Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Natural Resonator

Luo Yan looked dazed.

He had not recovered yet.

It was unclear how much time had passed before he faintly heard someone speaking.

"Hello, child. What is your name, may I ask?"

Luo Yan looked confused and saw several people standing beside him.

There were a few soldiers in black armor, and one man wearing a suit similar to a diving suit with sensors on it.

This man was middle-aged, with stern features and a rigid demeanor.

He spoke, "This child seems to have not fully recovered from shared empathy yet. Take him to the medical vehicle and have the doctor check on him."

"Yes, Captain Di."

A few soldiers approached, with two of them lifting Luo Yan and leaving.

Their movements were noticeably gentler compared to before.

The man referred to as 'Captain Di' then turned to glance at the silver mecha beside him, before quickly stepping into an armored vehicle.

The soldiers inside the armored vehicle all stood up and saluted, saying, "Captain Di, good!"

Captain Di made a gesture and said, "Show me a replay of the 'White Dragon' battle scene."

Soon, he saw a scene on the screen: Luo Yan on the ground performing various actions, while the silver mecha with the code name 'White Dragon' synchronized to mimic the same actions.

"Captain Di Zheng, he should be like you, both 'Natural Resonators'," whispered a soldier nearby.

Captain Di nodded, "Without training, yet able to access the empathy system, indeed a 'Natural Resonator.' It seems he is more suitable for 'White Dragon' than Yang Rong."

"Once he recovers, I will ask for his opinion. If he agrees, we will take him back to the underground city."


A voice suddenly rang out.

Di Zheng turned around, and a person emerged from the armored vehicle.

It was pilot Yang Rong with black hair and brown eyes.

Just as he came out of the mecha, he heard Di Zheng's words when he arrived at the command vehicle.

Without much thought, he spoke up to stop it.

Di Zheng looked at him calmly with his eyes.

Yang Rong excitedly said, "Captain, we can't let a boy of unknown origin go to the underground city."

"Besides, he has 'blood poison', his eyes are all red, he is close to death."

"In any case, he is worthless!"

Di Zheng calmly said, "Are you done speaking? If you are, please leave, this is not a place for you to come."

A strong unwillingness surged in Yang Rong's eyes, he wanted to speak, but Di Zheng calmly asked back.

"Do I need to say it a second time?"

Yang Rong didn't dare to argue anymore, lowered his head, and left the armored vehicle.

On his way to his resting vehicle, he felt like he was being talked about by others.

But what bothered him the most was Di Zheng's comment, 'He is more suitable than Yang Rong!'


Absolutely not!

I disagree!

A murderous look flashed in Yang Rong's eyes.

After a series of examinations inside the medical vehicle, Luo Yan finally recovered.

But he was still very weak.

However, when he saw the nurse was going to give him an injection.

He suddenly jumped up.

Instinctively resisting.

Then a voice sounded, "Sit down obediently, you are suffering from 'blood poison', your body is weak. Just encountered a resonance with the 'White Dragon', your vitality is weakened."

"This injection will boost your vitality and relieve 'blood poison'."

"Don't worry, it won't take your life."

Luo Yan followed as he saw the man called 'Captain Di' walk in.

He said, "I am Di Zheng, the commander of the Ground Exploration Legion."

"What's your name?"

Luo Yan hesitated, his voice hoarse.

"My name is Luo Yan."

The nurse gave him an injection as instructed by the doctor and then he got off the car temporarily.

In the compartment, only Luo Yan and Di Zheng remained.

Di Zheng pulled up a chair and sat down, saying, "We come from an underground city built before the 'Beast Calamity'. There are complete living facilities, and fifty thousand humans work and live there."

"You are a 'Natural Resonator', able to share senses with mechas without the need for instruments."

"You are a born mechapilot, so I would like to invite you to the underground city."

"Of course, you have not been trained and lack knowledge."

"After going to the underground city, you must undergo three years of learning."

"And as a mechapilot, you will have many 'benefits', one of which is treating your 'blood poison'."

"So, are you willing?"

Luo Yan's heart raced.

Just as he had guessed before.

These people could indeed treat 'blood poison'.

Just this alone, Luo Yan could not refuse.

Besides, he also wanted to find his relatives.

But carrying 'blood poison' and having no weapons.

He could only survive in this city.

It's very difficult to make progress.

Now, finally seeing hope!

But before he could respond, Di Zheng added.

"But I must remind you."

"Through my recommendation, you can enter the underground city and go to the Mecha Training Academy for further studies."

"However, this means we'll be on the same side."

"Whether you like it or not, others will see you this way."

"And for certain reasons, I have quite a few 'enemies' in the underground city."

"If you agree, you will gain opportunities but also make some 'enemies'."

Hearing Di Zheng say this, Luo Yan stopped hesitating.

"I'm willing."

"I want to stay alive."

"Also, I'm not afraid of making enemies."

On the surface for three years, he has faced and killed quite a few 'enemies'.


There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Luo Yan understands this.

The chance to stay alive.

Naturally, you must pay a certain price!

The explorer captain spoke plainly, giving him a sense of trustworthiness.

Di Zheng's face was cold, he nodded, "Alright, you rest first, we'll go back tomorrow."

That afternoon, the third mecha finally returned.

Along with the mecha, there was also a truck coming back.

Inside the truck's carriage, there were things wrapped tightly in waterproof cloth.

It seemed like it was brought back from the Taotie's den at the Galactic Sports Arena.

This made Luo Yan, who was sitting on a low stone by the car, very curious.

Night fell in the blink of an eye.

A beautiful woman in a uniform with a smile on her face approached Luo Yan.

She placed several canned foods in front of Luo Yan and said,

"Child, these foods are for you."

