Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Life and Death in an Instant

5 minutes passed quickly.

Graceful like a nobleman from an ancient story, Bai Zixi stood up and smiled.

"Time's up, please come up on stage."

Luo Yan immediately stood up, picked up 'Crack Star'.

He seemed very nervous, gripping the sword sheath so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

Luo Beichen noticed this detail and squinted his eyes.

The two of them arrived at the arena at the same time.

Bai Zixi glanced at them and nodded, saying, "Let's begin."

On the stage.

No one rushed forward first.

They all backed away, observing their opponent.

Luo Yan activated his 'Illusion Breaking Eye', small silver lights flickering around his crimson irises.

Luo Beichen could instantly see Luo Yan's state clearly.

His blood energy was at 268, while his Elemental Power was at 154.


Luo Beichen made another breakthrough.

Now similar to himself.

All are at 'Primary Level 3'.

And through this week's training.

Luo Yan's current vitality is at 426, and his Elemental Power is at 178.

There has been an improvement compared to when he just broke through earlier.

At this level.

The advantages of the "Viewing the Mountains and Seas" gradually become apparent.

Just in terms of vitality, he surpasses other martial arts practitioners.

Elemental Power also needs to be deeper.

These are all 'advantages'.

Luo Yan blinked.

Stop using your 'Divine Hidden Art'.

Activating 'Illusion Breaking Eye' will continuously consume Elemental Power.

The longer it lasts, the greater the consumption.

So after obtaining the opponent's basic information, Luo Yan stopped using it.

Then he drew his long sword and threw the scabbard down onto the stage.

Luo Yan's gaze suddenly became sharp.

"Here we go!"

On the other side of the arena.

Luo Beichen immediately focused his mind.

At the same time, he recalled the words Gao Lin had said to him in the morning.

"According to the information you provided, that student Luo Yan is a tough character, and he has experience of killing on the ground."

"Do not underestimate this experience."

"There is a big difference between having and not having killed."

"That young wolf has seen blood, and when he strikes, he will not hesitate."

"Choosing a long spear as a weapon was the right decision."

"Weapons, the longer the better."

"In the absence of firearms, it is best to choose a long weapon to gain an advantage."

"If my judgment is correct."

"At the start of the match, he will attack with full force while his Elemental Power is at its peak."

"And he may choose to trade injuries for victory."

"Since you have never killed anyone before, you might hesitate in certain situations."

"Your goal is to create distance and deplete the opponent's stamina and Elemental Power as much as possible."

"Use the 'Swimming Dragon Step' move I taught you to deceive him, stripping away his Battle Technique and mystical art."

"This is your 'moment'!"

These words, in an instant.

Flashed through Luo Beichen's mind.

He made a quick decision and backed away with his spear.

But he didn't just retreat blindly.

The long spear shot out swiftly towards Luo Yan's face!

Luo Yan didn't retreat, instead he sped up.

He just tilted his head down, watching the flat sharp blade pass under his eyelids.

He didn't even blink.

Allowing the blade to draw a cut on his cheek.

Seizing the opportunity.

He took a swift step, as if he was a ghost.

Suddenly, arrived at Luo Beichen's side.

Luo Beichen quickly lowered his spear, the spear body pointing up.

At this moment, 'Crack Star' turned into a black lightning bolt.

In a brief moment.

Crossing the side of Luo Beichen's neck.

Sword skill: Thunderstruck!


The long sword struck the spear's handle, sparks flying.

Luo Beichen's hand numbed and ached, almost losing his grip on the long spear.

The person was hit by Luo Yan's sword, lost balance, took three steps to the left to stabilize.

Got scared and started sweating.

Gao Lin's words came to mind again.

"Remember, a true master must learn to predict."

"Instead of just reacting."

"You must understand the opponent's mind."

"And predict their actions."

"If you see your opponent with a sword today, they will likely use Di Zheng's 'Thunderstrike'."

