Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Qi Observing Eye

Two hours later, the courtyard test ended.

The radio broadcast began.

"The results of the courtyard test are out."

"In this assessment, 68 new students scored above 80 on average."

"Next, we will announce the list of students who passed and their scores."

"Students whose names are called, please gather in the hall."

"Those whose names are not called, please keep up the effort."

"Starting to announce the list, this time the rankings are not in any particular order."

"Li Zhe, 81 points, passed!"

"Xiao Yuan, 85 points, passed!"

Zeng Shan, 87 points, passed!

Luo Yan perked up his ears, listening carefully to the broadcast.

Beside him, the students whose names were called out were very excited.

For example, a tall boy named Zeng Shan, he was so happy that his eyes turned red, raising his arms and cheering.

Attracting attention.

There were also some people who were more calm and mature.

For example, there was a tall and clean-cut boy named Li Bohang who wore glasses.

There was also a remarkable but somewhat gloomy young man.

He had many followers beside him.

"Luo Beichen, scored 91, passed!"

When the broadcast mentioned this name, many people cheered next to the gloomy young man.

"Congratulations, Brother Luo, 91 points, that score is really high!"

"Of course, I can see that among the new students this term, Brother Luo is firmly in first place!"

It turned out that he was 'Luo Beichen'!

He is Luo Tianyi's son!

When Luo Yan looked over, the gloomy young man looked back.

The two's gazes met in the air.

Luo Beichen smiled slightly.

To show friendliness.

But when Luo Yan looked away, Luo Beichen's eyes flashed with another meaning.

At this moment, the broadcast sounded again, "Li Bohang, 92 points, pass!"

Luo Beichen's smile immediately stiffened.

His companion next to him also froze.

Wasn't that a quick slap in the face?

However, this is not the end yet.

"Lin Wei, 95 points, pass!"

95 points!

The students were instantly excited.

This score is too high.

Also, from the name, it's obviously a girl.

However, just as the students were trying to figure out who 'Lin Wei' was.

The announcement continued, "Luo Yan, 98 points, pass!"

At this moment.

Luo Beichen's face showed no expression.

The hall was silent as the grave.

98 points!

Out of a perfect score of 100, someone got 98 points.

Could the invigilator have made a mistake?

The students looked lost, shocked, and suspicious.

All of this was observed by an elderly man.

The college, the principal's office.

Principal Pan Renfeng chuckled and said, "The wolf cub introduced by Di Zheng is truly extraordinary. His survival experience on the surface is nothing like the kids in our underground city."

At this moment, the screen froze on Luo Yan.

The old principal, in his sixties, was short and had a white braid in his hair.

Behind him.

The teacher who had previously announced Luo Yan's identity at the meeting hall spoke in a deep voice, "Principal, are you really going to accept this student?"

"Di Zheng has said so."

"On the way, a pilot threatened him and he planned to take care of him."

"This could be a time bomb."

Pan Renfeng chuckled, "So what, I was tougher than him when I was young."

"Or is it that our teacher Wei Fenghua is afraid?"

"Afraid of causing trouble?"

The middle-aged teacher coughed a few times and then said, "Principal, you don't need to use tactics to motivate me."

"As long as you dare to accept, then let me teach this student."

"The giant beast invades, Yanfu appears in the world."

"We do need some tough and spicy kids."

"Only then we have hope to reclaim the surface from the claws of those wild beasts and take back our homeland."

Pan Renfeng nodded slightly, "I think so too."

"Moreover, Di Zheng mentioned."

"This wolf cub still has principles."

"The two who died had bad intentions towards him first."

"Otherwise, it would just be killing innocent people indiscriminately."

"Even if he was a 'Natural Resonator', Di Zheng would not have let him live until now, let alone bring him back to Guangling."

"Please teach him well, Teacher Wei."

Wei Fenghua adjusted his glasses with fine cracks and said, "I will."


After announcing the names of 68 students one by one, the qualified ones went to the auditorium.

Those who did not qualify left with regret.

Luo Yan walked among the crowd.

He walked on the edge.

Just like usual, he maintained a state of readiness to escape at any time.

Three years on the surface.

Even though this campus looked very safe, it couldn't change the habits Luo Yan had already developed.

Meeting hall.

Luo Yan saw Wei Fenghua.

With his hands behind his back, Wei Fenghua looked around.

"My name is Wei Fenghua."

"I am the head of the discipline office."

"First of all, congratulations on passing the assessment."

