Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Faction Dispute

The student union member frowned and left the training arena.

A few teachers were seen approaching.

Among them, one with a small mustache was indeed Luo Beichen's mentor, Huang Yong.

Huang Yong.

The student union member cleared his throat and forced a smile, "Good morning, teachers."

The teachers all smiled back and nodded.

One of them asked, "Is the venue open?"

"If it's open, let's go in and grab a spot."

The student union member stepped aside and said, "The hall is now open, please, teacher."

Several mentors successively entered the hall.

When Huang Yong approached, the student union member raised their arm.

Huang Yong's face immediately fell, "What's wrong?"

"Teacher Huang, as the referee for the Deathmatch, neither mentor from both sides are allowed to watch the match."

"You, it's not convenient for you to go in," the student union member said tactfully.

Huang Yong snorted, "What's inconvenient about it?"

"With so many mentors present, are you afraid I will misbehave?"

"Besides, you're a student, and I'm a teacher."

"Do students dare to defy their teachers?"

He casually pushed away the student union member.

And he entered.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind hit his face.

Huang Yong was startled, not expecting to be in the academy.

Someone dared to attack a teacher!

Although surprised, he quickly extended his hand and pushed.

He deflected the fist that was coming towards his face.

Then he turned around, glaring at the person.

Looking at a student who is taller than him and has a strong build.

He Hao!

Huang Yong angrily said, "Rebel! As a student, punching a teacher is not proper behavior."

He Hao rudely spat to the side.

"Don't just talk about teachers when it comes to those who don't follow the rules."

"Even if the king of heaven comes, I won't hesitate to fight back."

Huang Yong pointed at He Hao, "Troublemaker, disrespecting elders, what class are you in, who is your teacher."

"Watch me discipline you today!"

"Discipline?" He Hao laughed, "Sure, if you dare to classify the Elemental Power realm as 'intermediate', I'll play along to the end!"

"You!" Huang Yong's chest heaved, unable to speak.

At his level, teaching a student at the 'intermediate level' was certainly not a problem.

But if Elemental Power was classified as 'intermediate', then it's hard to say.

Moreover, as a mentor, regardless of winning or losing, it was not a good look on his face.

At that moment, another girl said, "He Hao, I advise you to show some respect for Teacher Huang."

"Teacher Huang, recently got support from some unknown source."

"Elemental Power has made rapid progress and has entered the realm of 'Mystery Achieving'."

"If you miss today, even with one arm tied behind my back, I can still easily beat you up."

This is Su Jiu.

He Hao's partner.

She walked over with a big smile and said, "Oh, Teacher Huang."

"The one who sponsored you, is it the Luo family?"

"No wonder you knew the rules of Deathmatch but still shamelessly went in."

"Currying favor with the big boss is nothing to be ashamed of."

"If I had a big boss like that, I would curry favor too. Right, He Hao?"

Huang Yong's face immediately turned purple and green.

Especially the teachers next to him all looked at him.

Huang Yong felt unable to face the situation.



"Can't be bothered to chat with you."

With that, he swept his sleeve and left.

Su Jiu smiled slyly at He Hao and winked.

About to enter the building.

Suddenly, someone chuckled and said, "I've heard that the students of Battle Academy are courageous, and seeing it today, it's indeed true."

"Even daring enough to drive away their own teachers, truly fearless like a newborn calf."

He Hao looked up.

A group of people came together, and the one speaking was a polite middle-aged man.

The people around him all looked wealthy and important.

He Hao frowned, getting ready to make a sarcastic remark.

Su Jiu quickly stopped him and said, "That's Minister of Education Lv Cheng, and the people next to him are local businessmen and officials."

"We shouldn't offend them, so please don't say anything reckless."

At that moment, someone next to Lv Cheng chuckled and said, "Minister Lv, it seems like you need to reconsider your education policies."

"At the very least, future children should learn to respect their teachers."

Lv Cheng didn't respond, and then another voice was heard.

"Respecting teachers is important."

"But it also depends on the person."

"If the person has bad morals but still emphasizes respect, isn't that too foolish?"

Everyone looked over.

Another group of people came from not far away.

These people were all dressed in military uniforms.

They turned out to be members of the Surface Exploration Legion.

The one who spoke was quite young.

Thick eyebrows and big eyes, with a square face.

He had an air of a great general.

Lv Cheng smiled and said, "So, Commander Di's right-hand man, Liang Jiansonior colonel, has arrived."

He Hao squinted his eyes slightly and whispered, "I didn't expect Liang senior colonel to come too."

"He is the Mecha Master of 'Flame,' and also my idol!"

Su Jiu looked at him in surprise and asked, "Do you also have someone you admire?"

Then, she observed the people on both sides.


"Lv Cheng has connections with the Luo family, and it's said that he was able to become the Minister of Education with Luo Tianyi's support."

"He's here to watch the fight, probably representing the Luo family."

"Both he and Luo Tianyi are part of the 'conservative faction'."

"The Surface Exploration Legion is a well-known group known as the 'extremist faction', and it seems like today there are two new duels on the surface."

"But in reality, it is a clash between the 'conservative faction' and the 'extremist faction'."

He Hao nodded gently.

"Since the Beast Calamity, the 'conservative faction' has been opposing surface exploration."

"They believe that frequent explorations will attract the attention of giant beasts and bring disaster to the underground city."

"These people are too focused on enjoying themselves and are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone."

"They don't even consider that if they don't explore the surface and regularly clean up the nearby giant beasts."

"Even if they really don't engage in surface activities as they say, sooner or later the giant beasts will come knocking on their door."

Su Jiu gently opened her lipstick lips and said, "They were already considered superior beings before the disaster struck."

"Life is but a mere hundred years."

"They prefer not to take risks when they can enjoy life now."

"It's too difficult to expect them to willingly take risks on the surface like Commander Di."

He Hao glanced at her and said, "Su Jiu, you have strayed."

"You're talking nonsense," Su Jiu retorted.

At that moment, the senior colonel of the Surface Exploration Legion raised his hand, smiling warmly, and said, "Minister Lv, please."

Lv Cheng chuckled, "To think a simple arena match would attract the attention of Senior Colonel Liang, it's truly surprising."

Liang Jian candidly stated, "Luo Yan is a promising talent favored by our commander, who couldn't make it here today due to a mission."

"I just returned from a mission and was on vacation, so I invited a few old buddies to join in the fun."

"Cheer for Classmate Luo."

"At the same time, also help the school maintain order."

"We hope today's competition can be just and fair."

"To prevent others from interfering or getting involved secretly."

After speaking, the senior colonel intentionally or unintentionally looked at the group of people Lv Cheng brought.

Lv Cheng was surprised by Liang Jian's direct words and responded unhappily, "Liang senior colonel, are you suggesting that we would interfere secretly?"

Liang Jian laughed, "Minister Lv, Liang is a straightforward person. Don't take his words to heart."

"Let's go, the competition is about to start."

"Shall we find a good spot to sit down and enjoy the show?"

Then he made a gesture.

The members of Exploration Legion walked in unison.

Enter the building with big steps!