Luo Yan glanced at her but said nothing.

Over the years, he had learned one thing.

Not to eat food from strangers.

Besides, the more beautiful the woman, the more dangerous she might be.

Seeing Luo Yan unmoved, the woman hmphed and sat down.

Approaching Luo Yan.

Suddenly, a sweet fragrance went straight into Luo Yan's nose.

"What's wrong, little one, afraid I'll harm you?"

"If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have come personally."

"By the way, tell me, how do you operate the 'White Dragon'?"

Luo Yan looked up, showing a questioning gaze, "White Dragon?"

"It's the mecha piloted by Yang Rongpilot."


Then, Luo Yan remained silent again.

He also didn't know how to operate.

He thought it had something to do with what Di Zheng called the 'Natural Resonator'.

Seeing Luo Yan's cold attitude, the woman snorted, got up, and left.

After she left, Luo Yan opened the can.

The smell of the meat inside made him very hungry.

But he controlled himself and casually sprinkled the meat from the can around.

At that moment, a few wild dogs peeked their heads around.

Luo Yan pretended not to know.

The brave wild dogs came running over and started to eat the meat on the ground.

Luo Yan took out his bread and quietly ate it.

Suddenly, several wild dogs beside him started whimpering.

Luo Yan turned around and saw the dogs falling to the ground, frothing at the mouth and convulsing.

He squinted his eyes.

"Stupid brats, don't appreciate a good woman, serves them right to die."

"Haha, by accomplishing this task and mastering the Basic Visualization Technique promised by Yang Rong the pilot, if I can 'Open Soul', I might have a chance to enter the mecha academy and become a pilot."

"Enough of caring about others' opinions!"

The lovely woman appeared with a smug demeanor.

Finally, she slipped into her own one-person tent.

It's late at night.

The woman was half asleep when suddenly she felt a tightness in her throat, almost choking.

She opened her eyes wide and saw a dark figure beside her.

Then she heard the dark figure say, "If you dare to scream, I'll kill you instantly."

Next, she felt a cold sensation on her face, followed by a sharp pain as her skin was cut open.

The woman quickly nodded, too scared to argue.

The dark figure then said, "Why did you give me poisonous canned meat?"

Immediately, the woman knew who it was.

Luo Yan!

The small child, who didn't look very big, dared to touch his tent?

He didn't die?

He didn't eat canned meat?

How is that possible!

Aren't these survivors on the surface, the type who would stuff anything in their mouths if they have a bit to eat?

After a moment of panic, the woman's eyes shifted.

She didn't dare to mention Yang Rong, so she whispered, "Poison, are you mistaken?"

Luo Yan took one of the cans of meat, opened it, held the woman's mouth open, and was about to pour the contents into her mouth.

The woman didn't expect the other person to be so ruthless, and quickly said, "I'll tell you, it's Yang Rong."

"It was Yang the pilot who told me to do this!"

Yang Rong...

Luo Yan immediately saw the shadow of the dark pilot in his mind.


Luo Yan let go of his hand.

The woman regained her life and relaxed.

Then various cruel methods, various ways to kill Luo Yan, surged in her mind.

But at that moment, something slipped into her mouth, spreading a rich aroma, along with lots of juice!

Luo Yan poured everything from the can into the woman's mouth, then pressed it forcefully onto her mouth.

The woman struggled desperately, her eyes bulging out.

But in the end, she foamed at the mouth.

She died.

Luo Yan took out a sharp iron piece, cut open the woman's artery, filled an empty can with blood, and then left quietly.

He left the group.

Along the way, he sprinkled the woman's blood.

Not long after.

Some Wolf Ticks caught the scent and approached.

They rushed into the group.

Rushed into the woman's tent.

This startled the warriors, and a brief battle quickly ensued.

Wolf Tick was completely killed.

But unfortunately, the woman was also torn apart by Wolf Tick.

Seeing this, Luo Yan took a deep breath of the cool night air and returned to his assigned tent.

The next day, the convoy set off.

Quickly leaving 'Flower City'.

Heading north all the way.

Rested under a large bridge in the evening.

Three trucks carrying mechas opened their cargo doors, and maintenance workers performed daily care on the mechas.

Each pilot treasures their mecha like a precious gem and feels at ease only when watching over its maintenance.

Yang Rong is no exception.

Feeling upset, he glared at the maintenance workers.

"Be careful, if you damage it, I'll make sure you regret it."

"Are you stupid? Who told you to use lubricant like this!"

Luo Yan sat nearby, watching the platform rise and supporting the upper body of the mecha.

Yang Rong was standing beneath the mecha, giving directions.

Occasionally, he looked towards Luo Yan with a gloomy expression.

Luo Yan ignored him and closed his eyes, trying to remember the feeling from yesterday.

Soon, he heard the powerful heartbeat again.

The mecha seemed alive, not just a metal creation.

In an instant, Luo Yan connected with the mecha, feeling its emotions.

Below his 'eye corner,' Yang Rong's figure appeared.

Luo Yan quickly moved his body.

On the heavy-duty truck, the mecha 'White Dragon' suddenly tilted, breaking several fastenings and falling to the ground.

Just as Yang Rong turned to leave, he didn't see this happen in time.

But he heard the mechanic's shout.

Then a huge shadow covered him.


The mecha crashed heavily to the ground.

Blood flowed out from under the silver armor.

The camp was silent at first.

Then cries of surprise filled the air.

Another pilot drove a fully black mecha over to help.

But when 'White Dragon' was lifted up, people only saw that Yang Rong had turned into a puddle of blood.

Luo Yan took out the last loaf of bread he had brought from the 'doghouse'.

Took a bite.

Mmm, so delicious!