Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Entrance Exam

Yang Rong's death caused quite a stir at the camp.

The whole process.

Luo Yan quietly ate, watching silently.

Like an outsider.

Eventually, this incident was classified as an 'accident'.

Next, Luo Yan prepared himself to be suspected by Di Zheng.

When he was sleeping, he set up some 'alarms' in the tent.

Prepared to escape at any time.


All was calm.

A night passed.

The next day, the convoy continued their journey.

That day they encountered a giant beast and a swarm of parasites.

But both were driven away by Captain Di Zheng and another pilot piloting mechas.

Luo Yan witnessed the entire battle.

Captain Di Zheng's mecha, which is mainly red and blue in color and is called 'Blue Edge', moves very flexibly during action.

Sometimes it can move at incredibly high speeds.

Luo Yan heard a nearby soldier exclaim that it was Captain Di Zheng's manifestation of 'Divine Hidden Art: Wind Dash'.

What is Divine Hidden Art?

Luo Yan didn't know.

He didn't ask either.

If they successfully enter the underground city, he will know everything he needs to know.

There's no need to rush.

The battle ended.

A group of people in protective suits were busy dissecting animal carcasses, collecting blood, harvesting organs, removing scales or claws.

They stored these things in separate categories.

Luo Yan remembered that the day before yesterday in 'Flower City', they also dissected the bodies of 'Gluttony' and 'Tanuki Power'.

It's unknown whether the purpose of collecting the organs and blood from these giant beasts is for research or some other function.

In the following days.

The convoy encountered giant beasts almost every day.

This confirmed the claims of the survivors from years ago.

The world outside the city was even harder to survive in.

The land had already turned into a playground for giant beasts.

After a few days, Luo Yan noticed something strange.

The giant beasts attacking the convoy all seemed to be targeting one truck.

On that truck was a mysterious item brought from the 'Taotie' lair at that time.

Could it be that 'Taotie', not leaving the city center, was also drawn in by that mysterious item?

This idea was confirmed that day.

On that day, the convoy was traveling on a broken road when suddenly attacked by giant beasts.

A giant bird named 'Quru' swooped down from the sky.

This creature was white-headed, three-legged, and had a human face.

It stirred up a storm, tipping over the truck and causing the items inside the waterproof cloth to roll out.

Luo Yan saw that it was a 7-8 meter long deep black crystal that resembled a fake mountain.

Inside that thing, there seemed to be a fluctuating breath, occasionally condensing into some strange, fierce animal faces.

The 'Quru' creature flapped its huge wings, trying to grab the strange stone with its three sharp red claws and take it away.

But it was intercepted by the 'Blue Edge' and another all-black mecha.

In the midst of battle.

The strange stone was hit by the artillery fire and exploded in half.

Luo Yan watched clearly.

When the deep black crystal shattered, fragments splattered around, and a white rainbow streaked across his head, carrying a hint of holy breath, landing in the distant countryside.

Luo Yan felt strange in his heart, that strange stone seemed ominous, how could it have such a holy thing?

He saw that the battle was still going on.

Luo Yan took the opportunity to run towards the spot where the white rainbow was falling, intending to see what was happening.

When he got away from the road and arrived nearby.

He saw a patch of grass growing rapidly, with wildflowers blooming one after another.

It seemed to be infused with limitless vitality.

This scene of 'flowers in full bloom' was a sharp contrast to the nearby withered grass and trees.

Luo Yan's eyes lit up as he dove into the freshly grown patch of grass in search of something.

Finally, he found a white diamond-shaped object.

Luo Yan picked it up and felt that the object was warm like Han white jade, with a slight coolness emanating from it.

He played with it for a while.

Just as he was about to put it away, he wanted to study it carefully.

Suddenly, this thing released a faint clear light from the inside out.

Then a pattern similar to a 'Tai Chi Eight Trigrams' appeared.

The diamond-shaped white jade immediately became unreal, lost its texture, and had no form.

Only a mass of clear light enveloping that strange symbol remained.

Then with a whoosh, it imprinted between Luo Yan's eyebrows.

Luo Yan was taken aback for a moment.

Then his heart skipped a beat.

