Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Unable to Match

On the screen, the trees by the shore of the Great Lake District started shaking, then slid back, revealing individual attack wells.

A moment later, three elevator cabins, magnified countless times, rose from the attack wells, then were firmly locked in place by securing devices to prevent the cabins from detaching.

After the cabins appeared on the ground, air flowed out from the vents on both sides, the pressure locks of the cabin doors turned, and the doors opened.

Inside the cabin, through the screen, Luo Yan saw small dots of light shining in the darkness.

The mecha's engine made a loud roar, like the strong heartbeat of a giant.

The small dots of light eventually converged into glowing patterns, breaking through the darkness.

In the end, three big robots walked out of their own launch cabins.

Their heavy steps made the ground shake with each landing.

The nearby forest with countless trees shook heavily from the vibrations.

These three robots were led by a red one, called 'Flame', which was piloted by Liang Jian.

The 'Flame' looked like an ancient warrior, with energy slots on its armor glowing orange, resembling swirling flames from a distance.

The three mystical robots formed a T-shape, facing a giant beast in the far Yanfu Space, getting ready for battle.

At the lakeshore of the Great Lake District, tanks and armored vehicles appeared from nowhere.

They spread along the shore, aiming weapons like cannons, missiles, and machine guns towards the giant beast.

Finally, the fully unfolded giant beast dropped like a meteor into the forest not far from the lake.

After it fell, the ground suddenly shook.

The shock wave made the trees around bend down like wild grass in the strong wind.

The strong wind blew.

Roaring past three mechas including 'Flame', it passed numerous tanks and armored vehicles, creating waves on the lake.

Dust and smoke rose into the sky.

In the thick smoke, under the sunlight, a tall figure stood up.

And let out a cry like a baby!

The sound of that emaciated person made everyone's scalp tingle, and at that moment, the tall figure in the smoke burst out.

On the screen of the train carriage, a goat head suddenly appeared in people's eyes.

The goat had four small eyes on its head, and each eye was full of evil at that moment.

Like humans, its body had four limbs and a trunk, with dark green skin, thick outer layer, and wrinkles all over.

It ran like a person, causing the people in the carriage to gasp in astonishment.


The screen showed a booming sound that shook the eardrums.

The first to attack were not mechas but many tanks scattered along the lakeshore.

They had already targeted Gluttony.

Suddenly, countless shells, missiles, and bullets were fired, causing explosions on Gluttony's body and all around as fireballs burst forth.

After the first round of intense bombing, dust filled the forest, trees fell, and the ground was heavily disturbed.

No one knows how Gluttony is doing now.

Suddenly, several armored vehicles on the distant shore inexplicably flew up and sprayed sparks in the air, quickly disintegrating.


The armored vehicles immediately exploded, burning debris and bodies falling from the sky, scattering along the lakeshore.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the carriage gasped.

Luo Yan squinted his eyes slightly.

Clearly, Gluttony has used its invisibility power.

If not discovered, the ground defense forces would become quite dangerous.

At this moment, those three mechas finally moved.

They ran quickly towards where the war chariot exploded.

The convoy on the lake shore hurriedly dispersed.

While running, three mechas fired missiles one after another.

The missiles flew straight up into the air, exploded by themselves, and then released clusters of dark blue smoke.

Instead of rising, the dark blue smoke sank down and quickly covered the area around the lake shore.

Inside the carriage, Zeng Shan whispered, "It's a 'revealing bomb' that can release a 'revelation agent,' which is that kind of dark blue smoke."

"Invisibility doesn't mean no form, once covered by the revelation agent, in a short time, that giant beast will be stained dark blue, it will have nowhere to hide!"

That's the benefit of knowing the enemy's information.

Just by knowing the abilities of the giant beast, one can develop weapons to restrain it.

At this moment.

On the screen.

In a thick cloud of dark green smoke, a tall and thin dark green figure appeared.

Even though Gluttony hid its body, it couldn't hide the paint that had gotten on it.

As it revealed itself, three mechas, including 'Inferno,' raised their rifles.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Amidst the loud and penetrating gunshots, fiery lines chased after Gluttony, blasting it violently. Gluttony was hit so hard that its body kept swaying, shooting out streams of blood.

"Armor-piercing rounds," Luo Yan whispered. Armor-piercing rounds used against giant beasts could penetrate even those covered in thick armor, let alone Gluttony, with just thick skin that was resilient to impacts.

However, Gluttony quickly fought back by opening its mouth.

With a strong suck, the fire line shot towards it immediately distorted, all shot into the mouth of the giant beast.


This is another ability of the Gluttony.

After swallowing the enemy's attack, it can be temporarily stored and returned to the opponent when there is a chance.

It's a rather troublesome ability.

'Inferno' decisively raised his arm to stop other mechas from sending ammunition to the Gluttony.

They are about to organize the second wave of attack.

Suddenly, the broadcast sounded again.

"Attention! Attention!"

"Another giant beast is about to be released!"

There was a commotion inside the carriage.

Suddenly, a shadow emerged from a dark crack high in the sky, seeping into reality.

Transforming from 2D to 3D, like a ripe fruit about to fall from a branch.

"Red spectrum detected, matching with the database now!"

".......Unable to match! Unable to match!"

"There's no corresponding data in the database!"

"This is a giant beast that has never appeared in the database before!"

Upon hearing that the identity of the second giant beast was unknown, Zeng Shan gasped.

"Even the shared database of 'Giant Beast Strategy Manor' couldn't find the matching information."

"It seems like this second giant beast should be one that has never appeared before."

"But one thing is certain, the red spectrum represents upper rank!"

"This is an upper rank giant beast!"

The teachers in the Giant Beast Common Sense Class have mentioned that giant beasts of different ranks have obvious differences in their energy spectra.

Lower rank is blue, middle rank is orange, and upper rank is red.


Luo Yan glanced at him, "What is 'Giant Beast Strategy Manor'?"

Zeng Shan looked up and explained, "It's a global organization specifically dedicated to collecting information on giant beasts, aiming to drive them out, reclaim the surface, and close the Yanfu Space."

"They gathered lots of information about the giant beast and created a library to share with all the underground cities."

"If the library doesn't have matching information, it means the second giant beast has never appeared before."

"This might cause some trouble for us."

"It's hard to quickly defeat a giant beast that has never appeared before."

At the same time.

In the dark underground city.

The lights at the attack well passage lit up again.