Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Explosive Flame Cross

Watching as the lights lit up again in the attack courtyard, Zeng Shan whispered, "The ground reinforcements are on their way."

"However, even using the alternate underground city tunnel, it takes 35 seconds to reach the surface."

"I wonder if the mecha above can hold out until the reinforcements arrive."

Luo Yan squinted slightly and looked at the screen.

At this moment.

On the carriage screen, three mecha led by 'Flame' were actively attacking Gluttony.

They planned to take out Gluttony before the second giant beast fully emerged into the real world.

However, Gluttony was quite cunning.

The giant beast with a goat face and human body distanced itself, using both hands and feet to lower its body and ran around wildly, taking advantage of the cover of trees in the forest.

It was very fast, to the point that the bullets from three mechas could only chase behind it, blowing up the trees along the way, but they struggled to hit Gluttony.

'Flame' immediately gestured to change tactics.

The three mechas split apart.

Two mystical mechs flanked from both sides and near Gluttony, they launched capture nets.

The capture nets were made of cables with high-voltage electricity. When they captured the giant beast, the high-voltage electricity on the nets would severely impact the nerves of the giant beast.

This could briefly paralyze them.

Nets were cast towards Gluttony, but Gluttony always managed to dodge ahead of time.


The two mystical mech's capture nets are not randomly fired. With the help of the computer, even if they don't catch Taotie, they will make it move closer towards the 'flames' direction.

At this moment, 'flames' had put away the rifle and instead reached back with a hand.

Its armor at the back opened up, and a mechanical arm extended from inside, sending out two long knives.

'Flames' grabbed these two long knives, and with a swift cross of the blades, sparks flew.


The long knives spewed out roaring flames from the edges, surrounding the blades and quickly giving off a red glow.

Inside the carriage.

Zeng Shan excitedly exclaimed, "It's the 'Fire God Blade'! These twin knives are of 'Heavy Weapon' level, the flames they emit have adhesive properties, causing continuous damage to giant beasts."

"The blade made of special material is heat-resistant. When heated by flames, it not only doesn't melt but becomes sharper, cutting through iron like mud effortlessly!"

At this moment.

Inside the screen.

Gluttony had been forced by the net to a place not far from the 'Inferno'.

The ancient warrior-style mecha, with all engines at full power, suddenly took a step forward.

The ground was instantly cracked by the mecha, causing uneven terrain and toppling trees.

The 'Inferno' swiftly approached Gluttony, wielding dual swords like the wind, igniting flames, and unleashing a series of chops towards Gluttony.

After blocking four or five strikes with his hands, Gluttony suddenly sucked in, causing the flames on the 'Inferno's' dual swords to distort and deflect.

Transforming into two streams of flames, they were sucked into Gluttony's mouth.

Immediately, the flames on the 'Fire God Blade' went out, leaving only rising smoke.

Gluttony couldn't keep its mouth closed, and immediately spit out a hot flame it had just swallowed, spraying a scorching stream of fire at the head of 'Flame'.

'Flame' quickly backed away to avoid its armor being burned and the flame entering the control room.

Seizing the opportunity, Gluttony turned and ran towards a mystical mech.

The mystical mech raised its rifle and started shooting.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Amidst the intense gunshots, Gluttony raced along the ground like a snake, finally leaping towards the mecha's knee, ready to bite.

It aimed to damage the mecha's joints and render it immobile.

Just as its mouth closed, there was a loud bang, and Gluttony's head seemed to be hit, jerking to the side, spitting out blood and two broken fangs.

Turning to the mystical mech, its knee armor had opened up, revealing a weapon similar to a pile driver retracting from within.

This is a weapon designed to fight against a giant beast by striking its mouth with high speed and strength. Its true name has been forgotten by people.

People are more used to calling it the 'Siege Hammer'.

After being knocked into the air by the 'Siege Hammer', Gluttony hadn't recovered yet when 'Flames' caught up from behind.

The 'Fire God Blade' shot out flames again, the bright red blade emitting extremely high temperatures.

Gluttony had just half-turned around.

The 'Flames' had already slashed with both blades intertwined.

With a horizontal swipe, it passed through Gluttony's waist, the heated blade effortlessly cutting skin, slicing meat, and breaking bones!

Another vertical slash, starting from the head and cutting down along the body's axis, bursting out from Gluttony's hip!

One horizontal, one vertical.

Formed a cross.

This is Liang Jian's Battle Technique.

'Explosive Flame Cross'!

When the 'blaze' slid out a hundred meters and stopped.

Behind it, Gluttony's body bloomed an orange cross, then the body exploded.

Inside the carriage.

Seeing this scene, the passengers all cheered.

But at that moment.

Luo Yan saw that the high-level giant beast had completely unfolded in reality, falling to the ground like a meteorite.

A column of smoke rose, countless trees flew into the air and fell to the ground.

At this moment.

5 seconds until the reinforcements arrive.


The wind is picking up.

As the wind rose, a violent storm of flying sand and rocks followed.

Countless trees were uprooted by the wind and crashed in all directions.

In the raging wind, a massive figure shot up into the sky.

Inside the carriage, the screen quickly zoomed towards the sky.

In the sky, there was a huge flying bird that looked like an owl with a human-like face.

That face looked like a middle-aged man with deep wrinkles at the sides of the mouth.

It had four eyes and even ears!

It had black feathers all over its body, but the tips of the feathers gradually turned crimson red.

On its two wings, there was a distinctive black-and-white eye on each, moving around eerily.

As soon as this strange bird appeared, the moisture in the air quickly disappeared, then it flapped its wings and swooped down.

As it flew by, it sprinkled some light red powder from the tips of its feathers.

This powder came from the crimson red parts at the ends of its feathers.

When this powder was sprinkled, it suddenly ignited.

So when the strange bird flew by, it created layers of fire waves.

The fire waves surged through the forest towards three mechas.

'Blaze' immediately stabbed its twin swords into the ground, crouched down, and reduced its vulnerable area.

Then it raised and closed its arms, the arm armor continuously opened and expanded, quickly forming an orange-red shield.

The other two mystical mechs also removed the shields from their backs and set them up in front of the mechas.

The rushing fire waves attacked the three mechas.

Looking at the screens in the cabins, the three mechas seemed to be in the midst of an orange-red flood.

They could be swept away at any moment.

The onslaught of the fire waves left the three mechas overwhelmed.

And at that moment.

The reinforcements finally arrived.

Three launch cabins rose from the ground, the pressure locks on the hatchways were turning, releasing gas from inside.

But at that moment, the strange bird headed towards the first launch cabin on the left!

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