This thing flew out of that black strange rock, who knows what it is.

It flew into his body like that, not sure if it will cause any harm.

But after a while.

Luo Yan found nothing unusual.

Only then he felt slightly relieved.

By this time, the battle on the road had already ended.

The 'Quru' that was injured had fled, and Captain Di Zheng was directing soldiers to recover that strange rock and all the fragments on the scene.

From the soldiers passing by, Luo Yan heard the word 'Youyin', which seemed to refer to that strange rock.

It seems this convoy already knew what that thing was.

And, it's very likely that they came for this special 'Youyin'.

Luo Yan watched as 'Blue Edge' headed towards the transport vehicle, wondering if he should go ask Di Zheng about the white jade stone.

But he was worried that if he absorbed the jade stone, the underground city might take him as an experiment.

In the end, he decided to give up on this idea.

The convoy kept heading north.

A week after leaving 'Flower City', the convoy arrived at the Great Lake District.

When they reached the lakeshore, the lake water roared, and a tunnel rose from the lake, connecting with the lakeshore.

Luo Yan was amazed by what he saw.

Who would have thought that the entrance to the underground city was actually in the lake water?

The convoy drove into the tunnel, going deeper and deeper.

About half an hour later, Luo Yan looked out of the window and saw a huge underground space.

Inside the space, which could almost fit a whole city, Luo Yan saw trains shuttling between the cities and stopping beside tall buildings.

There were large objects resembling pipes connecting the ground and the ceiling of the space, possibly extending to the ground, but their purpose was unknown.

As the convoy descended along the elevated highway, Luo Yan gradually saw that this city was not much different from the surface cities before the 'Beast Calamity'.

Besides the rooftops of the tall buildings, there were artillery emplacements; on the roads, there were occasionally three to five tanks or armored vehicles passing by.

"This is Guangling City, one of the eighteen northern cities. The new underground city is still under construction, but due to the 'Beast Calamity', the construction period will be much longer than those cities built in advance."

Di Zheng, who had arrived unnoticed, stood next to Luo Yan and made a brief introduction.

He then added, "You're in luck, today happens to be the recruitment day for the Mecha Training Academy."

"I have signed you up."

"But signing up does not guarantee admission."

"The school is very strict with new admissions, there is an entrance exam called the campus test."

"Whether you can get into the school after passing the campus test depends on your abilities."

"If you are not accepted, you will have to be sent back to the surface."

Luo Yan nodded.

Di Zheng glanced at him and said, "Later, I will have Little Li take you to the school."

"If you are lucky enough to get in, I suggest you not immediately exchange your credits for the 'blood poison' antidote."

"You can exchange some palliatives on time, they can relieve symptoms, allowing you to participate in various training activities and prevent the condition from worsening."

"Save up your points to exchange for training materials, enhance your skills quickly, so you can gain more permissions and resources."

Points? Training materials?

Luo Yan felt confused but remembered Di Zheng's words.

Di Zheng gave him another look and said, "Also, the school, or what we call the underground city, is different from the surface."

"There is still order here, so you must control your 'wildness'."

"Simply put, you can't just kill people here like on the surface."

Luo Yan croaked, "What if someone tries to kill me?"

"Usually, that wouldn't happen."

Di Zheng decisively stated, "But if it does, you should act to defend yourself!"

"I will protect you, but if you misuse my protection, I will be the first one to harm you."

With a meaningful glance at Luo Yan, the stern captain left.


The convoy arrived on the ground.

A guard drove next to Di Zheng, taking Luo Yan to the academy.

Soon after.

They arrived at the academy.

At the entrance of the academy named 'Battle Mecha Training Academy', many new students were waiting.

They were queuing up for registration.

But Luo Yan drove his car straight into it.

After entering the school gate, Luo Yan saw a stone tablet with five bold words on it.

The five words were: Pointing Sword to the South!

A strong sense of killing intent emanated from the words.

The car finally stopped outside a clubhouse.

Warrior Little Li said, "You go in first, I'll take Captain Di's recommendation letter to the academic office and come later."

"Okay." Luo Yan nodded, got out of the car alone, and entered the clubhouse by himself.

