Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Kill to Silence

It was evening.

"Luo Yan, you take the bed."

"I will sleep on the floor in the living room."

Zeng Shan's bedroom was very small.

Once he put down the bed, there was no extra space to move around.

Luo Yan shook his head, "I sleep in the living room."

"I'm not used to sleeping in a bed."

Until now, the beds in the dormitory were just decorations.

Every night, Luo Yan sleeps under the bed.

The narrow space makes him feel safe.

Zeng Shan nodded.

"Alright then, let's both sleep in the living room and have a nice chat."

They agreed to chat.

In the end.

Zeng Shan fell asleep in less than a minute.

Snoring loudly soon.

Luo Yan hugged 'Crack Star' and fell asleep in his clothes.

Drifted off shortly after.

Life on the ground had trained him to sleep anywhere.

Don't even mention Zeng Shan's snoring.

Even with a war going on outside.

Luo Yan could sleep whenever he wanted to.

Unsure how much time had passed.



A loud and frightening cry came from outside the house.

Luo Yan quickly opened his eyes, crouched halfway and hid behind the sofa.

Then he looked around.

Only then did his drowsiness completely disappear.

"What's going on?"

Zeng Shan rubbed his eyes and sat up.

He saw Luo Yan pointing towards the window.

At that moment, a loud scream came from outside the window.

All the people of the Zeng family were suddenly startled awake.

Footsteps could be heard.

Then the lights came on.

Wrapped in a patched thin blanket, Zeng Shan's mother nervously said, "It seems like it's from Auntie Wang's house."

Luo Yan went to the window and looked outside.

He saw a one-story house.

The house was dark and quiet.

Nothing could be seen.

Luo Yan's bright red eyes showed a little silver light.

He activated his 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

The wall suddenly disappeared.

Luo Yan saw the living room of a small house.

Several grey shadows appeared.

One shadow fell to the ground, looking like a woman from its outline.

Above the woman, there was a grey light the size of a wolf dog.

That thing was crouching on the woman, as if gnawing on something.

The other two grey lights were moving around the room.

Sometimes, they even climbed up the wall.

Such movements.

Very similar to insects.

Insects as big as wolves...

Luo Yan suddenly remembered the broadcast he had heard on the train that morning.

The broadcast about smuggling the Giant Beast Parasite!

"Trouble ahead."

Luo Yan turned and said, "It could be the Giant Beast Parasite."


"Big Scary Bug!"

Zeng Shan's parents were so scared, their faces turned pale, they quickly hugged their teenage twins and daughter.

Zeng Shan said, "I'll go check it out."

Luo Yan didn't say anything, but he already ran towards the door.

The two of them arrived at the alley.

Nearby neighbors heard Auntie Wang's scream and came out to see what was happening.

Zeng Shan shouted, "Don't get close, Auntie Wang's house might have Big Scary Bug!"

"Quick, contact the Local Land Bureau."

Luo Yan had pulled out his 'Crack Star' and arrived at the front gate.

Using the 'Illusion Breaking Eye', he saw that the situation inside the room was similar to before.

Those grey light clusters that looked like parasites were still lingering in the room.

Luo Yan easily destroyed the door lock with a long sword.

Zeng Shan walked over holding a flashlight.

As Luo Yan used his sword to push open the door, Zeng Shan raised the flashlight high.

Suddenly, a beam of light shone into the dim living room.

The furniture in the living room was in disarray.

Auntie Wang was lying in a pool of blood.

Probably sensing the light, she struggled to lift her head and reached out towards the doorway.



Suddenly, a dark shadow fell in the light.

Holding onto Auntie Wang's head.

A head like a wolf, but with a body like a tick.

Started to gnaw on Auntie Wang's head like this.

Zeng Shan gasped, "Wolf Tick!"

Luo Yan added, "Three!"

Zeng Shan glanced at Luo Yan.

Silently, he placed the flashlight down gently, so as not to startle the Wolf Tick.

Then his eyes started to emit a faint blue light, and electric serpents began to leap between his hands.

Divine Hidden Art: discharge lightning!

