Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Real-Life Testing

Yang Likai was busy talking to his crush and impatiently said, "What is it? Tell me later, can't you see I'm busy?"

The chubby guy whispered, "It's about that student, Luo Yan."

"What Luo Yan, I'm busy right now."

Seeing Yang Likai getting angry, the chubby two were about to walk away.

Unexpectedly, the girl standing by the window turned around, "Luo Yan?"

"The one on the school broadcast just now?"

"What happened to him?"

Yang Likai's attitude suddenly did a 180-degree turn, "Yes, what happened to him."

"Didn't you hear what Liu Ruohan said? Hurry up and tell us."

The chubby mumbled for a moment and then said, "Zhang Hao and I just went to the principal's office for fun, guess what, the Local Land Bureau sent two first-grade students a flag."

"They said these two students were brave over the weekend and prevented a disaster."

"So, the Local Land Bureau specially made two banners to praise them."

"Oh, there's also a reward."

"The one called Zeng Shan got a reward of 1000 work points, Luo Yan was amazing, he got a whole 10000 work points."

Yang Likai looked disdainful, "Just 10000 work points, I get more pocket money every month, the Local Land Bureau is too stingy."

The chubby boy and the boy named Zhang Hao didn't think so.

As aspiring Mecha Masters, they enjoy fourth-level treatment, even if they don't become official Mecha Masters after graduation, as long as they work in related fields, they can earn 3000 work points per month.

But because they are students now, they only receive a monthly allowance of 1000 work points.

Luo Yan easily took their reward for almost ten months.

Only rich kids like Yang Likai don't feel jealous.

The others were very jealous.

"To act bravely and with righteousness."

Liu Ruohan's sparkling eyes shimmered, "So interesting, I wonder what they did to receive a flag and reward from the Local Land Bureau."

As soon as Yang Likai heard this, he immediately patted his chest and said, "Ruohan, you might be interested, I will go find out and give you the news at noon."

He grabbed two friends and walked out of the classroom.

Walking along.

Yang Likai frowned and said, "Something's not right."

"What's wrong, boss?"

Yang Likai said, "The way things are unfolding now is not right."

"The villainous woman that the protagonist admired became interested in him, leading to the villain's plan to harm him. Eventually, the villain gave the protagonist a gift and the woman he admired was taken into the protagonist's palace."

"I've seen this kind of trick countless times."

"Now Ruohan is interested in that person named Luo. Isn't this unfolding just like in a novel?"

"If I make a move to harm, snap—my head will roll and I'll be finished!"

Zhang Hao and Yang Likai's mouths twitched, feeling that Yang Likai was getting too involved in the story.

"Boss, should we find out about this news?"

"Find out!" Yang Likai decisively said, "Also, I need to find a way to introduce some girls to Classmate Luo."

"As long as he finds a good match, with Classmate Liu's proud heart and growing interest in Classmate Luo, things won't progress in that direction."

Zhang Hao and Yang Likai immediately gave a thumbs up, "You are amazing, boss, for coming up with such a plan."

"That's a must," Yang Likai said proudly.


The news of Luo Yan and Zeng Shan receiving a reward from the Local Land Bureau spread throughout the college.

Just as Luo Tianyi had guessed.

This matter caused a great stir.

Some envied, some disapproved, and some became teary-eyed.

Especially those who thought highly of themselves but were relatively unknown, believed that Luo Yan was just lucky.

Although they wouldn't immediately cause trouble for Luo Yan, the seed of jealousy had been planted, waiting to bloom.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

That day.

Luo Yan was training in the arena.

After taking the 'Starfire Potion', a large amount of Elemental Power flowed into his body, burning away impurities and making the Elemental Power purer.

Soon, the last tendon had been tempered.

However, Luo Yan did not stop practicing the Visualization Technique.

The effects of the 'Starfire Potion' were still present.

Elemental Power continued to flow incessantly.


Luo Yan felt a familiar sense of obstacle.

It's like there is an invisible barrier inside him, preventing the flow of Elemental Power.

This is a sign of breakthrough.

With determination, Luo Yan accepted the Elemental Power without hesitation, gradually increasing it within him.

He started striking the invisible barrier.

This repeated.

It's unknown how long passed.

Suddenly, Luo Yan's whole body trembled, feeling the invisible barrier collapse with a crash, allowing the Elemental Power to flow freely without obstacles.

At this moment.

Around Luo Yan, his Elemental Power was rising and faintly forming the illusion of overlapping mountain peaks.

But the image was very blurry, like it was covered in mist.

After a while passed.

Luo Yan finally opened his eyes.

Feeling the surging Elemental Power within his body.

His body had a sense of expansion, as if there was an endless amount of power.

He glanced at the container of potion on the ground, sighed in his heart, this 'Starfire Potion' is indeed very effective.

The speed of his training was much faster than he had imagined.

Originally it would take about 70 days to refine all the meridians and break through to the level 3 of Visualization Technique Primary Level.

Unexpectedly, in just one month, he had made a breakthrough.

It shortened the time by half.

During this time, Luo Yan used up his credits quickly.

After one month, he now only had less than 50 credits left.

He couldn't help but worry.

With this little credits left, he could only buy six bottles of 'Starfire Potion', which wouldn't be enough to support his training on the fourth floor.

"I'll go back and ask Teacher Wei if there's a way to earn more credits."

Luo Yan thought back on what he had learned this month.

He learned a new Battle Technique from Di Zheng, as well as two mystical arts, number 3 and number 5.

And just used Visualization Technique to break through.

It felt like a great achievement.

The next morning was supposed to be Xiao Shi's usual class.

However, when he entered the classroom, it was Wei Fenghua instead.

Luo Yan had a feeling that something was about to happen.

After clearing his throat habitually, Wei Fenghua said, "You have been studying at the academy for some time."

"Next, the academy has prepared a practical test for everyone."

"Those who perform well in the test will be rewarded with credit."

Luo Yan perked up when he heard this.

He was worried because he had almost used up all his credit.

The opportunity came.

Wei Fenghua continued, "This time, we will have a mecha combat simulation."

"In other words, you will pilot mechas for testing."

"However, mechas are limited."

"Only a few of you will be able to access mechas."

"Therefore, you must compete for the right to use mechas."

"Students who currently do not have the right to use mechas should not be discouraged."

"You will be assigned to the tactical squad or logistics department."

"Fighting with mechs is never a solo mission."

"However, this time's real battle is a collaboration between first and second graders."

"So, when it comes to using mechs, you will need to compete with the second graders!"