if his uncle doesn't show up, someone will come to the school looking for him."


"This time, the school really neglected its duty, nearly causing Classmate Luo's life."

"In addition, Wu Tiejun broke the rules first."

"So, in this matter, the school will definitely stand by Classmate Luo."

"Classmate Luo, don't worry about anything, just focus on recovering."

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