After activating his Divine Hidden Art, Zeng Shan quickly formed hand seals.

Finally, he shot out a black rope made of Elemental Power from his fingertips.

Mystical art: Black Rope!

Unlike Luo Yan, electric serpents danced on Zeng Shan's 'Black Rope'.

Just as he had said.

He could enhance the abilities of 'Divine Hidden Art' in mystical art or Battle Technique!

The black rope wrapped around Wolf Tick all of a sudden.

Before the parasite could react, Zeng Shan shouted loudly.

Let the electric current flow along the rope.

It spread to Wolf Tick in an instant.

The room was filled with flashes of electricity.

The Wolf Tick let out a few screams and got zapped by Zeng Shan.

But at that moment, the other two Wolf Ticks in the room were swiftly moving their legs on the ground.

They lunged at Zeng Shan.

"Get down!"

When Zeng Shan heard Luo Yan's voice, he immediately lay down on the ground.

Then he saw a flash of sword light above his head.

Shortly after.

That lightning-like sword light.

Shattered into thousands of pieces.

Like tiny meteors.

Whistling and flying past.

Slicing through two Wolf Ticks.

So when the two Giant Beast Parasites were still in mid-air, their bodies suddenly shattered.

Feet, wings, shell, organs, eyeballs.

There was a loud crash, and things fell to the ground.

Shortly after, those 'meteors' flew back.

They reassembled into the sword body of 'Crack Star'.

Luo Yan reached out his hand and pulled Zeng Shan up.

Looking at the bodies of parasites in the house.

Zeng Shan let out a sigh of relief.

Turning to his neighbor, he said, "It's okay, it's okay..."

But at that moment.

There was a scream in his house.

Zeng Shan's face changed.

He rushed back home.

Luo Yan quickly followed.

Arriving at the door.

They saw Zeng Shan's father lying on the ground, holding his arm.

Zeng Shan's mother was being held by a man.

The man had large tattoos on his face, looking fierce.

He was holding an automatic pistol against Zeng Shan's mother's temple.

Zeng Shan quickly said, "What are you doing? Let go of my mom."

The man glanced at Zeng Shan and Luo Yan separately.

He spat.


"I'm already unlucky enough to be blocked by people from the Local Land Bureau in this ghostly place."

"Thinking of releasing parasites to create chaos and escape."

"You guys easily killed my parasites in just a couple of moves."

"If I don't have some hostages soon, how can I get out!"

He looked out the window, then muttered to himself, "I absolutely cannot be caught, or they will definitely kill me."

It turns out, he is the criminal who smuggles the Giant Beast Parasite!

Zeng Shan shouted, "You want a hostage, don't you? Then take me, let go of my mom."

Luo Yan looked around and saw the opponent right at the window.

It seems that they came in through the window and abducted Zeng Shan's mother.

Luo Yan quietly stepped back, planning to circle around the house and attack when the opportunity arises.

At this moment.

The smuggler pointed a gun at Zeng Shan and said, "Get out of the way, if you don't want your mom to die..."

Before he could finish his sentence.

The outer wall of the Zeng family's house and the smuggler's head exploded at the same time!

Luo Yan's mind went momentarily blank.

Then a thought came to him.

Kill to keep silent?


Almost at the same time.

Luo Yan heard gunshots coming from outside the house.

Luo Yan instinctively looked towards the direction of the gunshots.

He saw a figure flash across the rooftop of a two-story building three hundred meters away.

Silver white shimmered in the crimson eyes.

Luo Yan activated the 'Illusion Breaking Eye' and locked onto the gray light of the creature.

Then he ran towards the street outside the alley.

He saw the sniper quickly moving towards the street.

When Luo Yan rushed out onto the street.

He saw the crowd in front gasp.

Next, a pitch-black heavy motorcycle dashed out of the alley.

The motorcycle's shell was painted with red and a Nine-headed Bird pattern.

The rider on the bike wore a helmet and carried a sniper rifle on their back.

A savage turn on the street, the tires rubbing against the ground made a loud noise.

The engine roared as they followed along.

The heavy motorcycle left everyone else behind in the dust.