Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Open Ghost Wheel

Also on this evening.

Grand Jiangnan Road, Luo Mansion.

In the study.

Luo Tianyi and eldest son Luo Nanxing are playing chess.


Luo Nanxing has his head down, eyes drooping, hands on knees, breathing slowly.

He holds a humble posture, but not out of inferiority.

Luo Tianyi picks up a chess piece, slowly puts it down, and casually says, "Nanxing, you've been learning chess for fifteen years, right?"

Luo Nanxing then lifts his head slightly and smiles, "Fifteen years and three months."

Luo Tianyi nodded and said, "Yes, now you have the right demeanor, momentum, and manners when playing games."

"You only lack experience."

Luo Nanxing knew his father was not referring to playing chess, but to other things.

"It's your turn," said Luo Tianyi with a smile.

Luo Nanxing made a defensive move.

Luo Tianyi squinted and said, "Having a stable game style is not a bad thing. Playing steadily and building a strong foundation."

"However, sometimes you also need a bit of aggression."

"Especially when it comes to exchanging life and death with your opponent, if you keep defending blindly, you may easily be cornered by the opponent's relentless advance."

Luo Tianyi raised his head and said meaningfully, "This applies to being a person, and even more so to doing things."

Luo Nanxing took a step back, resting his forehead on the ground, "My son has learned a lesson."

There was a knock on the door.

Luo Tianyi raised his hand.

Luo Nanxing sat up straight.

"Come in."

With Luo Tianyi's permission, the door was opened, and the old steward who had served the Luo family for many years walked in.

"Sir, Chen Kangan is here."

Luo Nanxing had a thoughtful expression on his face.

At this moment, Luo Tianyi asked calmly, "Who is Chen Kangan?"

Luo Nanxing knelt on the ground and replied, "The director of the Local Land Bureau in Yongping District."

Luo Tianyi glanced at him and smiled satisfactorily.

Just now, he intentionally tested his son.

People like them, no matter how many subordinates they have, still need to remember each person.

By doing so, they can work in a targeted manner and avoid confusion.

Luo Tianyi picked up another chess piece and asked, "Why did Chen Kangan come?"

The old steward replied, "He said that he has been in contact with a student from Battle Academy, Luo Yan, these days."

Luo Tianyi's hand, which was about to put down the chessboard, hesitated for a moment before making a move, "Interesting."

He looked at his son and said, "Go meet him and make sure things are handled properly."

"Yes," Luo Nanxing stood up and backed out of the study.

A moment later.

Luo Nanxing returned and said, "Chen Kangan mentioned that on Friday night, members of a giant beast smuggling group were caught in his area."

"To confuse everyone, they released a Giant Beast Parasite, but it was killed by Luo Yan and their classmate Zeng Shan."

"Afterwards, members of the smuggling organization kidnapped a woman, but she was silenced."

"Currently, the identity of the killer is still under investigation."

Luo Tianyi lifted his head and asked, "Did Chen Kangan say anything else?"

Luo Nanxing shook his head, "No, he just mentioned that he was passing by and wanted to visit you briefly, and inform us about this news."

Luo Tianyi smiled, "A district chief who knows his boundaries, quite intelligent."

"So, what will you do?"

Luo Nanxing said respectfully, "I remember you mentioned it before, father."

"You are going to praise that Classmate Luo."

"Therefore, I took the liberty to let Director Chen handle it, arrange a time to give both students a flag, and then reward them with work points."

Luo Tianyi asked further, "What kind of reward?"

Luo Nanxing replied slowly, "Classmate Luo will receive 10,000 work points, and the other student will receive 1,000."

Luo Tianyi nodded in agreement, "Sounds good."

"When there's comparison, there will always be someone unhappy."

"And those from less fortunate families will feel more envious."

"When someone is jealous, our classmate Luo can't have peaceful days."

"But that's not enough."

"We need to find a chance to make him a celebrity in Guangling."

"Someone whose name brings a feeling of revenge when mentioned."

"Remember, dealing with Luo Yan is just a bonus to us."

"Luo Yan is just a tool, just a lever."

"What we really aim to defeat is Di Zheng!"


Luo Tianyi made a move, sealing the fate with one chess move.


Monday afternoon.

Practice area.

As soon as Luo Yan walked into the training area, he saw Di Zheng.

He was wearing a practice outfit, his face stern and serious, but there was a hint of a smile in his eyes, like the sunshine in autumn, clean and bright.

Di Zheng handed a book to Luo Yan, "This is from Old Wei."

When Luo Yan looked at it, he realized it was the "Encyclopedia of Divine Hidden Art" that Wei Fenghua had promised him earlier in the forbidden area.

Di Zheng said firmly, "I have come today to fulfill my promise."

"I give you the secret spell of 'Open Ghost Wheel'!"

Luo Yan's eyes lit up with excitement.

Di Zheng first pointed to several acupoints on his body, explained the path of Elemental Power, then said, "Unlike the 'Open Yuan Wheel', the 'Open Ghost Wheel' will not increase your immediate combat power."

"The term 'ghost' refers to darkness and depth."

"In our daily activities, whether sitting or lying down, all the pores on our bodies are in an open state."

"With open pores, our bodies will naturally release breath."

"Some giant beasts are very sensitive to breath."

"The 'Open Ghost Wheel' allows us to contain our breath throughout the body, but remember, do not change your breath while using the 'Open Ghost Wheel'."

"If you change your breath, you will lose it."

"However, with more practice of this secret technique, naturally, the duration of holding this breath will increase."

"Also, when using 'Open Ghost Wheel', the energy will be contained within the body, and Elemental Power is no exception."

"This causes the Elemental Power to become compacted."

"When you finish using 'Open Ghost Wheel', and immediately switch to 'Open Yuan Wheel', the compacted Elemental Power will erupt."

"It is a much larger eruption compared to just using 'Open Yuan Wheel'."

"It is important to note."

"As a result, you will also consume more energy than just using 'Open Yuan Wheel'."

"Therefore, it is important to use it according to the situation."

Luo Yan listened so intently that he forgot to breathe.

After collecting his thoughts, he asked, "Do other Soul Wheels, when opened in a different order, also create different effects?"

Di Zheng nodded with a cold face, "Correct."

"In addition, secret techniques and Divine Hidden Arts can be used together, and sometimes they are conditions to unleash certain Battle Techniques."

"For example, my 'Thunder Flash' is a combination of Divine Hidden Art and 'Open Yuan Wheel' as a condition to activate."

"In the future, you can explore this area further to create your own unique Battle Techniques or mystical arts."


Di Zheng patiently explained the key points of this secret technique to Luo Yan.

And so, an afternoon passed.

"Let's go, it's time for dinner."

To Luo Yan's surprise, this time Di Zheng didn't finish teaching before leaving.

Di Zheng patted his friend's shoulder and said, "I haven't had cafeteria food in a long time, I really miss it."

"But, I don't have any money, so you'll have to treat me."

The cafeteria is free for students on campus, but if you're a friend from outside, you need to use credits to buy food.

Luo Yan naturally agreed.

So, the two of them went to the cafeteria.