"From this moment on, you are the 'standby pilot' of Guangling City, entitled to fourth-level treatment."

Cheers erupted all around.

Many people even became so excited that their eyes were wet with tears.

Luo Yan didn't know what fourth-level treatment meant.

But looking at the excited faces of the students around him, he thought it must be good.

Wei Fenghua continued, "Next, dormitories will be assigned to you based on your scores."

"You must be tired today."

"Go back to your dormitory and rest well, formal classes will start tomorrow."

Wei Fenghua paused, then said, "Your exam results have been converted into 'credit', which can be exchanged for various supplies at the logistics department."

"In the future, when you achieve excellent results in your studies, you will also be rewarded in the form of 'credit'."

"That's all I wanted to say."

After the speech, Wei Fenghua glanced at Luo Yan and then left the hall.

After Wei Fenghua left, a female teacher stepped forward.

"Before going to the dormitory, the school needs to collect the physical data of all students for physical fitness assessment."

"It won't take up too much of your time."

"Please have the students whose names are called walk over there."

The teacher pointed to a device similar to an airport security gate.

"Zheng Rui..."

"Liu Bing..."

"Chen Yongsong..."

One by one, the students lined up and passed through the inspection gate, where staff members were using tablets to enter data.

When it was Luo Yan's turn, he walked through the inspection gate.

The lights on the gate suddenly turned on.

"It seems like there's a mistake."

"Student, please walk through again."

Luo Yan followed the instructions.

The light on the door was still on.

At that moment, the female teacher walked over and asked, "What's wrong?"

The staff member hesitated and said, "This student seems to have practiced the Visualization Technique."

"The data shows that his Elemental Power has reached 97 points."

"This level can only be achieved after completing basic training."


"His Tianling has already opened, he has Open Soul, and awakened the Divine Hidden Art."

"His Divine Hidden Art is... Qi Observing Eye."


Inside the hall, dozens of eyes.

Swiftly landed on Luo Yan.

Among these gazes, there were surprise, envy, and jealousy.

A lot of them.

Luo Yan had no idea what they were talking about.

However, the name 'Qi Observing Eye' was quite fitting with his magical perspective.

At this moment, someone spoke.

"There's nothing special about completing basic training."

"The Basic Visualization Technique is not that rare. Anyone who can afford it in our city has been practicing before entering school."

Another voice spoke.

"And 'Qi Observing Eye' isn't some amazing Divine Hidden Art, it belongs to the Super Sense category of Eye Techniques."

"If I remember correctly, this 'Qi Observing Eye' is the most common and least noticeable one in the Super Sense category."

The students chattered excitedly.

The envious and jealous looks from earlier had eased.

Hearing that the 'Qi Observing Eye' was very common, Luo Yan felt disappointed and thought it was deceiving.

When the female teacher looked over, there was a sense of regret in her gaze.

Luo Yan felt even more uncomfortable.

But he didn't say anything.

He comforted himself.

Although 'Qi Observing Eye' is common, Di Zheng also mentioned it.

He is a 'Natural Resonator'.

People can't take advantage of everything.

With gain comes loss.

Thinking of this, his mind became clear.

No longer holding regret.

After the 'physical examination'.

Next, the dormitory supervisor led the new students to the dormitory.

"The top three students before the exam can have their own dormitory."

"But it is not permanently yours."

"Every quarter, the college will assess and compare the students."

"If the grades drop, you cannot use the independent dormitory, so the top three students need to remain vigilant."

"Students who are behind in scores should not lose heart, as long as you work hard, you also have a chance to live in the independent dormitory."

The dormitory supervisor said as he walked.

With those words, a sense of competition began to emerge among the students.

Soon, Luo Yan walked into his own room.

An independent dormitory, for single occupancy.

The bedroom and living room are combined.

There is a separate bathroom.

The environment is elegant, a thousand times better than his previous doghouse in the sewer.


Luo Yan frowned, thinking to himself, "The bed is too close to the window."

"The window has no guardrail, it's a floor-to-ceiling window, very vulnerable to attacks."

"There are no escape measures, once accidents happen, the chances of survival are close to zero."

Based on his three years of experience living above ground.

Besides good environment and large area.

This dormitory is not as safe as his dog's place.

With this in mind, he decided to go to the logistics department later.

To see if he could exchange some materials and tools with 'credit'.

To 'strengthen' his dormitory.

Just then.

Suddenly, a bright white light appeared in front of him.

The light moved silently, forming a pattern similar to a tai chi symbol.