Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: The Giant Beast Attacks

After noting the symbol of the 'Nine-headed Bird', Luo Yan returned to the Zeng family.

At that moment, everyone from the Zeng family was in the alley, too scared to stay inside the house.

When Zeng Shan saw him return, he busily asked, "Old Luo, are you okay?"

Luo Yan gently shook his head.

Zeng Shan added, "I have already contacted the Local Land Bureau for this area, someone should be here soon."

As expected, it was less than 5 minutes.

The people from the Local Land Bureau arrived.

Leading them was Chen Kangan, who had just come here during the day.

Chen Kangan received a report from his subordinate, saying that the Zeng family had encountered a Giant Beast Parasite.

He hastily led the team over.

As soon as they arrived, without saying a word, he first grabbed Luo Yan and asked, "Classmate Luo, where are you injured?"

His care and concern overflowed in his words.

Luo Yan struggled to keep up with his enthusiasm.

Fortunately, he was always impassive.

Without speaking, he just shook his head, trying to brush it off.

Chen Kangan went to Zeng Shan to find out more information and learned that the person he was looking for was hiding there.

The Giant Beast Parasite was released in an attempt to cause chaos and escape.

Fortunately, Luo Yan and Zeng Shan killed it.

The disaster did not spread further.

Even so, Chen Kangan was still scared.

If the disaster had spread, as the Local Land Bureau chief of this area, Chen Kangan might not be able to handle it.

It was said that the criminal had kidnapped Zeng Shan's mother, but was then killed. Chen Kangan's expression turned serious.

"Have you seen what the criminal looks like?" Chen Kangan asked.

Luo Yan and Zeng Shan both shook their heads.

Chen Kangan said, "That's good, if you don't see the criminal's face, you won't be in danger."

From his experience.

If the criminal is seen by Luo Yan and the others, he will definitely kill them to keep it a secret.

Luo Yan also didn't mention the 'Nine-headed Bird' symbol.

It's better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

He doesn't want to cause problems for himself.

At that moment, the body in Zeng family's house had already been carried out.

Chen Kangan looked at Luo Yan, then took out a bunch of keys and said to Zeng Shan, "This is the crime scene, we need to investigate here."

"I have a vacant house where nobody usually stays."

"Will you temporarily move there for a few days?"

"If you find it comfortable, you can stay there in the future, so you don't have to keep moving back and forth."

"Anyway, the house is empty, so it doesn't matter who lives in it."

Zeng Shan was deeply moved.

The house just had a death, and the family continuing to live here might have psychological shadows.

There are other houses available now to move into, which is of course the best choice.

In response, Chen Kangan kept thanking.

Chen Kangan called a security officer to escort the Zeng family and Luo Yan away together.

In a blink, it was Sunday afternoon.

This day is the day to return to school.

After saying goodbye to their family, Zeng Shan and Luo Yan arrived at the train station.

When buying tickets, the station security wanted to hold onto Luo Yan's sword, but after Luo Yan showed his student ID card, he was allowed to pass.

On the train.

"Old Luo, if it weren't for you this time, our family would have been in trouble." Zeng Shan scratched his head and said.

Although he had average grades and average talent, he was not stupid.

They knew that their family being able to live in Chen Kangan's house was all thanks to Luo Yan.

Luo Yan remained silent.

Seeing this, Zeng Shan didn't say anything further.

After a while, it happened like that.


The train slammed to a stop.

In an instant, people in the carriage started screaming.

A girl even fell towards Luo Yan.

Luo Yan dodged to the side.

The girl sat down on the ground, looked up at Luo Yan in disbelief.

She couldn't understand why Luo Yan avoided her.

Of course, she had no idea.

Luo Yan reacted on instinct.

During his years on the surface, Luo Yan had encountered similar situations.

He had once helped a girl who fell towards him, only to be stabbed in the stomach by her hand in return.

As well as having his food stolen.

Since then, Luo Yan had developed a habit of not letting strangers get close to him.

After the train came to an abrupt stop, the power was shut off, and the carriage plunged into darkness.

And it wasn't just the train.

Even outside the train, even in the entire underground city, all the lights of the buildings went out.

Eventually, even the lights on the ceiling of the underground city disappeared.

The world suddenly plunged into darkness.

Then, red lights lit up inside the carriage, causing people to panic.

The broadcast followed, "Alert, alert."

"Sensors detect shockwaves above the underground city."

"All power sources temporarily turned off, we seek your understanding for any inconvenience caused."

The broadcast continued.

Inside the carriage, a sense of unease was spreading.

The girl who had just fallen to the ground held her head and said, "Yanfu Space is about to open above us, is the giant beast coming?"

A man tried to reassure everyone, "Don't worry, it's not the first time. It happens two or three times a year."

"Every time we managed to escape danger, the giant beast never found us, as we were deep underground, 300 meters below."

At that moment.

The screen inside the carriage lit up, showing a view of the Great Lake District above the underground city.

Above the sky, dark wisps of energy roamed and gathered, as if trying to tear open a hole in the sky.

"The spatial shockwave is approaching the critical point."

"Yanfu Space will open in three seconds."

"The giant beast is about to be released."

Along with the countdown sound coming from the screen, Luo Yan suddenly saw lights gradually brightening in the dim underground city, illuminating upwards.

"That's the 'Rapid Strike Atrium'!" Zeng Shan said excitedly, "The Surface Exploration Legion is about to strike."

He then explained to Luo Yan, "The high-speed launch cabin used in the Sky Strike Well needs a huge amount of power to rapidly deliver around 2,000 tons of mecha to the ground."

"Therefore, when a strike is needed, most of the city's buildings need to be powered down, so that the energy can be used for the attack."

Luo Yan nodded.

There was a soft gasp in the carriage.

"Yanfu Space, Yanfu Space has formed."

Looking at the screen, Luo Yan saw that the black aura above the underground city eventually gathered together to form a branch-like shape.

This 'branch' suddenly expanded, tearing through space to create a crack.

Looking into the crack revealed a deep, dark, and unimaginable abstract world inside.

In that dimension higher than reality, countless dark figures roamed around, followed by a flat and constantly changing dark figure approaching the 'crack'.

And began to seep into the crack towards the real world.

Luo Yan's eyes looked slightly serious.

Up to now, the time and location of Yanfu Space appearing have been hard to predict.

So humans can only defend passively.

If one day we can accurately predict when and where Yanfu Space will appear.

It means humans have enough understanding of it.

Perhaps on that day, there is hope to close this space!

From the screen, a voice came again.

"The boundary of the space has been breached."

"The giant creature is about to unfold in three dimensions!"

"Orange light spectrum detected, now matching with database!"

"...Matching complete."

"The giant beast about to be released is called 'Gluttony'."

"Level: middle rank 3."

"Type: Luo Bug."

"Characteristics: Energy absorption, gluttony, Swift Movement, invisibility!"

"Weak point is between the legs!"


It turns out to be another type of big animal in the middle rank.

In Luo Yan's mind, he suddenly remembered the day in 'Flower City', when he saw a giant beast with a sheep's face and a human body, looking down at him.