Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Flattery and Rivalry

Grand Jiangnan Road, Luo Mansion.

A black car stopped in front of the gate, the door opened, and Minister of Education Lv Cheng got out.

He looked up at the plaque above the gate.

On the signboard, the words "Luo Mansion" were elegantly written.

Acting all high and mighty!

Lv Cheng pulled at his collar, and slowly exhaled.

He walked through the gradually opening gates.

Arriving at the study room.

At first sight, he saw Luo Tianyi.

The owner of Bright Star Heavy Industries had his eyes closed, breathing calmly.

Standing next to him was a tall young man.

The eldest son of the Luo family.

Luo Nanxing!

Lv Cheng took off his shoes and entered the house.

He nodded to Luo Nanxing, then bowed to Luo Tianyi.

"Mr. Luo, I'm back."

Luo Tianyi didn't open his eyes.

"How did it go?"

Lv Cheng swallowed and said, "Young Master Luo, we lost."

The study was quiet.

You could hear a pin drop.

In this suffocating atmosphere.

Beads of sweat appeared on Lv Cheng's forehead, one drop at a time.

Dripping down one by one.

After a moment, Luo Tianyi finally spoke, "Understood."

Lv Cheng quickly took out a mobile phone and placed it on the table, "I recorded the entire challenge process, it's all in here."

The Luo family father and son were speechless.

Lv Cheng also didn't dare to stay long.

Backing out of the study.

After the door closed.

Luo Tianyi opened his eyes and said in a deep voice, "Go fetch Mr. Gao."


Luo Nanxing left for a moment.

Came back again.

Gao Lin, who was guiding Luo Beichen, also arrived.

"Nanxing, you go on and be busy."

Luo Tianyi gestured for his eldest son to leave, then played the contents from his phone on a screen in the study.

"Mr. Gao, please have a look. This is the entire process of the match."

Gao Lin nodded and watched quietly.

In the blink of an eye.

Finished watching the recording.

Luo Tianyi looked at the old man and asked, "How was it?"

Gao Lin sighed slowly and said, "Young Master Luo, you lost fairly."

"Oh?" Luo Tianyi looked at the screen.

Gao Lin closed his eyes and said, "This young man surnamed Luo set a trap from the beginning."

"He blocked the first use of 'Thunder' by Young Master Luo."

"I believe he already anticipated this outcome."

"He continued to do so in order to set up for the final blow."

"When he used 'Thunder' for the second time, Young Master Luo thought he could block it the same way."

"But this Classmate Luo suddenly exploded, using the 'characteristics' of his long sword."

"A single blow killed Young Master Luo."

Gao Lin widened his eyes, sharp-eyed, "That Classmate Luo suddenly unleashed Elemental Power, this is not the technique from 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas'."

"It seems Di Zheng exchanged for some kind of 'secret technique' from 'Giant Beast Strategy Manor' after I left the Exploration Legion."

"Only after passing it on to that Classmate Luo, did he achieve such a feat."

"Ha, Di Zheng really spared no expense."

Luo Tianyi looked at the screen and said, "I am an outsider in battle matters, but if that Classmate Luo has such abilities, why not use them at the beginning?"

"Mental state."

Gao Lin smiled and said, "At the beginning and later on, Young Master Luo's mood was different."

"At the beginning, Young Master Luo clearly remembered my advice."

"He was very cautious."

"If used at this moment, it may not necessarily succeed."

"That Classmate Luo seems to be someone who is determined and focused."

"Without full confidence, he wouldn't act easily."

"In the end, Young Master Luo lost due to lack of experience."

Speaking of this...

Gao Lin looked at the man behind the desk and said, "Regarding Young Master Luo..."

"Should I go to Battle Academy?"

Luo Tianyi firmly shook his head, "Just losing a son, nothing serious, I am still young."

"No harm in having a few more."

"Besides, Beichen has limited talent, I didn't have much hope for him in the first place."


"City Lord mentioned the Deathmatch."

"At that time, I made it clear that Beichen is responsible for his own life and death."

"The Luo family will not pursue."

"This is the situation Di Zheng wants, so what can I do for him?"

"He thought by killing a son, he could harm me."

"Too naive."

Luo Tianyi sighed, "If I have Mr. Gao visit the academy."

"Tomorrow, the Exploration Legion will come to my Luo Mansion."

"How can I let Di Zheng take advantage of this good opportunity?"

Gao Lin nodded, "Then, is this matter settled?"

"For now, it is settled."

Luo Tianyi spoke with a serious tone, "With the City Lord election approaching, I cannot let this small matter affect the bigger picture."

"Is Di Zheng causing trouble now just to disrupt my plans?"

"I will not do as he wishes."

"Of course, I do not like the child from the north star."

"But he is still my son."

"I can tolerate it for the election, but not for a lifetime."

"I will settle the score with Di Zheng after the election."

He then said with a smile, "Moreover, there is no need for Mr. Gao to personally visit the academy to seek revenge on Di Zheng."

"Isn't Di Zheng trying to support Classmate Luo?"

"No problem, I, Luo Tianyi, will also support him."

"We should lift him up high!"

"Make him the brightest new star of Guangling City!"

"At the same time, make him a target of criticism."

"By then, I won't need to intervene, many will want to bring down this new star."

"Those who fiercely stamp on people once they fall to the ground."

"People, they can't stand others' success."

"Big trees attract wind, popular people attract jealousy."

"It has always been like this!"

Gao Lin nodded slightly, "Praise first and then betray, using others to do your dirty work."

"Mr. Luo, what a clever strategy."

Luo Tianyi smiled but didn't reply.

He simply took out perfume and sprayed it lightly on the cigar's cut end.

In the next moment.

He was already puffing smoke rings.

It seemed he didn't feel any sadness about losing a son.


Battle Academy.


Luo Yan suddenly rolled over and sat up.

There was a moment.

He thought he was still on the surface.

What entering the academy, forbidden observation, Deathmatch duel.

It was all just a dream.

"You're awake."

Wei Fenghua's voice sounded.

Seeing this mentor, Luo Yan realized.

Everything that happened was not a dream.

Luo Yan nodded, "I am awake."

Wei Fenghua put his hand on his shoulder and said, "Lie down, you still need to rest."

"But don't worry, the poison in your body has been neutralized."

"For the next two days, don't practice cultivation."

"Let your body rest."

"By the way, you have been in Guangling City for a month already."

"Other than the academy, have you not been anywhere else?"

"Take a walk around during the weekend."

"For relaxation."

"And also to get to know this city better."

Luo Yan was about to say that he didn't know the way.

Right then, Zeng Shan's voice rang out.

"Luo Yan, come play at my house tomorrow."

Wei Fenghua stepped to the side, and saw Zeng Shan and Li Bohang walking in.

After greeting Wei Fenghua, Zeng Shan warmly said, "I'm just heading home. If you don't mind, why not come to my house for two days?"

Luo Yan looked at Wei Fenghua, and when the mentor nodded slightly, he said 'okay'.

Zeng Shan was very happy, "Then it's settled."

Then he whispered, "Old Luo, your move against the person with the surname Luo was awesome!"