Inside the clubhouse, there were already quite a few people.

Most of them were young people aged seventeen or eighteen.

There are more boys than girls.

Luo Yan looked around and instinctively sought out a corner to wait in.

"Move aside, don't block the way!"

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew from behind.

He instinctively dodged to the side.

Allowing a big hand to push towards his head to pass by.

Without thinking, Luo Yan grabbed onto the hand, ready to twist it off.

Remembering Di Zheng's words at the last moment, he changed from twisting to pushing.

Causing a chubby figure to fall flat on the ground.


The sound caught everyone's attention.

Eyes turned towards the sound quickly.

First, they landed on the person on the ground.

Then they shifted to Luo Yan.

Followed by a soft gasp.

The newcomers in the hall were all dressed neatly and cleanly.

Where was Luo Yan?

He was still wearing his old, worn-out clothes.

At this moment, the person on the ground roared and stood up.

This person was taller than Luo Yan by a head, with round and strong arms, but appeared overweight.

His forehead was bleeding from a knock.

He was uncontrollably angry.

"Where did this savage come from, and how did you sneak in?"

"Dare to push me again, you're looking for trouble!"

Luo Yan remembered Di Zheng's words and didn't want to cause trouble.

So he spoke up, "I am a newcomer."

"You struck first, that's why you got pushed."

Concise and precious reply.

The chubby young man felt a sense of contempt.

He was angry at first, but suddenly saw Luo Yan's red eyes and quickly took three steps back.

Shrill voice cried out, "blood poison! You have blood poison, stay away from me!"

The hall erupted in chaos.

The newcomers retreated as if Luo Yan was a fierce beast.

The chubby man shouted again, "Guangling City has been promoting the vaccine for three years, eradicating 'blood poison' long ago. You dare to call yourself a newcomer, you are clearly a wild person who sneaked in."

"Where are the security guards? Where are the gatekeepers?"

"Where have they all gone? Don't let this guy stay here any longer!"

At that moment, a commanding voice was heard.


People looked over to see a middle-aged man who looked like a teacher, accompanied by a black-armored warrior.

The man who looked like a teacher glanced at Luo Yan calmly and said, "This is a new student recommended by Captain Di Zheng. Who dares to drive him away?"

The chubby boy immediately lowered his head.

The teacher continued, "Besides, 'blood poison' is not contagious. What are you afraid of?"

"If you are afraid of 'blood poison', how can you expect to fight giant beasts on the surface?"

"What a joke!"

With that remark, everyone felt ashamed.

Then, he took out a card and handed it to Luo Yan, "This is your registration card. If you pass the exam, it will become your student ID card."

Then he looked around and said, "Get ready, the exam will start in 10 minutes."

"The task is to kill a Wolf Tick. The principal will announce the specific rules later."

After speaking, the teacher left.

Everyone in the hall immediately started discussing.

Only Luo Yan found it strange.

It's just one Wolf Tick, how hard can it be?

Those things are not hard to kill as long as they are not in groups. Individually, they are not difficult to deal with.

Warrior Little Li came over and said with a smile, "I have to go back first. Here, this has my number inside."

"If you need anything, come to me."

He handed a phone to Luo Yan.

Luo Yan was surprised.

Little Li smiled and said, "This can only be used in the city, it won't work outside."

Then he whispered, "I just saw the list of new students, and there's someone named Luo Beichen on it. Keep an eye on him."

"His father is a rival of Commander Di. This young man named Luo, relying on his family background, acts with arrogance and can do anything."

"If he passes the entrance exam, be cautious."

After saying this, he patted Luo Yan's shoulder for encouragement and then left.

Luo Yan put away the phone and heard many idle gossip.

"Who is this person that Captain Di recommended?"

"I envy him so much! The written test this year was really difficult, almost 80% of freshmen failed the written test, but this kid went straight to the practical test."

"Could he be Captain Di's illegitimate child?"

"Shh, you're risking your life!"

Luo Yan remained unfazed.

He looked around and spotted the chubby guy.

He walked towards the chubby guy.

The chubby guy was about to clean up some blood when he saw Luo Yan approaching, he jumped in shock and asked, "What are you going to do?"

