Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Mystical Art Battle

"Well done, Old Luo."

In the audience, Zeng Shan put his hand to his mouth, whistled, and waved his flag to cheer.

"This guy, Old Luo, is even more powerful than he was in the forbidden area."

"He managed to get everyone down from the ring in one go."

"Haha, falling off the ring means losing."

"Winning decisively."

Excited, Zeng Shan chattered on and on.

Beside him, the slender and clean-faced Li Bohang adjusted his glasses and said, "It's not over yet. Look, there's still one left."

Zeng Shan looked towards the stage in surprise.

On the remaining one-third of the ring, other than Luo Yan, he couldn't see anyone else.

However, he noticed Luo Yan looking to the left of the arena.

Zeng Shan's eyes moved, only to see a black rope tied to a steel bar at the edge of the arena.

Then someone jumped up.

It was Wu Tiejun, a second grader!

Wu Tiejun reacted quickly just now. When he sensed that the arena was collapsing, he quickly made a seal and used his magical skill called 'Black Rope'.

At a critical moment, he tied the steel bar, swung over with force, and didn't fall off the arena.

Luo Yan squinted his eyes slightly and quietly activated his skill 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.


Wu Tiejun's body was surrounded by a bright gray light, shining red and bright yellow light.

His blood value is 451, while his Elemental Power is at 120 on average.

His high blood value is because Wu Tiejun's Visualization Technique has reached the fifth level and his body has undergone Elemental Power refinement.

The Elemental Power is at Primary Level 2.

Each second-year student participating in the competition wears a bracelet on their wrist.

That is an Elemental Power suppression device.

It can suppress the Elemental Power to a specific value.

In order to be fair.

Their Elemental Power has all been suppressed to the average of 120.

This way, the gap with first-grade students is not far.

Luo Yan also wears one on his hand.

He is quite special.

Even though he is in first grade.

He is already at the fourth level.

His blood value is 572, and if his Elemental Power is not suppressed, it will reach an average of 196.

That's why he wears a suppressor to control his Elemental Power at an average of 120.

After the recent outburst, his Elemental Power is now down to 70 on average.

However, due to the influence of "Viewing the Mountains and Seas," his Elemental Power will slowly recover.


On the stage, only Wu Tiejun remained.

Luo Yan stomped fiercely on the platform with both legs, launching himself like a rocket towards Wu Tiejun.

Wu Tiejun held a metal staff in his hand. Initially, he wanted to use the advantage of the long weapon to deplete Luo Yan's Elemental Power.

However, he had just experienced Luo Yan's explosive power.

Wu Tiejun realized one thing.

He could not outmatch Luo Yan in Battle Technique.

But he remained calm.

He believed in specializing in his craft.

During training sessions, the instructor had emphasized this multiple times.

Whether it's fighting skills or magic, you can only focus on one.

Don't try to learn both.

Otherwise, you won't master either well.

Wu Tiejun doesn't like fighting up close with others.

That's why he chose to focus on learning magic.

He may learn a few fighting skills just in case.

However, trying to weaken the opponent in close combat and then using magic to win is not realistic.

That would be too naive.

Wu Tiejun quickly threw a long stick to distract Luo Yan.

Quickly making hand signs with both hands.

Finally shouted loudly, "Phantom Wolf!"

A faint yellow light danced in front of him, like bright starlight, quickly forming a phantom, incorporeal wolf beast.

In the audience seats.

With a stern face and a straight posture, He Hao with a tough demeanor muttered, "Number Zero, mystical art, Phantom Wolf."

"With autonomous combat abilities, can attack, defend, engage, and maneuver."

"To defeat the magician, one must first get rid of this troublesome creature."

"That's why I dislike those who use mystical art the most, unwilling to face direct combat and only good at attacking from behind."

Beside him, Su Jiu chewing on candy remarked dismissively, "You think everyone is like you, with muscles filling their brains."

"Just win the fight, why do we have to fight head-on."

He Hao shouted, "Fighting head-on is a man's romance, you know nothing!"

Su Jiu, not angry, blinked and said, "Of course I don't understand, who says I'm a woman."

On the stage.

Just as Luo Yan dodged Wu Tiejun's long stick, he saw another phantom wolf beast, formed by Elemental Power, appear in front of his opponent.

As soon as the wolf beast took shape, it let out a soundless roar and pounced towards Luo Yan.

Now only one-third of the stage remains.

There was hardly any space for Luo Yan to avoid the wolf beast.

And Luo Yan's speed was not particularly fast.

How can two legs outrun four legs?

He showed no expression, maintained his speed, and charged towards the wolf beast without hesitation.

The alloy longsword in his hand turned into a flash of lightning, sparkling silver as it struck the Phantom Wolf's head.

Initially, the Phantom Wolf's reaction was not slow, making it difficult to hit.

However, now Luo Yan used the Battle Technique 'Thunderbolt'.

Naturally, he succeeded with one strike.

The Phantom Wolf was immediately struck down, its silhouette blurring and showing signs of dispersing completely.

Luo Yan continued forward towards Wu Tiejun, the metallic longsword whistling as it cleaved through the air.

Wu Tiejun then formed another seal at this moment.

His elemental power fluctuated, forming an invisible barrier that collided with Luo Yan's sword.

Both sides' Elemental Powers collided.

A rumble echoed on the platform.

The invisible barrier showed several cracks but did not collapse.

Luo Yan squinted slightly.

He also knew this mystical art.

5th mystical art: Empty Wall!

Specializes in defense!

Suddenly, his shoulder ached and felt heavy.

His gaze fell down.

He saw 'Phantom Wolf' biting hard on his left shoulder.

This wolf beast took a 'Thunder Shock' and didn't collapse.

Truly a mystical art of Number Zero!

In the audience seats.

Su Jiu whispered, "Your kid is in trouble."

"People skilled in mystical art are also good at strategy."

"Once the battle takes shape, it becomes like a swamp, making it increasingly challenging for the opponent to extricate themselves."

"Right now, Wu Tiejun is using 'Empty Wall' to defend, making it hard for your kid to break through and harm him."

"Later, the 'Phantom Wolf' interfered. Next, he will probably use mystical art number 3 for further control, then finish with mystical art number 7."

He Hao snorted, "He is not my friend."

Then, He Hao stood up and shouted, "First-grade students, let's defeat him!"

On the stage.

Luo Yan's eyes narrowed, a fierce glint flashing through them.

The metal long sword reversed, fiercely stabbing behind himself.

The long sword cleaved through the wolf's body, finally causing the Phantom Wolf to collapse.

However, as this wolf beast just collapsed, ethereal chains formed by Elemental Power immediately wrapped around Luo Yan's hands and feet.

These Elemental Power Chains immediately made it difficult for Luo Yan to move.

Luo Yan's mind flashed with corresponding information.

Stage 3 mystical art: Shackles!

Right after.

Sharp whistles resounded on the stage.

Within the whistles.

Luo Yan's whole body kept shaking and swaying, as if being hit by invisible spears, and tiny traces of blood quickly appeared on his body.

Moreover, these traces of blood gradually expanded.

No. 7 mystical art: Wind Spear!