Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Level Treatment

Wei Fenghua tapped on a suitcase on the table, saying, "Here are your 'Crack Star' and armor, along with other things."

"I put everything here."

"You talk, I'll leave first."

Zeng Shan waved immediately, saying, "Goodbye, teacher."

After Wei Fenghua left, Li Bohang said, "Luo Beichen's body has been claimed by the Luo family."

"Strangely, the Luo family left a message for you."

Luo Yan looked up, asking, "What message?"

Zeng Shan snorted, saying, "They want you to take care of yourself, not to worry about this, and they promise not to seek revenge on you on behalf of the Luo family."

"In my opinion, they are definitely saying one thing but may do another behind your back."

Li Bohang said, "I think it's because the City Lord election is coming soon."

"Luo Tianyi doesn't want any trouble, so he's acting generously."

"During this period before the City Lord election, they definitely won't bother Classmate Luo."

"But in the future, it's hard to say."

"However, at least during this time before the City Lord election, Classmate Luo, you don't have to worry about the Luo family."


Li Bohang chuckled and said, "Today, Senior Colonel Liang Jians from the Exploration Legion came to watch the challenge."

"After the Deathmatch, he said that the Exploration Legion will recruit you after you graduate, Classmate Luo."

"I think he said that for Luo Tianyi to hear as well."

"In other words, Commander Di will do his best to protect you."

"As long as Commander Di is still in Guangling City, don't worry too much, Classmate Luo."

Luo Yan looked surprisedly at Li Bohang, feeling that this classmate was not only meticulous but also secretive.

And he knows the situation in Guangling City very well.

Zeng Shan seemed to sense Luo Yan's confusion.

He chuckled and said, "Old Luo, don't you know?"

"Our classmate Li has a remarkable background."

"His uncle is the current City Lord, the leader of our Guangling City, Liu Haoteng."

"Classmate Li has been hiding it well, we only found out these past few days."

Li Bohang shook his head and said with a smile, "Uncle doesn't allow me to 'show off' with his identity, but it's not meant to deceive anyone on purpose."

"Also, I hope people will accept me for who I am, not for my identity."

Zeng Shan chuckled, then checked the time and said, "Let's not talk anymore, Old Luo just woke up, let him sleep some more."

"Shall we go?"

Li Bohang nodded, "I was just thinking the same."

Zeng Shan patted Luo Yan's shoulder, "Old Luo, it's settled then."

"Tomorrow morning, let's meet at the school gate."

Luo Yan nodded.

They watched as the two left.

He lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling.


Luo Yan gently savored these two words.

The next day.

Luo Yan wore his school uniform, holding 'Crack Star' at the school gate.

Today is Saturday.

Most students choose to go home for a short stay for two days.

They return to school on Monday or Sunday night.

Not far away.

He Hao was carrying a backpack and planning to go back home.

From afar, he saw Luo Yan carrying a long sword.

As he passed by Luo Yan, he snorted, "Fool, weapons are forbidden in the city center."

"Are you planning to go to the 'Local Land Bureau' for tea with that sword?"

When Luo Yan looked at him, He Hao had already gone far.

But he said,

"Always carry your student ID card with you. If there's trouble, showing your student ID card will help."

He Hao muttered quietly as he walked, "Such a country bumpkin, knows nothing."

Laughter suddenly came from beside him.

Then Su Jiu said, "Didn't someone say that after Classmate Luo beat up Luo Beichen, they were going to play with him?"

"But how come I saw that instead of causing trouble, someone actually kindly reminded Classmate Luo?"

"Oh, right, someone saved a life in the forbidden area, that could be considered as repaying a debt of gratitude."

He Hao glared at the girl furiously and said, "Shut up, men should act without women interrupting!"

Su Jiu made a funny face at him and teased, "Big man."

Then she left, leaving He Hao irritated by her laughter.

At the entrance of the college.

Students passing by Luo Yan.

Some students looked at Luo Yan with admiration.

Some walked quickly as if they had seen a ghost.

Some girls were pale and afraid to pass by Luo Yan.

It's as if he is a fierce beast.

No way.

Luo Beichen died horribly in the Deathmatch yesterday.

Luo Yan now has been labeled as 'tough guy'.

"Old Luo."

After a while, Zeng Shan finally arrived.

He carried a bulging bag filled with things.

If it weren't for seeing him coming out of the college.

Luo Yan almost thought he was going to evacuate.

Zeng Shan chuckled and said, "I exchanged some food with credit. With a big family, it's rare to go back, so I brought a lot of things."

Luo Yan knew that in the logistics department, 1 credit could exchange for two weeks of rations.

But no one wasted credit like this.

Plus, meals at school are free.

So Luo Yan couldn't understand why the logistics department would have 'food' as an exchange item.

Now, seeing Zeng Shan, he seemed to understand a bit.

Zeng Shan waved his hand, "Let's go, we'll take the light rail train."

While walking, he continued, "My parents are both workers. Our family was able to enter Guangling City thanks to my parents' involvement in city construction."

"But because they are workers and didn't make any special contributions, they could only receive sixth-level treatment."

Luo Yan remembered when Wei Fenghua announced after passing the courtyard test that all eligible new students would receive fourth-level treatment.

But he still didn't know what it meant.

Now, upon hearing Zeng Shan mention it, he asked, "What is level treatment?"

"It's a system based on your contribution to the underground city, used to allocate work points," Zeng Shan explained.

Zeng Shan added, "You can think of work points as credits, or put simply, money!"

"Different levels of treatment receive different amounts of work points."

"The sixth level is the lowest, and even if you work full attendance every month at this level..."

"The work points I get are only enough for basic needs."

"Only my parents can get work points in our family, but we have many siblings."

"But now, I am here."

"Even though I haven't graduated yet, I have credits, and us standby pilots get fourth-level treatment."

"At this level, we get 3000 work points every month."

"But since we are still in school, we only get 1000 work points as allowance each month."

"Still, this is already quite close to what my dad gets in a month."

"If I become a formal pilot, I can enjoy third-level treatment. Besides receiving 8000 work points every month, I will also get a house and transportation!"

Seeing Zeng Shan's excited expression, Luo Yan finally understood what the 'level treatment' meant.

Very fast.

They boarded a light rail train heading towards the city center.

At that moment, a broadcast on the train said, "Here comes an urgent announcement."

"Yesterday, our city launched a special crackdown on the Giant Beast Parasite smuggling organization."

"During the operation, several smuggling organizations were busted, with 175 live frozen parasite creatures confiscated."

"However, one smuggling organization managed to escape, and local security bureaus in all areas are currently trying to capture them."

"If any citizen notices suspicious activities, please report to the 'Local Land Bureau' promptly or call the police."

Listening to the broadcast, Luo Yan was surprised.

Can you believe someone is still smuggling Giant Beast Parasite?