"And with Classmate Luo's attitude, once he gets a chance to use a Battle Technique."

"He probably won't waste energy attacking your joints."

"Instead, he'll go straight for your neck or face."

"When he gets close to you, don't think, just quickly raise your spear to block."

Luo Beichen's heart was pounding in his chest.

If it wasn't for Gao Lin's advice.

The sword attack just now.

It seems a winner has already been decided.

The dojo was silent as a tomb.

From Luo Yan taking the initiative to attack, to Luo Beichen being pushed back several steps.

The whole process.

But in just a short moment.

However, even an outsider could see the danger in it.

If Luo Beichen's long spear had been raised a bit slower.

The head of the young master of the Luo family is probably now on the stage.


Someone cheered!

Attracted the attention of the whole audience.

It was Senior Colonel Liang Jianson of the Surface Legion.

He showed his white teeth and shouted loudly, "This is a fight for life and death."

"Life and death happen in an instant."

"How thrilling!"

On the other side of the audience, the 'conservative faction' led by Lv Cheng all felt a sense of deep pressure.

Especially the Minister of Education.

Lv Cheng had just told the person beside him that the students taught by Gao Lin would definitely win.

However, less than a minute after coming on stage.

Luo Beichen almost had his head chopped off.

Lv Cheng's face immediately turned fiery red.

Feeling like losing one's honor.

On the fighting stage.

Luo Yan didn't hear the senior colonel's cheers at all, and didn't care about what others thought.

His focus was entirely on Luo Beichen.

He didn't feel discouraged when his Battle Technique was blocked.

Taking a few quick steps forward, 'Crack Star' unleashed a fierce attack.

Taking the initiative to attack.

The fight on the stage was intense, with the sound of metal clashing constantly.

Luo Beichen was left only defending for a while.

Luo Beichen looked serious, stayed calm, and defended with all his might.

At the same time, he remembered Gao Lin's advice.

"That little wolf has a cruel nature."

"After 'Thunder Strike' fails, he will definitely take the initiative to attack."

"At this moment, don't do anything."

"Just focus on defense."

"Continuously attacking will lead to failure. When he shows a weakness, that's your time to strike back!"

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

'Crack Star' clashed with Luo Beichen's spear countless times.

The sparks shimmered on the stage.

Luo Beichen noticed that Luo Yan was holding a long sword.

His knuckles were becoming paler and paler.


After the sword and spear collided once again.

Luo Yan seemed to lose his grip, the long sword almost slipping out of his grasp.

The opportunity had come!

Luo Beichen suddenly burst with elemental power fluctuation.

He stepped forward fiercely.

The long spear thrust towards Luo Yan's right foot.

Luo Yan quickly backed away.

The tip of the spear pierced the arena and stuck into the wooden board below.

Luo Beichen spun around and used his shoulder to push against the long spear.

Suddenly exerting force.

The long spear seemed to lift up a mountain.

The spear tip suddenly rose up.

Shattered one piece of wooden board after another.

All at once, it smashed towards Luo Yan.

This is a battle technique.

Spear technique: Mountain Strike!

Luo Yan quickly wielded his sword to block.

Luo Beichen took a step forward and thrust his spear.

Luo Yan narrowly dodged to the side.

Luo Beichen changed his thrust to a sweep.

The long spear whistled through the air, sweeping towards his opponent.

Luo Yan raised his long sword, preparing to block.

Luo Beichen smiled, gripping the spear handle with both hands.

At the same time, they turned in opposite directions.

The long spear made a clicking sound, unexpectedly separating inch by inch.

Beneath the metal handle of the alloy spear, there was a real spear body wrapped in soft metal strips!

So, when the long spear was blocked by 'Crack Star', it did not stop there.

The front half of the spear body, under the influence of inertia, became 'soft' at this moment, swinging out a large arc.

The tip of the spear pointed at Luo Yan's throat.

This was another Battle Technique.

Spear Skill: Snake Spit!