Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Thunderstruck All Around

Luo Yan, naturally, did not believe Yang Likai just because of these few words.

Who knows if he will collude with that guy Wu Tiejun.

Moreover, after the competition, he has to go to the logistics department.

Find Shi Haoting to confirm the safety of the 'Starfire Potion' in hand.

Don't lose the package.

Or maybe it's poisoned.

At this time, students participating in this competition are arriving one after another.

Four of them are Luo Yan's classmates.

The remaining five, including Yang Likai, are sophomores.

Four boys and one girl.

When these people walked in, everyone glanced at Luo Yan before picking out their own weapons.

Yang Likai walked over.

Pointing at a tall, slim, fair-skinned boy with semi-long hair and sharp facial features, he said, "He is Wu Tiejun."

"His Visualization Technique has reached the fifth level of beginners, and he is better at mystical art than Battle Technique."

"In our class, he is skilled in so many mystical arts that he ranks in the top three."

"However, this competition only allows the use of mystical art up to 1Number Zero, so you don't need to worry too much."

"During the match, try to get close to him and engage in close combat."

"His Battle Technique is very agile."

The boy named Wu Tiejun looked puzzled at Yang Likai and said, "Yang, are you crazy?"

"Why are you trying to find out my secrets."

Yang Likai chuckled and said, "I don't mind, what can you do to me."

Wu Tiejun really couldn't do anything to him.

After all, Yang Likai is the son of the Construction Bureau Chief.

He could only hum and say, "You'll see later."

Luo Yan stayed silent.

But in his heart, he felt that these two people were not pretending.

That made it even more strange.

It didn't make sense for the son of the bureau chief to be so nice to him.

What is he planning?

Soon, the radio started broadcasting, "Students participating in the competition, please come to the stage. The competition will begin in 5 minutes, no delay allowed."

The students started leaving the waiting room one by one.

They arrived at the stage.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them shook slightly.

A huge figure appeared before them.


White Dragon!

The mecha, looking like a giant silver robot, walked towards the stage, its damages from the battle with Gluttony already repaired.

The White Dragon has a simple design and doesn't have any external attachments because it is a basic model.

It is only equipped with a rifle specially designed for giant beasts.

It also has a hidden chain blade stored in the right arm wrist guard.

Painted in silver-white, it has a 'V' shaped engine vent on its chest.

When the engine is activated, a blue light shines through the vent, illuminating the 'V' shape.

At this moment, Wei Fenghua on the platform introduces, "This is a mech that previously served in the Surface Exploration Legion. For certain reasons, it has now been transferred to our academy."

"The White Dragon, a mystical mech."

"A basic model."

"Standing at 81 meters tall and weighing 1850 tons."

"The operating system is called 'Dragon 2', with the main engine 'Tide', and two auxiliary engines."

"This is the mecha you will be competing with today."

"Good luck to everyone!"

"Let the competition begin!"

After Wei Fenghua announced the start.

Yang Likai raised his hand at the speed of light, "I withdraw, I surrender!"


Whether on stage or off stage, it was all quiet.

Yang Likai smiled and gestured 'good luck' to Luo Yan, then quickly jumped off the ring and ran to the audience seats.

In the audience, his crush named Liu Ruohan was leaning forward with her chin resting on her hands on the railing, watching the arena.

As soon as Yang Likai arrived, he quickly got drinks and a fan from his friends Zhang Hao and Fatty, then he went to stand next to his crush.

"Ruohan, it's hot, have something to drink."

Without turning her head, Liu Ruohan replied, "The underground city has a temperature system, the temperature stays at 27 degrees during the day, so it's not hot there."

"Let me say it again."

"You are not my type, don't waste your time on me."

Yang Likai responded loudly, "How can it be a waste of time? Ignoring me, now that's a waste of time."

"If you won't eat, then have some fruit."

"Yesterday my dad brought a watermelon, it was so sweet."

He gestured, and Zhang Hao handed over a box of watermelon.

Liu Ruohan impatiently said, "Don't disturb me watching the match."

Yang Likai immediately made a zipper motion over his mouth.

On the stage.

The students were not eager to start a war.

The first-grade student cautiously watched the second graders.

Among the second graders, Wu Tiejun looked around and said, "Everyone, we have a celebrity here today."

"Everyone should know Luo Yan, right?"

"Luo Yan, after just one month at school, defeated Luo Beichen in the Deathmatch."

"I heard that a few classmates died, and it was related to him."

"Not long ago, they were still considered brave and advanced representatives."

"Among us, no one is cooler than our classmate Luo Yan, right?"

"If we have to fight alone, I don't think any of us can match up to classmate Luo Yan."

A second-grade student said, "Hey Iron Man, what do you want to say?"

Wu Tiejun's eyes landed on Luo Yan, "I think, if we want a chance to pilot mecha, we need to team up to ask Luo Yan to step down first."

"Only when Luo Yan steps down, can we determine the winner. What do you think?"

"Once Luo Yan steps down, we can compete fairly. What do you say?"

Several second-grade students nodded in agreement almost immediately, without much consideration.

Four first grade students were still hesitating.

Wu Tiejun shouted, "Hey first graders, what do you say?"

Finally, a boy yelled out, "I agree."

He looked at Luo Yan, his eyes showing some anger, "Luo Yan, don't blame us either."

"We also want to pilot a mecha."

"And we want to get a reward too."

"Can't let you have all the benefits, right?"

"Since you're so capable, why not let us have a turn this time?"

"You step aside."

Someone started, and then the other students also gained courage.

"Yeah, can't you give in to us?"

"You go down!"

"Go down!"

In this process.

Wu Tiejun quietly moved back, creating distance from Luo Yan, then shouted, "Stop talking to him, let's all attack together!"

Immediately, one by one, students either boosted their Elemental Power and rushed towards Luo Yan.

Or made hand seals, using mystical art.

Luo Yan fought with a sword alone.

Watch with cold eyes.

Next, Elemental Power surges, Open Yuan Wheel!


Luo Yan burst out a ball of bright yellow light, rising up like flames, and faintly forming the illusion of overlapping mountains.

Watching the opponent rushing towards him.

He spoke with a voice only he could hear.

"Benefits, advantages."

"Have to fight for it yourself."

"Fight for it with all your might."

"Rather than relying on others for charity."

The long sword swept across the ground.

On the stage, it was as if a thunderstorm had passed by, with dazzling flashes of lightning.

This is a Battle Technique that Luo Yan just learned, requiring the use of the 'Open Yuan Wheel'.

'Thunderous Strike. Ten Thousand Jins'!

Amidst the flashes of lightning, the stage began to crack and split.

The students charging forward and forming seals all exclaimed in surprise.

Unable to keep their balance, they all tumbled off the high platform.

The audience fell silent in the stands.

Yang Likai's watermelon fell to the ground.

Liu Ruohan, with her chin resting on her hands, squinted her eyes slightly.

Wei Fenghua coughed twice, a hint of a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

The competition platform, which collapsed two-thirds of the way.

Luo Yan raised a sword.

Almost completely dismantled the platform.

At the same time, also led many students off the platform.