Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: After the Rain

Luo Yan was also very confused.

Since the 'Qi Observing Eye' changed into the 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

He had a photographic memory.

But he couldn't remember meeting this Local Land Bureau chief before.

Now that he saw the person, he asked about it.

Out of politeness, Luo Yan succinctly said, "Visiting."


Chen Kangan looked at Zeng Shan and understood.

Suddenly understood.

He waved his hand, signaling the security officers to step back.

Then he smiled and said to Zeng Shan, "Classmate Zeng, could you please tell me why you resorted to violence?"

Zeng Shan snorted and then explained in detail how Chen Xinhou had insulted him and belittled him.


Chen Xinhou impatiently said, "Uncle, why are you wasting your time talking to him?"

"Quick, handcuff this kid."

Before the words were finished,

Suddenly everything went black before his eyes.


A loud slap echoed.

Chen Xinhou felt dizzy from the slap.

He thought it was Zeng Shan again.

Dingqing took a look.

It was Uncle Chen Kangan who slapped him.

"Uncle, what are you..."

"Shut up!"

Chen Kangan cut off his nephew.

Smiling, she said to Zeng Shan, "Zeng, you play well."

Then she turned and walked towards her nephew.

"Chen Xinhou, oh Chen Xinhou, you're such a troublemaker."

"I brought you to the station, hoping to discipline you for your dad."

"But you're just causing trouble."

"Carrying on your uncle's bad behavior everywhere."

"Even if Zeng didn't hit you today, I still need to teach you a lesson."

After saying that, she gave him a slap.

Chen Xinhou's face immediately swelled up like a pig's head.

Chen Kangan pointed at his nose and said, "You, go back to the factory."

"You're not needed for the work at the Local Land Bureau."

"Don't embarrass me outside!"

Chen Xinhou wanted to say more but was glared at by Chen Kangan.

He didn't dare to make a peep.

Left with his tail between his legs.

Before leaving.

He glanced at Luo Yan.

His intuition told him.

Uncle's attitude suddenly made a complete turnaround.

It must be related to this student.

To be honest.

If it weren't for Uncle Chen Kangan, he wouldn't have known that Zeng family had an 'outsider'.

No way.

Luo Yan is too low-key.

He didn't pay attention at all.

Chen Xinhou couldn't help but be puzzled.

Who on earth is this guy?

Uncle unexpectedly slapped himself on both ears.

The Zeng family members were also stunned.

Especially Zeng Shan's parents.

Just now, the Local Land Bureau was aggressive and wanted to take the son away.

How did this happen in the blink of an eye?

The director suddenly became understanding and even put aside personal feelings for principle?

At this moment, Chen Kangan smiled and said to Zeng Shan's father,

"I'm sorry, my foolish nephew caused trouble for you."

Zeng Shan's father quickly replied, "Director, you are being too kind."

Chen Kangan looked around and said, "I heard from Zeng in class that you're not feeling well?"

"Then don't go to the factory."

"There's a vacancy for a security guard at our office, if you don't mind, you can work with us instead."

"Even though it's just a security guard position, it comes with benefits."

"Medical expenses can be reimbursed."

"There are also 1500 work points, which is better than working at the factory."

"What do you think?"

Zeng Shan's father was over the moon.

Being a security guard is easy, you can get your medical expenses reimbursed, and you'll earn 500 more work points compared to the factory.

Where can we find such a good thing?

Suddenly, tears of gratitude welled up.

Chen Kangan glanced at Luo Yan, then smiled and said, "We still have work to do, so we won't disturb you. Goodbye."

Zeng Shan's parents quickly escorted Chen Kangan to the end of the alley.

They arrived at the car.

The aide then asked, "Director, who is this Classmate Luo?"

Chen Kangan smiled and replied, "A noble person."

He did so much just to please Luo Yan.

He wanted to leave a good impression on Luo Yan.

But Chen Kangan never said anything to Luo Yan from beginning to end.

That's what makes him smart.

He didn't want Luo Yan to think he was trying to gain favor.

Even if Luo Yan figured it out, it wouldn't matter.

Some things are best left unsaid.

That leaves room for maneuvering.

It leaves room for growth.

Besides, this favor isn't worth mentioning.

When Luo family lost a son, they didn't hold it against anyone.

Is this small task that I did worth anything?

What happened today.

At most, it can only be considered as a stepping stone.

It was only when Luo Yan started to show signs of success that he truly made an effort.

Chen Kangan considered himself to have average abilities in handling tasks.

But his judgment of people was excellent!

The Zeng family.

What started as a disaster ended up turning out well in the end.

Furthermore, Zeng Shan's father unexpectedly received a good job offer.

This was something they never expected before.

Zeng Shan's mother said confidently.

Auntie Wang approached and grabbed Luo Yan's hand, saying, "Hey, this young man."

"The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were someone special."

"Do you have a partner? Would you like Auntie Wang to introduce you to someone?"

Luo Yan squinted his eyes, feeling a bit impatient.

His gaze naturally swept over the lady's neck.

Holding the sword, he gently pushed the sword blade with his thumb.

The sword was drawn and sheathed again.

Just like how Luo Yan is feeling right now.

When Zeng Shan saw Luo Yan, he quickly sent Auntie Wang away to avoid upsetting Luo Yan.

He then said, "Dad, Mom."

"Today we were able to escape danger, all thanks to Luo Yan."

"Mom, please quickly make some fried pancakes for him to eat."

"On the way here, I promised Luo Yan that the fried pancakes you make are incredibly delicious."

Zeng Shan is not foolish.

Why did Chen Kangan's attitude suddenly change?

He understands.

Even though he didn't know why Chen Kangan was so kind to Luo Yan.

But he knew that today his father didn't have to go to the Local Land Bureau, and he got a good job.

It was all thanks to Luo Yan.

When Zeng Shan's father heard that, he said, "How can we treat classmates to fried pancakes, we are so happy today, let's go to a restaurant."

Zeng Shan kind of knew Luo Yan's temperament, and shook his head at the words.

"Old Luo doesn't like crowded places. It's better to stay home."

"Mom, you can go cook."

Luo Yan nodded to show his agreement.

Zeng Shan's mother said, "Okay, you invite your classmates, and Mom will make fried pancakes."

Tsangbao quickly said, "Mom, I'll help you."

Living room.

Luo Yan sat down.

Zeng Shan sincerely said, "Old Luo, thank you for today."

"Including today, you have helped me three times."

"Don't say anything."

"If you need my help in the future, just ask."

"If I frown, I'm not a man!"

Luo Yan glanced at him, then nodded silently.

Soon, the fried pancake was served.

Luo Yan was not afraid of the heat and picked one up.

He took a bite.

He felt the pancake was filled with juicy and not greasy meat filling.

In addition, there were sweet and sour apple pieces.

The fruit's fragrance made the fried pancake even more flavorful.

Eating this snack, Luo Yan closed his eyes.

It was as if he was back in the days before 'Beast Calamity'.

This taste.

He hasn't tasted it for three years.

"How is it?" asked Zeng Shan.

Luo Yan opened his eyes and looked at Zeng Shan's mother, "Auntie, your cooking is really delicious."

Zeng Shan's mother beamed and filled Luo Yan's plate with several pieces, "If you like it, have some more."

"In the future, come back with Zeng Shan more during holidays."

"Auntie will make delicious food for you."

In a daze, Luo Yan seemed to see a blurry figure.

"Quickly come back home during holidays, Mom will cook delicious food for you."

Luo Yan's vision instantly became blurry.

He bowed his head and silently ate a fried pancake.

While he was eating.

Feeling the pancake in his mouth, he found it a little salty.