Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: The Chosen One

Luo Yan ignored Shi Haoting's shouting and said coldly, "The 'Starfire Potion' is a new medicine you developed."

"Yes, yes."

Shi Haoting exclaimed, "But don't worry, this medicine is very safe. It just can make people feel hot when used too much and more likely to have certain desires."

Luo Yan frowned, "What kind of desires?"

Shi Haoting chuckled awkwardly, "I mean desires related to men, you know."

"To make the potion harness the power of Elemental Magic, I added sunflowers, which have a strengthening effect."

"Also, it can stimulate primal instincts in living beings."

Luo Yan breathed a sigh of relief silently, glad that it strengthens, not weakens.

If it were the latter...

He looked at Shi Haoting's neck.

Hmm, it's very white and tender.

"In the future, with new medicine, you must be informed," Luo Yan warned.

Shi Haoting quickly agreed.

Luo Yan then let go.

Shi Haoting moved his arms and said with a grin, "Classmate Luo, you are so strong! How about it, the 'Starfire Potion' works well, right?"

Luo Yan nodded, acknowledging that besides some strange side effects, the 'Starfire Potion' indeed worked well.

"I need to exchange a few more bottles."

Shi Haoting shrugged, "We've run out of materials. You've been exchanging quite a lot this month, I can't keep up with your usage."

"Because the medicine is not in big production yet, we don't have a lot of spare materials in the warehouse, so we are out of stock for now."

"But if you help me with a report, once I report the results to the principal and get approval, we can start mass production. Then you can come anytime to exchange."

Luo Yan furrowed his brow, "How should I help?"

"It's very simple."

"I need to collect a sample of your blood and urine for analysis."

"Then, for the next few days, you just need to come in the morning on an empty stomach to do some checks with me." Shi Haoting rubbed his hands together, looking eager.

Luo Yan thought for a moment, "No problem, but in the future, 'Starfire Potion' should be prioritized for me, and give me fewer credits when exchanging."

"Sure." Shi Haoting agreed right away, "I will make it clear, when Classmate Luo comes to exchange, you will only need to pay 7 credits."

"It can't be any less, any less and we won't cover the cost."

"Also, in the future when there is new medicine, if you're willing to help me test it, I'll give you a discount once it's mass-produced."

"Of course, I will take care of your safety, making sure you don't get seriously ill, at least no life-threatening risks."

"Sometimes I need some herbs, you can collect them on your missions and I will buy them from you using credit."

Buying with credit...

This way, you have another way to earn credit.

Luo Yan nodded and said, "If I'm testing new medicine, I'll need credit too, otherwise I won't do it."

Shi Haoting's face stiffened for a moment, then he forced a smile and said, "Okay, okay, Classmate Luo, you're the boss."

"So, how about the test credit for 'Starfire Potion'?"

"Once the potion is produced, I'll give you 20 bottles, deal?"


Walked out of the logistics department.

Luo Yan thought of the cave in 'Misty Canyon' where 'Gathering Yuan Flower' grew.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get those potion ingredients out.

Otherwise, it would be a considerable amount of money.

What if he asked Captain Di for help, to collect and transport them, and make a profit out of it?

Luo Yan shook his head again.

In that case, he would only get credit for providing coordinates and information.

How much money could he make?

Just then, everything went dark before him.

Lifted his head up.

Someone blocked the way.

One of them looked very familiar, it was Yang Likai who had previously wanted to buy his credit.

Luo Yan suddenly glanced at his neck.

Yang Likai suddenly felt his neck getting cold.

He touched his neck and smilingly said, "Classmate Luo, where's the medicine? I told you not to focus only on practicing."

"Life needs some adjustments."

"Let's go, I'll treat you to a meal outside of school."

"Let me introduce you to a few more girls, to add some variety to your life."

Luo Yan looked a bit confused.


Little girl.

Isn't he here to cause trouble?

What a pity...

Luo Yan stayed silent and walked past Yang Likai.

"Where did Classmate Luo go?"

"Let's chat, I just want to be friends with you."

Yang Likai called from behind, "Little girl, don't like it? It's okay, choose between a sexy mature lady or an intelligent older woman."

"Friend Luo, Friend Luo..."

In a blink of an eye, Luo Yan had already walked far away.

Yang Likai shook his head and said, "I'm not interested in women."

"Do women only affect my sword fighting speed?"

"Main character."

"Definitely the destined child."

"Look at their style, learn something from them."

He reached out and put his hand on Zhang Hao and the chubby boy's shoulders, "We, Friend Luo, have nothing in our hands, it seems like we haven't found what we truly desire."

"Go find out what he wants to exchange."

"As long as it's available in Guangling City, no matter how much money it costs, I'll get it for him."

"In a word."

"I've made friends with his friend!"

The next day.

The computer draw has ended, and the group list has been released.

Luo Yan was placed in the seventh group, which means his competition is on the morning of the fourth day.

It's a coincidence.

The mecha they will be competing with in this group is the silver mecha 'White Dragon' that Luo Yan once piloted.

Looking at the list, there were classmates and also some students from the second grade.

Among them, Yang Likai was unexpectedly on the list.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

During these three days, there were already six matches held.

Among them.

Li Bohang successfully advanced to the next round.

Even Zeng Shan, had extremely good luck, and got a mecha.

By the morning of the fourth day.

It was Luo Yan's turn.

He arrived early at the competition venue.

A ring was set up here.

The competition will take place on the stage in a melee mode.

Those who fall off the ring.

Those who surrender voluntarily.

Those who lose consciousness.

All deemed as losers.

The person still standing on the ring at the end.

That is the victor!

Also, no killing is allowed in the competition.

They are using weapons provided by the school, all of which are unsharpened cold weapons.

When he arrived in the lounge, there was no one there.

So Luo Yan first chose a alloy weapon from the shelf next to him.

He had just picked up a blunt sword similar in length and weight to the 'Crack Star' when he heard the door opening.

Then he saw Yang Likai walking in.

As soon as Yang Likai came in, he squeezed out a smile and said, "Good morning, Classmate Luo."

He took a box out of his pocket and handed it to Luo Yan, saying, "This is the 'Starfire Potion' urgently made by Teacher Shi, he asked me to bring it to you on the way."

"20 bottles, enough for you to use for a while."

Luo Yan was a bit surprised, doesn't Shi Haoting say lack of materials?

How come there is potion so quickly.

And there are still 20 bottles.

But he didn't ask, and just took it.

Yang Likai then said, "When it's my turn to go on stage, I will surrender directly."

"I won't argue with Classmate Luo anymore."

"But you should be careful with someone, Wu Tiejun."

"His uncle is Wu Shimu, do you know who Wu Shimu is?"

Luo Yan shook his head.

"Wu Shimu is the head of the security department in the underground city. He is in charge of all the areas managed by the Local Land Bureau in our city."

"He is a high-ranking official."

Yang Likai whispered, "Ever since Wu Tiejun got the team list, he has been threatening to harm anyone who opposes him."

"If you confront him, focus your attacks on his left side."

"That kid injured his left hand while practicing Battle Technique recently, and it hasn't healed yet."

"So, comparatively speaking, his left side is a weak point."

Luo Yan gazed at the sophomore in front of him, finding it increasingly difficult to understand this person.