Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: You're Asking for Trouble!

"Hey, Old Luo!"

Seeing Luo Yan trapped by the Elemental Power Chain, unable to move.

Being relentlessly attacked by Wu Tiejun's 'Wind Spear'.

Zeng Shan couldn't help but nervously stand up, almost leaning over the railing.

Li Bohang lifted his glasses and said, "Don't worry, Classmate Luo hasn't lost yet."

Zeng Shan then saw Luo Yan, covered in blood, a shocking sight.

However, Elemental Power surrounded him, faintly revealing the illusion of overlapping mountains.

Luo Yan stood still, his eyes becoming more fierce, continually scanning Wu Tiejun's neck and chest for fatal openings.

Then she looked at the knees, collarbones, and similar disabling but non-lethal body parts with great control.

In the audience seats.

Smiling Liu Ruohan, with her chin resting in her hands, said, "Being held motionless by 'Shackles,' Wu Tiejun not only has to take all of 'Wind Spear,' but also can't release the power, and can only rely on his own strength to endure."

"He still hasn't fallen, he's really tough..."


Beside her, Yang Likai suddenly had a bad thought.

Couldn't help but glance at Liu Ruohan a few more times.

Luckily, his goddess here didn't have a mesmerizing gaze or a face full of charm.

Keeping a normal expression.

Yang Likai finally felt a bit relieved.

On the stage.

Luo Yan unleashed Elemental Power, shattering those Elemental Power Chains.

After all, it's just a level 3 mystical art.

Far from being as sturdy as 'Phantom Wolf'.

Luo Yan once again used 'Illusion Breaking Eye' to look.

After the previous round of mystical art outbursts.

Wu Tiejun's current Elemental Power is now less than 50.

Similar to him.

At this moment.

Wu Tiejun again invoked his Elemental Power behind the 'Empty Wall', summoning a 'Phantom Wolf'.

Another wolf-like creature appeared.

Even though Wu Tiejun's Elemental Power decreased to 24 points, it seemed he could still use his mystical art one more time.

However, a huge threat remained.

Soon, the wolf-like creature pounced again.

This time, the creature was not attacking aggressively, but rather trying to distract and disrupt the fight.

Luo Yan speculated that Wu Tiejun intended to use the 'Phantom Wolf' to keep himself in place.

Then he would determine the outcome using his next mystical art.

Luo Yan guessed right.


Wu Tiejun's plans need to be a bit louder.

Up to now.

He still hasn't used the 'Divine Hidden Art'!

His 'Divine Hidden Art' is nature-based: Burning.

It can make all attacks add high-temperature flame effects.

Wu Tiejun has just not used it.

At first, he thought that the outbreak of 'Wind Spear' just now was enough to defeat Luo Yan.

Luo Yan unexpectedly excelled in practicing 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas'.

But that's fine.

The next move is Wind Spear with added 'burning' effect, sure to give this first grade student a hard time.

Glancing at the nearby mecha 'White Dragon' from the corner of his eyes.

Wu Tiejun had only one thought in mind.

I must make this mecha mine!

At that moment.

Luo Yan dodged the attack of 'Phantom Wolf', seemingly becoming impatient due to the wolf beast's interference.

Letting out a roar, he rushed recklessly forward, sword raised to strike.

The Phantom Wolf agilely dodged around Luo Yan and bit his sleeve.

"Great opportunity!"

Wu Tiejun activated the 'Divine Hidden Art'.

While forming hand seals.

He pushed his palms towards Luo Yan.

Wind Spears burning with flames shot towards Luo Yan with a howling sound.

At the same time.

Luo Yan's eyes suddenly gleamed brightly.

Elemental Power forcefully broke through acupoints.

Open the Yuan Wheel!


Bright yellow light surged upwards.

Luo Yan's hair floated and flew.

His eyes glowed red like burning flames.

He leaned forward fiercely.

Taking bold steps forward.

