Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Opportunity

"Compete with second graders for mechs?"

In the classroom, an eighteen or nineteen-year-old young man couldn't help but stand up and protest, "Teacher, this is just too unfair!"

"Second graders are way ahead of us in their courses, who can compete with them in Elemental Power, Battle Technique, or mystical art? Are we just supposed to give our best shot?"

There was a roughly 10-centimeter scar on the right side of the young man's face, giving him a somewhat fierce appearance.

Luo Yan kept to himself in class, occasionally chatting with Zeng Shan and Li Bohang.

I don't really talk to my classmates in the class.

After just over two months, I almost remembered all my classmates' names.

Like this young man now, his name is Ling Cheng, and his special combat skill is called 'Super Body: Iron Armor', his fighting style is very brave.

Then another female classmate complained, "Exactly, we will just be treated like tomatoes."

This female classmate wears a pair of glasses with very thick lenses.

Luo Yan remembers her name is Li Zi, she talks a lot usually, once she has a chance to speak, she basically doesn't stop.

With the leadership of these two classmates, many students started to protest.

Wei Fenghua remained unaffected, and when the students nearly finished expressing their emotions, he lowered his hand to signal for quiet.

After the classroom quieted down again.

Wei Fenghua said, "The school has also considered this issue, so during the competition, second-year students will be asked to keep their Elemental Power level below Primary Level 2."

"If you can't reach Primary Level 2 yet, don't complain. What you should do is reflect on it."

"In addition, second-year students will not be allowed to use mystical art above Level 1 Number Zero."

"There are no other restrictions."

"I know this may still not seem fair to you."

"But, once on the battlefield, can you expect your enemies to fight fair?"

"And the second-year students have also gone through this."

"It's the same every year!"

"If anyone feels they can't do it, they can choose to give up, but this will be noted in your records!"

The students became quiet.

No more objections.

Even those with objections didn't dare to speak up.

Abstentions will be noted in the records.

Even if they graduate this way, they cannot become a Mecha Master.

If he doesn't even dare to participate in a slightly unfair competition, how can he be expected to fight on the ground?

This matter is settled now.

Wei Fenghua cleared his throat and then said, "There are a total of 120 students in first grade and second grade combined."

"The school will provide 12 mechas, all of them are basic models."

"We will use a computer to randomly select groups of ten people to compete for a mecha."

"Students who successfully pass will be rewarded with 100 credits each for the mecha."

"Students who perform well in the field test will be able to keep the mecha. This means that even after you graduate, the mecha will still belong to you."

"Of course, you will have to figure out the maintenance and upgrade costs for the mecha on your own."

"The school will provide some subsidies based on the situation."

"But it will not cover all costs."

"Don't worry too much, once you have the mecha, there will be people outside willing to sponsor you."

"So basically, as long as you can keep your mecha, you will have at least some maintenance costs covered."

"The upgrade costs will depend on your luck."

This is another big bomb.

Winning the competition and getting a mecha, plus 100 credits as a reward, is not bad.

But no one expected this.

Doing well in the real battle tests allows you to keep the mecha you have acquired.

Luo Yan suddenly thought of He Hao's 'Black Thunder', which he probably got in a similar test.

With that being said.

Opportunities like this usually come at least once during the first or second year.

But it might not happen in the third year.

If you couldn't get a mecha in the first two years, it means you have limited abilities.

At that time, students who hadn't earned a mecha were already starting to figure out what kind of job they would do in the future.

The school probably won't give any more chances.

In other words, for those sophomores, this might be their last opportunity at the school.

By then, the sophomores will definitely work very hard.

After all, if they don't work hard now, they won't have another chance.

Wei Fenghua explained some norms and requirements for the competition, and then the morning passed by.

After having lunch.

Luo Yan went straight to the logistics department.

The competition will begin tomorrow.

Two groups each day, spread out over six days.

The results of the computer draw will be announced tomorrow.

After the competition ends, there will be three days of personnel adjustments, then departure on the tenth day.

Proceed to the surface for live combat testing.

Time is running out.

Luo Yan wants to increase his strength as much as possible before departure.

So he went to the logistics department to buy 'Starfire Potion'.

Many others share the same idea as him.

Therefore, there are many students in the logistics department today.

Inside, a large part of the group were second graders.

When they saw Luo Yan, almost all of them looked at him with hostility in their eyes.

After all, among the first grade students, Luo Yan was already a celebrity.

Whether it was fighting Luo Beichen in a deathmatch or being rewarded by the Local Land Bureau.

Nowadays, only a few people don't know Luo Yan.

Luo Yan walked along the base of the wall habitually, ignoring those meaningful looks.

Quietly waiting in line.

When it was his turn, he quickly said, "I want to exchange for 5 'Starfire Potion'."

The staff member looked up, checked Luo Yan's student ID card, and said, "Please wait a moment."

He made a phone call.

Then, the young man who developed the 'Starfire Potion' walked out of a room and waved at Luo Yan, saying "Classmate Luo, come here."

Suddenly, all eyes turned to Luo Yan.

Luo Yan frowned but still walked over.

Walking through the crowd, he heard students whispering.

"Isn't that Teacher Shi Haoting from the Academy's Potion Development Department?"

"How does a first-grade newbie know this big shot?"

"Is this teacher really amazing?"

"Don't you know? Teacher Shi is a master pharmacist. Most of the new medicines in our school and even the underground city are developed by him every year."

"I heard that he developed the vaccine for 'blood poison' back when he was just a student."

"Wow, so this first grade student is getting close to Teacher Shi, wouldn't that mean he won't have to worry about medicine in the future?"

"You're thinking too highly of Teacher Shi, he won't provide medicine for free."

"Also, every year he exhausts all efforts to find people to test his medicine. I heard that some students who took Teacher Shi's new medicine in the past ended up with permanent impotence, it's really tragic."

Listening to these words and seeing Shi Haoting's 'innocent' smile, Luo Yan began to wonder if the 'Starfire Potion' he had been using this month might be a new medicine.

Arriving at the door, Shi Haoting didn't say a word and pulled Luo Yan into the office.

Luo Yan instinctively grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back.

"Ow ow ow, Classmate Luo, let go quickly! I am just a weak bookworm, I can't bear this pain." Shi Haoting immediately started shouting.