Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Confidence


Luo Yan was practicing.

He imagined the rolling mountains and the towering peaks.

Imagining himself becoming as strong and unyielding as a tall mountain.

In this kind of imagination.

The Elemental Power enters the body with each breath, following Luo Yan's will.

It washes through the meridians inside him.

Continuing after the skin and flesh.

In the practice of "Viewing the Mountains and Seas" Primary Level 3, the Elemental Power refines the body's meridians.

Meridians are things attached to soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

They mainly serve as connections and links between bones.

At the same time, they together with the bones protect the body's organs and help the limbs perform various functions through joints.

The stronger and more resilient the meridians are, the faster the body moves and the greater the explosive power.

Through teaching materials, Luo Yan learns.

The human body has a total of 485 meridians.

There are 62 meridians in the upper front part of the body.

There are 126 meridians in the middle front part of the body.

There are 72 meridians in the lower front part of the body.

There are 127 meridians on the back of the body, and an extra 98 meridians.

At this moment.

Under the continuous washing of Elemental Power.

One meridian finally completes refinement.

Luo Yan activates inner vision.

Only this strand, giving off a faint glow.

Full of flexibility, not easily injured, and can unleash greater strength.

He took a deep breath, slowly pulling back his power.

One week's time.

Although Luo Yan used 'Soothing Agentia' in every practice session.

So far, he had only completed tempering 42 strands of muscles on the upper front of the body.

Obviously, after reaching the third level, the speed of practice slowed down.

At a pace of tempering 6 to 7 strands of muscles a day, completing the practice of the third level.

Would take at least 70 days.

No wonder Wei Fenghua said, "The cultivation speed of 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas' is relatively slow."

Now is the time to strengthen the muscles and tendons.

By the fourth level, you have to strengthen the 206 bones in your body.

It's probably even slower.

Get up now.

Luo Yan stretched his arms and legs.

Looking at the clock.

It's already 9:30.

There's still half an hour until the Deathmatch starts.

He calmly drank a cup of warm water.

Then he put on protective gear exchanged from the logistics department.

This set of gear is more intricate than the one he wore in the forbidden area.

The protective face shield is also much larger.

It doesn't hinder the movement of his body's joints.

Luo Yan then opened a box.

He took out a 'blood poison antidote' from inside and injected himself.

Checking the time, the last dose of the antidote was almost ineffective.

Luo Yan didn't want the blood poison to suddenly flare up during the fight.

Then he took out a revitalizing and pain-relieving tonic called the 'Energy Boost Elixir'.

An 'Antidote' that can alleviate most poisons.

And a 'Nerve Stimulant' that can keep you alert for a short period called the 'Golden Brew'.

Hide them separately.

Finally, he picked up the longsword called 'Crack Star'.

Luo Yan walked out of the dormitory.

He closed the door behind him.

Training Hall No 3.

When Luo Yan arrived, Luo Beichen came over from the other side.

Luo Beichen wore all black armor and held a long spear.

The spearhead of the long spear was flat and shaped like a paddle.

Judging from the shape of the weapon.

Besides having the characteristics of piercing and thrusting with the long spear, it also had cutting and chopping features of a blade.

The two people stopped in front of the training arena gate.

They locked eyes.

Luo Yan thought the other person would say something mean.


Luo Beichen was unusually calm today.

She glanced at Luo Yan before entering the hall.

Luo Yan was a little distracted.

Luo Beichen was clearly prepared.

Otherwise, he wouldn't exude confidence from head to toe.

Of course.

Confidence is a strange thing.

Luo Yan had it too.

His confidence stemmed from reaching 'Primary Level 3'.

It came from Di Zheng's newly taught 'Open Yuan Wheel'.

Experience of battling two giant beasts from the forbidden land.

Various experiences of survive on the surface for three years!

Turn around.

Enter the hall!

A round of applause filled the hall immediately.

Luo Yan then realized that the training arena was full of people.

There were new students from first grade, as well as second and third graders.

There were familiar and unfamiliar mentors.

There were clearly people from outside the school.

Among them.

Luo Yan saw the people from the Surface Exploration Legion.

Even though he didn't know any of them.

But the military uniforms similar to Di Zheng's.

Made him feel a sense of familiarity.

At that moment.

He saw a young man with a square face and strong build in the legion nodding at him.


Someone on the platform said, "Classmates Luo Yan and Luo Beichen."

"Please come up to the stage."

Luo Yan stepped onto the platform, standing face to face with Luo Beichen on either side of him.

"I am the student council president, Bai Zixi."

"Also the referee for today."

The student council president smiled and said, "Normally, I would need to inspect both of you according to tradition."

"But since you are having a Deathmatch, we will skip this step."

"Let me emphasize again here."

"In a Deathmatch, it's a fight to the finish with no restrictions or rules."

"Do you understand?"

Luo Yan glanced at the long sword in his hand and said calmly, "I have no regrets in life or death on stepping onto the arena!"

Luo Beichen sneered and made a 'throat-cut' gesture.

Bai Zixi looked at the two of them.


"The Deathmatch will officially begin in 5 minutes."

"You guys go down the stage to rest first."

Luo Yan turned around and went down to the stage.

He had just sat down.

Zeng Shan ran over.

She whispered in his ear, "Luo Yan, be careful."

"I heard that the person named Luo is already at 'Primary Level 3'."

"Also, the Luo family has a lot of money."

"The gun in Luo Beichen's hand is at least at 'Heavy Weapon' level."

"Moreover, it is a long-range weapon, so you might be at a disadvantage using a sword."

Luo Yan nodded gently, "I understand."

Zeng Shan put his hand on Luo Yan's shoulder and said, "Anyway, I support you."

"I believe you won't lose for sure."

Luo Yan nodded in agreement.

Audience sat on the platform.

The Minister of Education, Lv Cheng, looked at Luo Yan.

Someone nearby said, "Minister Lv, what do you think Mr. Di sees in these surface savages?"

"I heard he personally went to the City Lord's office to facilitate this Deathmatch."

Lv Cheng shook his head, he really didn't know.

But he knew that if Luo Beichen lost today.

Not only would the Luo family be affected, but the entire 'conservative faction' would also lose face.

In the future, their influence would greatly diminish in some major matters.


Di Zheng brought this child from the surface.

He used him to attack his own faction.

"I don't know Commander Di's intentions."

Lv Cheng looked around at the nervous members of the 'conservative faction'.

"But I know that the young master of the Luo family won't lose."

"Because Luo Tianyi asked Gao Lin to be a tutor for his son for a week."

"Do you know who Gao Lin is?"

Someone whispered, "Gao Lin, wasn't he the former commander of the Exploration Legion?"

"He retired two years ago, seemingly leaving the Exploration Legion on his own."

"But some people say he was forced to leave by Di Zheng."

Lv Cheng smiled and said, "I'm not sure if he was forced to leave by Di Zheng."

"But I'm sure he is the person who understands Di Zheng the best in this world."

"So the students he teaches will definitely not lose!"