Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Get Lost if You Don't Buy

Return to the academy.

After dinner, Luo Yan didn't go back to the dormitory, instead, he headed straight to the logistics department.

He wanted to exchange for some potions and intensify his training.

Right now, he has over three hundred unused credits.

Although 'Soothing Agentia' is cost-effective, its benefits for training are limited.

Luo Yan wanted to see if there were better options as long as the credits needed for exchange were not too many.

He was willing to give it a try.

Especially after watching Di Zheng's battle today, he felt a deep desire for power, a longing for strong impulse.

In chaotic times, he wanted to survive and live better than others.

Obviously, having strong power is the foundation of everything.

As for credits, he could earn more if he spent them.

Upon entering the logistics department, Luo Yan heard someone shouting loudly.

"What, work points can't be exchanged for items anymore?"

"How could this be?"

"Last semester was still good!"

"When was this rule changed? Why didn't I know?"

"What should we do about the things my baby needs?"

"Should I go outside to buy?"

"The quality outside is not as good as our school."

"Buy credit?"

"Okay, wait for me!"

"I'll ask someone to buy it!"

Just before the exchange window, a handsome young man turned around and was about to leave.

When he saw Luo Yan, he tapped his head and pointed at Luo Yan, saying, "You're that new student, the one who beat up Luo Beichen, what was his name."

"Luo Yan! Yes, Luo Yan!"

Luo Yan glanced at him, ignored him, and habitually walked towards the exchange window along the wall.

"Don't go."

"My name is Yang Likai, and my dad is Yang Zhen."

"Do you know Yang Zhen?"

The young man who called himself Yang Likai followed behind.

"You can't not know my dad."

"My dad is the head of the Construction Bureau!"

"No, can you listen to what I have to say?"

He quickly took a few steps forward and blocked the way.

Luo Yan looked up and glanced at his snow-white neck, especially focusing on the big artery.

Yang Likai suddenly felt his neck getting cold, but he ignored it and continued, "Last time you came back from the forbidden area, I heard the academy rewarded you with three hundred credits."

"Since you won't use all of them anyway, give me some."

"I'll trade work points with you."

"100 work points for 1 credit."

"Hurry up, give me your student ID card, and I'll transfer the credits to you."

Luo Yan examined him.

Wondering where his confidence came from.

Thinking he would definitely sell his credit.

"Want credit?"

Luo Yan spoke up, "Okay, but 100 to 1, no more."

Yang Likai hesitated, then said, "Alright, 200, no more."

"10000 work points for 1 credit."

"Buy it?" Luo Yan asked.

Yang Likai's eyes widened, then he exclaimed, "Is this how you sell things? This is robbery!"

Luo Yan walked past him, "Buy or get lost."

Yang Likai's face turned pale and then purple in an instant.

He tightened his fist, but when he saw the lazy security guard from the logistics department approaching him.

Yang Likai snorted and turned around to leave.

Over there.

Luo Yan had already arrived at the exchange window.

Behind the window, there was a slightly older girl than Luo Yan.

She seemed to be a senior sister who worked part-time here.

When she saw Luo Yan, she smiled and asked, "Junior, what would you like to exchange?"

Before Luo Yan could speak, a man in his mid-twenties came over from behind the window.

Wearing round brown glasses, holding a small abacus, in slippers, lazily patting the girl's shoulder as he walked over.

"Xiaoya, it's getting late, you should go back first."

"Okay, Mr. Haoting." The little girl stood up, winked at Luo Yan, and left the window.

The man named 'Haoting' sat down, placed the abacus on the table, and asked with a smile, "Classmate, what do you want to exchange?"

Luo Yan simply said, "Practicing resources that can improve cultivation speed."

Pushing up the round glasses on his nose, the smiling man said, "There are many potions that can improve cultivation speed."

"Soothing Agentia and Cloudwater Potion are the best-sellers."

"I have tried Soothing Agentia, too slow," Luo Yan shook his head.

He added, "Cloudwater Potion is not cost-effective."

"Got it," the man with glasses said as he slid the beads on the abacus. "You need a potion that can help you improve quickly and efficiently in your training."

"In that case, the 'Starfire Potion' should be perfect for you."

"As the saying goes, 'a spark can start a fire,' the Starfire Potion can greatly accelerate the absorption of Elemental Power, and most importantly, it can help you remove impurities and make your Elemental Power purer."

"From an efficiency standpoint, it is equivalent to two 'Soothing Agentia' potions and has the additional purification effect that 'Soothing Agentia' does not offer."

"Furthermore, it is reasonably priced, costing only 10 credits."

"However, you are a well-known figure at the school."

"I also admired the way you treated Yang Zhen's son just now."

"I'll give you a discount, you can have it for 8 credits, how about that?"

Luo Yan quickly did the math.

The 'Cloudwater Potion' costs 5 credits and is only 20% better than the 'Soothing Agentia'.

The 'Starfire Potion' is twice as effective as the 'Soothing Agentia' and provides an additional purification effect for Elemental Power. With a discount, it only costs 8 credits.

It's really worth the price!

Luo Yan looked up and said, "Can I get a discount if I buy 10 bottles?"

The man with glasses chuckled, "You're quite sharp with your money. Okay, I'll give you a little extra discount."

"That will be 75 credits, the lowest price I can offer."


Luo Yan paid with his card, got the potions, and left.

After Luo Yan left.

The man named 'Haoting' smiled and said, "Look, now who dares to say no one dares to try my new medicine."

"Isn't this Classmate Luo asking for it."

"Those fools, wait until they find out that Starfire Potion works well. When they come to ask me for it, without 20 credits, no one can exchange it!"

He picked up an abacus, hummed a tune, his slippers making a clacking sound, he walked away from the exchange room in a wobbly manner.

Back in the dormitory, Luo Yan took a shower and prepared to practice.

This weekend at Zeng Shan's house, he followed Wei Fenghua's advice to focus on rest.

After two days.

He felt like there was no major problem.

Naturally, he was not willing to waste time.

Open the window and face the night sky.

Luo Yan sat down cross-legged.

First, he prepared himself and calmed his mind.

Then, he picked up a 'Starfire Potion'.

The 'Starfire Potion' was deep blue overall, with occasional flashes of orange light inside, resembling starfire.

He brought the potion to his lips, took a deep breath, absorbed the potion inside, and began visualizing his training.

As the Visualization Technique activated, Luo Yan could clearly feel a more abundant Elemental Power than usual rushing in from all directions, eagerly pouring into his body.

As this Elemental Power entered his body, it felt like a flame rising within Luo Yan.


Ignite all the Elemental Powers inside the body.

As they burn, the number of Elemental Powers gradually decreases, but the purified Elemental Powers after being refined by the flames are much purer than before.

They swiftly fill into Luo Yan's meridians, which are rapidly cleansed and tempered.

In just a quarter of an hour.

Those meridians are already fully tempered.

Luo Yan felt a burst of joy in his heart.

This 'Starfire Potion' is truly remarkable, refining much faster than the 'Soothing Agentia'.

If using a 'Starfire Potion' every day, maybe it could shorten the time by a third to complete the practice of "Viewing the Mountains and Seas" Primary Level 3!