Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: A Flash of Thunder

Inside the train carriage, when the creature with a human face collided with one of the launch cabins, the passengers all gasped.

"Oh my, that thing is targeting the launch cabin."

"No, did you notice, it first used flames to distract the attention of the other three mechas, then it hit the launch cabin, so that 'The Flame' team couldn't intervene to stop it."

"Is this really a giant beast? It's so smart!"

People were talking a lot.

Luo Yan remembered that Wei Fenghua had said before that the middle rank giant beast had gained intelligence when they were in the forbidden area.

So, it wouldn't be surprising if the upper rank giant beast understood some tactics.

Even the upper rank giant beast was like that.

I wonder how terrifying those higher-level ones, like the Overlord level in the forbidden area, would be?

At that moment, people started gasping again.

It turned out that the strange bird was tearing at the hatchway frantically. As soon as the last piece of the hatchway was fully opened, it thrust one of its wings into the doorway crack.

Then, the wing began vibrating at a high frequency.

Luo Yan suddenly remembered the powder that had shaken off the wing earlier, and the high-temperature flames it ignited.

Sure enough.

The strange bird shook for a moment.

A flash of fire in the launch cabin, followed by a surge of flames gushing out from the seams of the launch cabin.

The strange bird immediately flapped its wings and soared into the sky.

In the next second, the launch cabin suddenly expanded, and the metal deformed.


With a loud bang, the entire launch cabin exploded, flames bursting out, and a mecha stumbled out from inside.

It was visible that the mecha's outer armor had melted and deformed, various circuits sparking with fire, accompanying a series of explosions, fragments of the mecha continuously shooting out.

The mecha finally half-knelt and motionless, amidst the raging flames, leaving the audience with a blurry black shadow.

Inside the train carriages.

People forgot to breathe.

Several young girls even covered their mouths, tears rolling in their eyes.

The scene was just too tragic.

The pilot inside the mecha didn't even have a chance to escape.

They were burned alive in the control room.

Zeng Shan muttered as he watched the screen, "Perhaps, when we become pilots, we might meet such a fate one day."

Luo Yan remained silent.

It wasn't until the attack cabin exploded that the hatches of the other two launch cabins opened, and the mecha inside stepped out one by one.

One of the mechas had a sleek design, its main color was dark blue with sharp red outlines.

It was Di Zheng's cockpit: Blue Edge!

Zeng Shan also recognized it, "Captain Di is personally taking the field?"

As Blue Edge appeared, they raised a sniper rifle almost as tall as the mecha.

The rifle was painted black and blue, with a 13-meter-long barrel and energy nodes on both sides.

At that moment, the energy nodes quickly lit up, charging up and creating a deep blue pattern along the rifle barrel.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The rifle fired three shots in quick succession.

High up in the sky.

The strange bird was hit on the left wing and feathers flew everywhere as it exploded.

It lost its balance and fell down.

Inside the carriage.

Zeng Shan excitedly pointed at the rifle Di Zheng was using on the screen and said to Luo Yan.

"That's the 'Thunderer'!"

"It's a special sniper rifle for giant beasts, which can use different types of bullets powered by Elemental Power like armor-piercing, high-explosive, and incendiary rounds."

"This is also a 'Heavy Weapon'!"

Luo Yan nodded slightly, focusing more on Di Zheng's next move.

On the screen, the strange bird lost its balance and fell to the ground.

Di Zheng has dropped the sniper rifle, and Blue Edge's body lowered its center of gravity, leaning forward with the upper body, gripping a long sword handle on the left side of his waist with his right hand.


The mecha suddenly burst into a bright yellow light, Elemental Power surging and overflowing.

The impact, even through the screen, Luo Yan seems to be able to feel.

"Open Yuan Wheel..."

Luo Yan said softly, apparently, Di Zheng had already used the 'Open Soul Wheel' technique.

To enhance the explosive power and attack power using secret techniques.

At the same time.

A storm whipped up around Blue Edge, a tornado rising mightily, with grand momentum.

Zeng Shan shouted, "It's 'Wind Dash'!"

"Captain Di's Divine Hidden Art!"

After studying for some time, Luo Yan had learned that Di Zheng's 'Wind Dash' can increase speed and agility.

The faster the speed, the stronger the impact.

Di Zheng's 'Wind Dash' can allow the body to move at supersonic speed. It's easy to imagine how powerful the attacks can be at this speed.

Moreover, he also used a secret technique!

Divine Hidden Art combined with a secret technique.

When Di Zheng makes a move, it's a full-force explosion!

On the screen, the strange bird seemed to be about to crash to the ground.

At the same time.

Blue Edge finally drew out the long sword at his waist.

As the long sword was unsheathed, it seemed to be electrifying.

The whole mecha's engines roared to life, pressing hard against the ground with both feet, Blue Edge moved!


In the crisp explosion sound, a visible shockwave burst out in all directions.

Blue Edge broke out from the center of the shockwave.

The speed was so fast that the mecha's movements were impossible to see clearly.

On the screen, Luo Yan only saw Blue Edge's figure becoming blurry.

It had already disappeared from the screen.

On the screen.

Only a blue trail like Thunder Light remained.

It split the screen in half.

The screen's lens moved quickly, pointing towards the strange bird.

In that direction.

The Thunder Light cut across the strange bird.

The strange bird's body immediately uncontrollably flew away, with countless feathers and blood scattered in the air.

When it barely stabilized its shape mid-air, its abdomen was torn open by a large gash.

The hole was so big and deep that it almost split the monster bird in half.

At that moment, blood and guts from the monster bird were gushing out of the wound.

The monster bird flapped its wings desperately to escape, but after a few flaps, its body uncontrollably crashed to the ground.

It fell into a distant forest, crushing one tree after another.

It was then that people saw Blue Edge sheathe his sword and turn around.

Under the sunlight, the mecha sparkled like a god descending from heaven.

"Thunder Flash!"

Zeng Shan pointed at the screen and exclaimed loudly, "Did you see that?"

"Old Luo, that's Captain Di's finishing move!"

"So cool!"

Although Luo Yan did not respond, his pupils slightly dilated, and his chest was rising and falling vigorously.

He knew that 'Thunderflash Strike' was a derived skill of the Battle Technique 'Thunderstrike'.

But he didn't expect it.

It was so dazzling.

So powerful.

With one strike, he slayed the stronger giant beast!

Watching Di Zheng's mecha on the screen, a strong thought arose in Luo Yan's mind.

He also wanted to learn more advanced derived Battle Techniques.

He also wanted to defeat giant beasts on the battlefield just like Di Zheng!

With a soft click, the sunlight in the carriage turned on as the power was restored.

A broadcast on the screen announced, "The threat has been eliminated, Yanfu Space is closing down, the power in the underground city has been restored, we apologize for any inconvenience caused."

"Now, the light rail train will resume its normal operation, wishing everyone a happy Sunday."

As the broadcast played, the light rail train started to move slowly.

Outside the window, the lights in the buildings of the underground city were lit up again, quickly returning to their original appearance.

Watching the holographic projection of the underground city's dome casting a simulated twilight glow, illuminating a peaceful scene in the underground city.

If they hadn't watched the entire battle through the screen just now, who would have thought of it.

A fierce and thrilling battle had just taken place on the surface.

Such events.

As long as Yanfu Space is not closed, it could happen at any time.

And once the giant beast attacks the underground, the current prosperity of the underground city will be as fragile as a candle, easily extinguished.