Luo Yan ignored him.


He tore off a piece of his own sleeve, pulled the fat boy over, and used the sleeve to wipe the blood off the other person's face.

The fat boy was stunned.

He didn't understand what was happening.

After wiping off the blood, Luo Yan left.

After a while, the fat boy laughed and said to the person next to him, "Although this kid is savage, he still knows he did wrong and took the initiative to help me wipe the blood."

Soon, there was a somewhat elderly voice in the martial arts hall.

"Hello, everyone, new students."

"I am Headmaster Pan Renfeng."

"The entrance exam is about to begin soon."

"Now announcing the rules."

"New students taking the entrance exam can choose to take it individually or in a team."

"Teams should not exceed three people."

"Also, there are weapons available for selection at the exam venue."

"During the exam, judges will score the performance. Scoring an average of over 80 points is considered passing."

"Those who pass will have their scores converted to credits at a 1:1 ratio, to be used as 'start-up funds' when entering the academy."

"Now, please follow the on-site teachers to the exam venue."

Suddenly arrived at the exam venue.

Next, there is a time of 10 minutes to let students decide what weapon to use and in what form to apply.

When Luo Yan looked at a row of weapon racks, a voice said.

"Hello, would you like to team up with me?"

Luo Yan turned around.

In front of him was a young man of seventeen or eighteen.

He had black hair and was slightly thin.

Wearing a pair of frameless glasses, he gave an overall clean and scholarly feeling.

He reached out his hand and smiled, saying, "I'm Li Bohang."

Luo Yan glanced at him, shook his head, and walked towards the weapon rack.

He is used to acting alone.

Working in a temporary team only gets in the way.

Besides, it's just a wolf tick.

He picked a long spear from the weapon rack.

Very ordinary.

The advantage is that it is long and sharp enough.

More people chose firearms.

Luo Yan only touched an automatic pistol before and is not skilled with it.

Naturally, he did not follow the trend to pick a gun.

Besides, he already had a plan.

After registering and getting a number, the exam soon began.

The students called by their number would enter a sealed area.

There were no windows in the area, so students outside couldn't see what was happening inside.

Only the judges or the students who completed the exam could see inside on a big screen in another hall.

Students entered one by one.

When they came out.

Some cheered, some cried out in sorrow.

Others were carried out, covered in blood, and taken for medical assistance.

It quickly became Luo Yan's turn.

In the hall behind the exam room, the fat guy who tripped Luo Yan before was resting.

Seeing Luo Yan on the big screen, he couldn't help but take a few more glances.

Suddenly, he saw Luo Yan take out a piece of torn cloth from his pocket.

The cloth scrap was stained with blood.

The fat guy suddenly remembered that it was a half sleeve that Luo Yan used to wipe his own blood.

The fat guy was puzzled.

He couldn't understand what Luo Yan was doing.

In the field, Luo Yan tied the bloodstained sleeve to the tip of the gun, then nodded to the invigilator.

Soon, a Wolf Tick was set free.

When the wolf-dog sized Giant Beast Parasite entered, it rushed towards Luo Yan like crazy.

It leaped fiercely when getting closer, three feet off the ground, and crashed into the tip of the gun.

Luo Yan's feet slid back from the impact, but he still held onto the long spear.

But the Wolf Tick pierced its own body.

It struggled desperately.

But its movements gradually weakened.

Finally, it stopped breathing.

On the screen, Luo Yan put down the long spear and walked away.

The hall was quiet.

The whole process.

Not more than 10 seconds.

Instead of saying Luo Yan killed Wolf Tick.

It's more like that thing went to its own death.


"So that's how it is."

"Wolf Tick goes crazy when it smells blood, losing its mind."

"He used a blood-soaked cloth as bait, leading Wolf Tick to walk into the trap itself."



The chubby boy turned his head and saw a tall, slim young man with frameless glasses standing next to him.

He revealed Luo Yan's secret to winning.

The chubby boy's doubts dissipated.


Muscles twitched on the chubby boy's face.

"Wait, that kid is helping me wipe off the blood."

"He didn't even do anything wrong."

"Are you going to use my blood to fish for Wolf Ticks?"