Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: False Prosperity

Monday night.

The cafeteria was bustling with activity.

When Luo Yan and Di Zheng walked in.

The noisy cafeteria suddenly became quiet.

Luo Yan walked through the cafeteria as if he didn't notice anything.

Di Zheng had a blank expression on his face.

One didn't care about the attention, while the other was not quick to smile.

When these two sat down in a corner of the cafeteria.

The atmosphere started to recover.

In another corner of the cafeteria, there were eyes watching Luo Yan quietly.

It turned out to be Yang Likai, who needed to buy credit from Luo Yan at the logistics department last night.

"Brother Yang, isn't that Captain Di?"

Next to Yang Likai, a boy whispered, "No wonder he dares not to believe you, he used to be close with Captain Di."

"I heard about it before, but I didn't believe it, why would Captain Di care about a surface barbarian."

"Now I believe."

"Brother Yang, let's not mess with that kid too much."

Across the table, a chubby boy with acne all over his face said, "Who is Captain Di, our Brother Yang's dad is the Construction Bureau Chief, why would Brother Yang be afraid of a surface barbarian?"

"Brother Yang, do you want me to teach him a lesson, just say the word and I'll take care of it for you right away."

Yang Likai looked disgusted and said, "If you want to die, die far away from me, don't splash blood on me."

The chubby boy was stunned.

Yang Likai picked up a piece of soft beef with his chopsticks and said, "Just read more books when you have nothing to do."

"I have read about 80 to 100 novels, and in almost every one, the main characters are born from humble backgrounds and go on to achieve great things against all odds."

"Characters like me, with influential fathers, wealth, and good looks, are like reliable guides in the story."

"Sometimes, they also act as providers of resources and equipment."

"Basically, they are there to give money to the main character."

"Don't you think that boy seems like he's following a template for a main character?"

"As soon as he came to our school, within a month, he defeated Luo Beichen."

"I can't mess with such a ruthless person."

"I was angry yesterday."

"Being angry is one thing, but staying safe is more important."

"Besides, I'm delicate and pampered, with good food and drinks. Why bother fighting with a wild man?"

"Instead, I want to observe more."

The two followers whispered, "What are you observing, Brother Yang?"

Yang Likai smiled and said, "I'm observing his potential. I know my own abilities, and I'm just waiting for my time to pass."

"I won't achieve anything big."

"But what if our classmate Luo has potential? I can invest in him. Then if he succeeds in the future, won't I have something to gain?"

"Isn't this better than just competing with him out of pride?"

The two followers quickly started flattering, and Yang Likai accepted it with a smile.

On the other side of the cafeteria.

Luo Yan felt a bit sorry but spent 3 credits and ordered a table full of food.

Di Zheng didn't hesitate and just started eating.

Seeing this, Luo Yan didn't want to be left out and also joined in sweeping through the food.

The two of them didn't say a word, they focused on eating.

After a while passed.

The table full of dishes was completely devoured by the two of them.

Only then did Di Zheng let out a sigh and said, "This flavor, since I stopped teaching at the school, I haven't eaten so heartily."

He then continued, "By taking down Luo Beichen, whether you like it or not, you have already been dragged into the struggle between the two factions of the underground city."

"So there are some things I need to tell you."

"In the underground city, there are two groups with different attitudes towards the giant beasts."

"One group is the conservative faction, led by Luo Tianyi. He is a big shot in the conservative faction, but he's not the only important person in it. If he were, I would have taken him down already."

"The other group is the extremist faction, mainly led by me. Overall, there aren't many people who support my beliefs."

Luo Yan sat up straight and asked, "What are the beliefs of the two factions?"

"The conservative faction is made up of big merchants, entrepreneurs, and most of the older officials like Luo Tianyi," she explained.

"They believe that since the 'Beast Calamity' three years ago, the underground city has remained safe, showing that it's secure here."

"They want to disband the Surface Exploration Legion and stop us from exploring the surface or studying the giant beasts. They fear that attracting the attention of the giant beasts could bring disaster to the underground city," Di Zheng said simply.

"This belief of theirs also has the support of many underground city residents."

Di Zheng said calmly, "I understand where everyone is coming from."

"Just like in times of peace, everyone wishes for peace and security, to live peacefully in their homes."

Luo Yan squinted slightly and said, "But that's impossible."

"It's as foolish as an ostrich burying its head in the sand when faced with danger."

Di Zheng sighed softly, "I think the same way."

"Despite the bustling and lively underground city."

"It seems like as long as humans stay hidden underground, they can live in eternal peace."

"However, this prosperity and peace are only three hundred meters away from the giant beast."

"Once a giant beast discovers the underground city, it will face imminent disaster."

He said solemnly, "That's why I advocate for actively exploring the surface, regularly eliminating giant beasts, reclaiming 'Youyin' and giant beast materials, for researching and strengthening our own forces."

"My ultimate goal is to drive away the giant beast, reclaim the surface, and take back our homeland."

"We should live in the sunlight, not cower in the depths, living our lives as mice!"

Di Zheng's words were powerful, stirring up excitement in Luo Yan.

But he remained silent.

Showing no signs at all.

After dinner, Di Zheng prepared to leave.

Luo Yan walked him to the academy gates and then asked, "Captain Di, may I inquire about something?"

Di Zheng turned back, "Go ahead."

"Do you know what's happening in 'Treasure City' right now?" Luo Yan asked nervously.

Di Zheng looked at him and asked, "Do you have family there?"

Luo Yan nodded.

Di Zheng said, "I will ask around and let you know next time."

After saying that, he left.

Luo Yan took a deep breath.

Then he went back to the dormitory, took a shower, and practiced.

The next day.

During the break between classes, the school radio suddenly announced, "First grade students Luo Yan and Zeng Shan, please come to the principal's office."

The announcement was repeated three times.

Luo Yan looked a bit confused.

Zeng Shan was even more puzzled and didn't know why he was called out.

After exchanging a glance, they both got up and headed to the principal's office.

After a moment.

In the classroom of the second year of college.

Yang Likai was talking with a girl.

"Ruohan, what do you think of this latest custom-made mecha?"

"I think it suits you perfectly in every way."

The girl, tall and bored, stood by the window, looking even more graceful and charming in the sunlight.

She glanced at Yang Likai and said, "Do you know how expensive a custom-made mecha is?"

"Even my dad's company has to hold meetings to discuss when buying a mecha."

"You're very casual about it."

Yang Likai smiled and said, "As long as you like it, Ruohan, I can get you not just one mecha, but even the moon from the sky."

Footsteps approached, and Yang Likai's two followers hurried over.

The chubby guy with acne all over his face called out, "Boss, Brother Yang, come over here."