His sleeves tore suddenly, getting rid of the 'Phantom Wolf'.

Facing the flaming Wind Spears.

He raised both arms to protect his head and chest.

Then he crashed forward.

The blazing long spear brushed across his body one by one.

Leaving behind streaks of blood.

And on Luo Yan's body, it left round high-temperature flames, burning him painfully.

Luo Yan roared again.

The Elemental Power shook, creating an impact that dispersed the flames on his body.

But his body still got burns forming blisters.

However, Luo Yan did not stop his steps.

After being hit by the flaming Wind Spear, he raised his long sword. Suddenly, the alloy sword transformed into a bolt of lightning and fiercely struck Wu Tiejun's 'Empty Wall'.

Battle Technique: Thunderous Shock!


This Battle Technique is used in the 'Open Yuan Wheel' state.

The invisible barrier immediately shattered. Under the explosive impact, Wu Tiejun was shaken by the burst of air.

Amidst the howling gale.

He strained to keep his eyes open, vaguely seeing.

Luo Yan's footsteps never ceased.

In the blink of an eye, he was already by his side.

The alloy sword swept across.

Sweeping towards his left side.

Wu Tiejun instinctively raised his arm to block.


At the moment the long sword swept across his arm, he screamed in pain.

Not long ago, he accidentally injured his left hand while practicing a Battle Technique.

The injury has not fully healed yet.

Now being swept by Luo Yan's sword.

It nearly took his life.

He instinctively jumped to the right.

But when he landed, he stepped on empty space.

He fell to the ground all at once.

Wu Tiejun was bewildered.

He touched the hard ground.


He actually fell off the stage.

He lost!

In the audience.

Zeng Shan jumped up and shouted at Wu Tiejun, "He fell down!"

"He lost!"

"Old Luo won!"

He Hao, who had been standing all this time.

Finally sat down.

A smile unconsciously appeared on his lips.

Soon, the school's broadcast started playing.

Wei Fenghua announced, "The winner of Group Seven, Luo Yan!"

Upon hearing these words.

Luo Yan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, his right leg throbbed with pain.

He turned around.

It turned out Wu Tiejun's 'Phantom Wolf' was still there.

The creature rushed towards him and bit Luo Yan's leg.

On the ground.

Wu Tiejun suddenly jumped up.

His eyes were burning red.

He roared in anger, "I haven't lost my from my senses!"

He forcefully removed the bracelet and took off the Elemental Power suppressor.

In an instant.

Wu Tiejun was surrounded by bright yellow light.

His suppressed Elemental Power was restored!

He quickly made a hand seal.

Then he pushed his hand towards Luo Yan on the stage.

A constantly twisting, flame-burning light sphere.

Roaring and shooting like a cannonball.

"Mystical art number 15, Splitting Clouds?" Su Jiu straightened her body and her face turned grim.

He Hao climbed over the fence and jumped down.

He wanted to stop Wu Tiejun.

Number 15 mystical art called 'Splitting Clouds' creates a strong explosive effect, and after the explosion, there's a splash effect of Elemental Power.

Luo Yan would be in trouble if he got hit by this.

It's like getting hit by a grenade up close, and then shot by a shotgun.

It would be a really ugly way to die.

Not to mention.

Wu Tiejun also used 'Divine Hidden Art' to add high-temperature flames to this mystical art.

His goal was to kill Luo Yan.

Strike hard!

What a pity.

He Hao didn't react slowly.

But he was too far from the arena.

It was too late.


Before He Hao could reach the arena.

A ball of fire burst into the sky.

Then streams of burning Elemental Power shot through the air, making nearby spectators scream and dodge.

He Hao stopped.

His face looked very ugly.

He glared at Wu Tiejun and shouted angrily.

"You little second grader, you're asking for trouble!"

But at that moment.

On the stage.

Another voice was heard at the same time.

Speaking the same words as He Hao.

"You're asking for trouble!"