Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Giant Beast Smuggling

In the train, it seemed like someone had the same question as Luo Yan.

A girl in a pink dress whispered, "How can people still smuggle Giant Beast Parasites? It's gross."

Beside her, a male companion chuckled and said, "Didn't we hear about smuggling various wild animals before?"

"Now smuggling parasites, it's almost the same as that."

"Some people have unique tastes, they don't like keeping cats or dogs, they prefer keeping Giant Beast Parasites."

"Some people believe in the healing properties of Giant Beast Parasites, even the bones and organs of giant beasts can be used in medicine to cure illnesses."

"These people are willing to pay, so there are always people willing to smuggle."

Luo Yan was astonished by what he heard.

On the surface for three years.

He had seen too many people killed directly or indirectly by parasites.

He had never thought about it.

Who would want to raise Giant Beast Parasites or use them for medicine?

It was also mentioned in the common sense class.

Giant Beast Parasites cannot be bred artificially and cannot be tamed.

They are naturally violent and should not be taken in as pets.

Using them for medicine is even more absurd.

Parasites and Giant Beasts both come from the 'Yanfu Space', not natural to Earth.

They carry many unknown viruses and bacteria on them, using them as medicine is like seeking a longer life.

"That's ridiculous."

Zeng Shan whispered, "It's the first time I've heard of people smuggling Giant Beast Parasites, as well as giant beast bones and organs."

"I was just as surprised as you, wondering if those people had lost their minds."


"For money, people can have no limits."

"On the black market, Giant Beast Parasites, like Wolf Ticks, can be exchanged for half a year's food for an adult."

"The profits are too great, that's why some people are willing to take risks."

Luo Yan frowned.

He probably can imagine.

Behind every parasite flowing into the black market, there are many lives to bear.

Those are not cats or dogs.

They are dangerous creatures!

At that moment, Zeng Shan tapped Luo Yan's arm and pointed outside the window, saying, "Look, that's the 'Rapid Strike Atrium'!"

Luo Yan looked over.

He saw some huge pipes leading to the sky above the underground city.

The first time he entered Guangling City, he also saw these pipes.

But he didn't know what they were for.

Seeing Luo Yan's confusion, Zeng Shan chuckled and said, "You came from the surface, and the lesson hasn't covered this yet."

"No wonder you're not sure."

"'Rapid Strike Atrium' is a passage or device for mechas to quickly reach the surface."

"The energy used in our city partly relies on the solar collectors on the peaks behind the Great Lake District."

"Sometimes, those devices get damaged due to giant beasts or other reasons, and they need to be replaced."

"That's when mecha guardians are needed to quickly reach the surface, hence these 'strike wells'."

"By the way, the Surface Exploration Legion often goes on missions."

"So, the task of guarding the surface often falls on our academy."

"But it's only the third-year students who can go on missions."

"We're still early."

Luo Yan nodded as Zeng Shan explained, learning a lot about the underground city of Guangling.

A moment later.

He asked, "Have you awakened the 'Divine Hidden Art'?"

Zeng Shan chuckled awkwardly and said, "I awakened it after returning from the forbidden area."

"I'm not like you guys, I didn't practice the Visualization Technique before starting school."

"So it took me some time."

"But my awakened 'Divine Hidden Art' is not bad."

Luo Yan casually asked, "What is it?"

Zeng Shan rubbed his nose with a finger and whispered, "Let out electricity naturally."

"Currently, only high voltage electricity can be added to Battle Techniques and mystical arts, but my mentor said that after breaking through two to three times, it will become very powerful."

"It can be said that the potential of this 'Divine Hidden Art' is good."

Finished speaking.

He thought about Luo Yan's Divine Hidden Art, which had almost no potential with the 'Qi Observing Eye', and quickly reassured, "Old Luo, you don't need to be discouraged."

"Last time we went to the forbidden area, Teacher Wei said that if we have the 'Primordial Stone Fragment', it can trigger a mutation in the 'Divine Hidden Art'."

"Even a mediocre 'Divine Hidden Art', after a mutation, will become very remarkable."

"After you graduate, you can directly join the Exploration Legion. By then, you may have the opportunity to get hold of the 'Primordial Stone Fragment' to trigger a mutation in your 'Qi Observing Eye'."

Luo Yan nodded without telling Zeng Shan that his 'Qi Observing Eye' had mutated long ago.

Speaking of it.

Wei Fenghua also promised to give him a book about 'Divine Hidden Art' after returning to school.

Just after returning from the forbidden area.

He was busy training and completely forgot about this matter.

He decided to ask Wei Fenghua for it when he returned to school on Sunday.

To see if he could find information about 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

After more than an hour.

The train stopped.

They were almost at the final station.

There were few people in the train carriage.

Luo Yan and two others got off the train and left the station.


They arrived at a narrow street with low buildings, but it had a lively atmosphere.

Vendors selling various goods directly peddled on the street using tricycles.

To make it easier to operate at night.

They connected electrical wires privately, so above Luo Yan's head, you could see wires clustered together, crossing the street.

People passing by either walked, rode bicycles, or drove electric scooters.

Shuttling back and forth on the narrow road.

Shouts, curses, laughter, all kinds of sounds mixed together.

It made Luo Yan feel like he was back in the bustling old town.

Zeng Shan awkwardly said, "It's a bit complicated here, but the rent is cheap, although the environment is much worse than the college dorms."

He was about to say, "Luo Yan, you might not be used to this."

But Luo Yan had already asked, "Which way to your place?"

Seeing that Luo Yan didn't mind, Zeng Shan perked up and said, "Let's go, I'll take you there."

"My mom makes delicious fried pancakes, I'll have her make you some to try later."

Luo Yan smiled and nodded, "Okay."

Walking through the streets and alleys.

They quickly arrived at Zeng Shan's house.

They saw a young girl, about seventeen or eighteen years old, sitting by the door.

She looked unhappy.

Two boys, about thirteen or fourteen years old, were trying hard to make the girl smile.

Unfortunately, their efforts did not work.

The girl didn't even have a hint of a smile on her face.

"A'bao, Little Shuang, Little Xi, what are you all doing?" Zeng Shan asked cheerfully, introducing Luo Yan to them.

"A'bao is my younger sister, the second oldest in the family."

"Little Shuang and Little Xi are twins, the third and fourth siblings in the family."

When they heard Zeng Shan's voice, the three people at the door all looked up.

Then the twin boys ran over and grabbed Zeng Shan, saying, "Big brother, you're finally back!"

"Hurry, go tell Mom, Second Sister doesn't want to get married."

Zeng Shan looked puzzled, "Get married?"

The twin boys nodded eagerly, "Yes, today, our parents are arranging a marriage for Second Sister."

"They said if they marry off Second Sister, they will get some work points."

"But this isn't just getting married, it's like selling off Second Sister!"